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[Drama 2014] Doctor Stranger 닥터이방인

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Once again thank you very much @bryan for translating this very insightful and interesting interview   


Translated from chinese text from Baidu

Starnews Interview 140725 :

Kang Sora: < Dr Stranger > Oh Soo Hyun is completely different from me.  

My first impression of KSR must go back to last year December.Then , I was interviewing SBS daily drama Ugly Alert's Im Ju Hwan. At that time, did slightly mention his co star KSR. At that time, already had feeling that KSR is a very well self-managed and knowlegeable actor. In another words, maybe not 100% accurate. Not to say that before she is not well self-managed or not intelligent. But she has a charm that is different from what this reporter imagined.

When having a meal with friends, she hate the most these words : Anything will do ". If she likes a guy, will actively pursue. Her character that clearly distinguish love and hate, that is very charming. When talking about the recent traffic incident KSR : Then, just opened my eyes to look,and realised the car was up the pavement(?).KSR spoke as if this incident never happened and changed topic. At that time , I felt she was very calm.

This is the KSR acted in Dr Stranger. Between 2 male leads Park hoon (Lee Jong Suk) and Han Jae Joon ( Park Hae Jin),uncertain and wavering , the role of Dr Oh Soo Hyun. I was especially curious about her inner feelings which was not very different from what this reporter thought.


* While acting as Oh Soo Hyun, was quite troubled.  


OSH,working as a doctor in MyungWoo, OSH was disappointed with HJJ who secretly planned revenge. She could not understand HJJ's inner feelings. At this time, she noticed Park Hoon from North Korea. The more she understand him, the more she realised another side to him. Slowly start to pay attention to him. From many points of view, OSH is a complex character. 


KSR : While acting as OSH, did encounter a period of confusion.Especially when it come to Park Hoon's charm. KSR felt a very different feeling.Using this way to treat my man is a first for me. At the start, just treat him like a normal guy. But through much interaction and different incidents. He is no longer just a man from north korea, But a highly skilled north korean doctor. Even as I stand in OSH's shoes,will also feel surprised. 

In reality, I don't like that kind of man who hide many things. In this sense Park Hoon is really a mysterious man. On the other hand, often hear saying that in drama , OSH is too uncertain and wavering, that it doesn't make sense.  To some extent, KSR agreed with this opinion. 

KSR : Really experienced something totally different from my own feelings. I cannot understand OSH's attitude of hesitation. While filming, have to live the role of OSH so there were moments became senstitive. If I were to be in OSH's position, will also choose HJJ.   

From OSH's postion, PH and HJJ are too extreme. So it was really difficult. So If I were OSH, I would confess to HJJ. Because I can understand HJJ's feelings. From reality point of view, liking PH will result in confusion. 

At the end of Dr Stranger,what did KSR reaped as an actress. The answer: Explosive strength. Even though the script was hurried, but it is something i have not experienced before. Having to deal with the wavering emotions of OSH, to me is another kind of experience. Previously played mostly straight forward, courageously forward characters.  


Really honest. During the interview KSR did not hesitate to my questions but answered smoothly. 



* <Misaeng> Will answer a lot of curiosity of the workplace.


KSR after Dr Stranger will act in TVN drama Misaeng to broadcast in October.

In the drama, KSR will play An Youngi, potray the image of female employee working hard and struggling in the tough workplace. KSR highly anticipating this drama

KSR : An Youngi's job scope, she will do to the best of her ability and achieve near perfection.She works in a trading firm. Style of clothing will be serious/solemn and the atmosphere is intense. I am curious in this male dominated environment, how can a female employee with excellent ability survive. In reality I do not have  workplace experience.  So I am very curious about office work, after office hours and matters relating to office work and life. In Misaeng, my curiosity should have answers. Before this have also hope to play such a character.

KSR reason for choosing this project: When choosing a character,besides choosing those that I can act well, I will also choose a female character that I want to become.    


* Director dream . After seeing director, immediately give up.


KSR's costar for Ugly Alert Im Ju Hwan, last December interview said about KSR :  Very smart. Very intelligent. During filming, will read english newspaper. Can memorise the script very quickly. 

KSR when heard this felt uneasy. 

KSR : I am just an ordinary student. What did Ju Hwan Oppa say about me ? But my director dream is true. After watching a musical ( Phantom of Opera ?) fell in love with the performing arts. Even join drama group. Of course parents strongly objected then. My school results were average. But parents hope i can enroll in foreign language school. If cannot get into university, want to let me continue on their family business. Finally, ignore their objections and enrolled in drama department to continue my director dream. But this dream did not materialize. 

