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GOT7(갓세븐) Official Thread

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Guest adikkeluangman

Why did J.Y. Park release an album at the same time as GOT7?

J.Y. Park revealed the reason why he chose to promote at the same time as GOT7.

On April 13, which is a day after GOT7's appearance on 'Cultwo Show', J.Y. Park visited the same spot as the special guest. He is asked a similar question regarding the overlapping promotion period of him and his artists. J.Y Park simply commented, "I just had to release my album. The schedule (of JYP artists) is booked all through the year. I did try my best not to overlap with them." 


J.Y. Park's new album 'Still Alive' uncovered its mystery on April 10, while GOT7 started promoting their new album a few weeks before then. Ironically, the producer and his artist are now in competition!


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GOT7 "See The Light(빛이나)" Live Video



GOT7 "HOME RUN" Dance Practice



[GOT7ing] EP 02. GOT7 'Practice' ing



[GOT7ing] EP03. GOT7 'Sing' ing



(Sing to Siri): GOT7_HOME RUN



(Sing to siri): GOT7_HOME RUN (Selfie cam Ver.)



GOT7 [On The Way To Music Bank / 2016.04.15]



GOT7_HOME RUN on Music Bank 20160415


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GOT7 "HOME RUN" Dance Practice (Boyfriend Ver.)



[GOT7ing] EP04. GOT7 'Holiday' ing-1



Let's play with GOT7 ep.1: Mystery box






Omg Bam Bam... His mind is so dirty LOL. But it's sooooo funny XD


Got7's M2 Ending Gifs





Let's play with GOT7 ep.2: mystery box



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GOT7 @ GQ (May, 2016)




















GOT7 Jackson's crazy interview with Eric nam



[ENG SUB] Celebrity Bromance S5 EP1 - I Waited All Day, Jackson&Jooheon


[ENG SUB] Celebrity Bromance S5 EP2 - Will you go with me, Jackson&Jooheon

[HOT] GOT7 - HOME