At filming, when watching the director. I feel it is really tough. Actors only need to focus on their role. But the director has to worry about every detail starting from casting.

I have no regrets not being able to be a director. I want to show myself as an actress. 


*Actress KSR reveal her reality character.


KSR answers what kind of character she does not like.

KSR : Having meals with friends, while deciding on menu, don't like people who say "anything will do". Choosing boyfriend, if he has such a character, even more dislike .  

In reality, I am the opposite of OSH. OSH is the undecided/wavering kind. I cannot accept or understand her so this period of filming , became quite sensitive because cannot agree with the character.


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@sleepykid i think they give up until the release of movie version lol

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TV Report Interview 140801 : Kang Sora " Debut for 6 years, I thought I am already satisfied"

A woman's transformation is innocent. Shook off the high school girl image. Transformed to a mature adult. Yet there is no awkward feeling. We are talking about Kang Sora.

After conclusion of SBS <Dr Stranger>, reporter and KSR sat down together. KSR in the drama played thoracic surgeon Oh Soo Hyun. KSR lived the character of OSH for about 3 months. In that short period of time, the significance is great. About the feelings on the ending " Now, starting to find back the vitality. Although during the filming, did not have feeling, but only after the ending,then the tension was released. As I start to put away the character of OSH , but every time when I sleep, I would find her again ". Showed her love for the OSH character.

" Through keeping a diary,got a lot of help on acting skill"

KSR through Dr Stranger displayed steady adult acting. OSH's performance was both feminine and showed a leading acting skill,and took control of the TV stage. And the acting of tears , that ability to interpret the flowing tears was showed out. KSR's crying acting skills also became a big discussion topic.
" When got the script, felt that because of birth mother wept a lot of tears. felt that the birth mother she once lived with will not die.Tried hard not to have contact with her. The emotions that she tried so hard to suppressed finally exploded. Especially since she was coldly treated by the mother she respected , felt very weary. No matter how you see it, OSH 's life was not easy. All the complains she has of having to survive in her father's family, she passed on to her mother. So in this way, naturally the tears flowed."

Especially KSR's understanding of the character was more outstanding than anyone else, am very curious about this secret. KSR's focus on the script also has own secret. Listen to KSR's saying, you will feel that OSH character is not that easily born.

"Just repeatedly read the script. Until now, for this character, I took the most time to prepare.About 4 to 5 months. While reading the script, will write down a diary concerning OSH. Like 'making Kimchi with Mum' 'doctor intern is very tiring' 'did something wrong today'. In OSH's shoes, wrote the diary. This method, I saw in the movie <The Dark Knight>. First time using this diary method. It is of some help to the script , things which are outside of the script, thinking back, felt it has been a great help. For next project, also plan to use this method.

< Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin , mutually combine together will be good >

KSR and LJS, PHJ's acting, their mutual understanding, matching and cooperation pushed forward the plot's development. Much of the acting was cooperating with LJS and PHJ. KSR also in the middle of romance, what is the feeling ?

"Firstly,acting with same age actors, can be a bit noisy, a lot to talk about, also will do some impromptu performance. The staff will also understand. With Han Jae Joon, even though are lovers, but only outwardly. Gives people a feeling of gentleman's romantic relationship. No strong feeling. With Park Hoon, is more easy going. A lot of bickering scenes. The 2 of them have completely different image. So every time when acting, the feeling is different. This person is interesting in this way, and acting with this person is very serious. If have to choose the ideal type between the 2 of them, each take half will be fine. Park Hoon's humour and concern for his patients and Han Jae Joon's steadiness and the sense of security he gives you.

Besides the same age LJS, PHJ, with senior actor Jeon kuk Hwan , the father daughter relationship also match well. JKH play the ambitious Myung Woo director Oh Joon Kyu. With OJK, have scenes of opposition,contradicting father and daughter, their acting gives a feeling of reality.
"Actually, acting with seniors gives a feeling of security. Will have ' leave it to you will be fine ' this kind of thought. Have a lot of argument scenes with JKH, really full of charm. Indeed, do gentle passionate acting, the voice and eyes will also be different.Will also advise me how to deal with the process. And also look at his reaction and feeling etc. Really grateful.

< I still cannot be called an actor>

2009 debut with 4th period mystery. , already 6 years. During this time, through many works and characters occupy a place. The movie Sunny's strong leader high school student. Drama Dream High 2 's lively high school girl. Ugly Alert's warm hearted Chaebol daughter, acted in different characters.

"Since debut already more than 5 years,thought I would already be satisfied. But now, start to have feeling of confusion. Feels like I am standing on the starting line. Really want to show to the viewers more adult roles. Before was lively image. Now also have quiet, feminine roles. Want to challenge once, the strong feeling of a formal grown up adult."

After 6 years, maybe the way looking at scripts will change. But KSR emphasize that she has not changed. At same time frankly confided her thoughts about her performing path. She is easy going and have charismatic personality

"Before , when looking at projects will be similar. Like beautiful female roles. The purpose is also very clear. Know exactly what I want. The type of project I want to do is this kind, Also want to try good quality work. But want to know when this luck will come. Actors cannot what they want to do , will be able to do it. But it is a job that you must go out to try to find the work. Even if you are doing fine, will also have confuse and helpless feeling. So being called an actor as being my career is like that. So now, if asked what is my career, will asnwer professional artiste. Feel that now, still cannot be called an actor. I will not give up all the characters that have been cast. If I can go past this stage, will I have more confidence ?"

Can see that KSR has many thoughts about her performing path. Her attitude towards research on a character is also clear and subjective. Seeing her desire to work harder to do well . So with much anticipation , look forward to KSR's future.

" Now, still do not know what kind of actor will become. At a loss. But if can become more stable, will be good."


Translated from chinese text from Baidu : http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3200755722
by @bryan at Soompi

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(slightly altered than the weibo trans)

** Please note that the reporter who responsible for this Q&A was struggling to understand your English questions. In the article, she quoted that 'she's having a fight with English' so she might edit your questions slightly different according to her interpretation.

Q: Are you satisfied with 'Dr. Stranger'?

KSR: There are several things that I'm satisfied with more than I expected and there's also a certain thing that I'm dissatisfied with. I think my character stood out in that drama and it wasn't a common character but a unique character instead. If there's the part that I feel discontented with is that, I personally wish that I could show more of Oh Soo Hyun's image/persona as doctor. I felt a little bit wistful about that.

Q: You received many favorable reviews for your emotion-filled acting and was it difficult to act out the parts where you need to shed tears? And which emotional scene was the hardest for you to express the required feeling?

KSR: I didn't feel burden to act out the parts where I need to shed tears. It's because I tried not to think that certain parts or scenes are different and special than the others. Because the scene is very very emotional, you could go in the wrong direction and you may not be able to have empathy with the character you play. But it was fortunate that the character managed to gain sympathy from the audience.

Q: What was the most difficult scene in filming for 'Doctor Stranger'?

KSR: Generally, all scenes are physically hard. But acting-wise, if Oh Soo Hyun was having a hard time, I was having hard time too and when she was happy, I felt happy too. My mood and feeling was usually influenced by Oh Soo Hyun character. I'm worried if this will continue for a long time. And since the drama has ended, I think I should take a trip somewhere to refresh & recharge myself.

Q: If you have to choose between Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin?

KSR: Neither of them. (She said this unhesitatingly) Both are too extreme (in terms of personality). As a woman, I think both of them are a difficult partner to deal with. I won't even recommend my friend to date them. Because (personality-wise) they have no 'moderation', I think it would be hard and tiring to deal with such men. (**Hmm... I think she referred to Lee Jong Suk's and Park Hae Jin's characters in the drama here..Don't you think??)

** Source: http://sbsfune.sbs.co.kr/news/news_content.jsp?article_id=E10005593707
** Translate by: Hiedi/@nhb19
** Take out with proper credit

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Doctor Stranger Stills  

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@sunshine4ever Thanks for the New HoonHee official stills.

I'm still so in love with this beautiful couple. Budapest scenes are the best of the drama.

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thanx to her role in DS Sora is voted the 2nd Fav actress in China :) 

Top korean actress in China for the first half of 2014…


cr: ara JJang 



Fanart - Lee Jong Suk

Cr: as tagged 

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Agent Cha via daewakoh IG

cap : #닥터이방인 #doctorstranger New Picture. He is good actor.^^


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#BTS #SooHyun #Jaejoon

soo cute! soo tired of crying Sora-jjing????

via http://blog.naver.com/mrjordan/220089513697



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im #missing my quacks and
im #missing my quack unnies and dongsaengs :)

Rubber Duck Family Swimming clip art

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pic cr via sepia

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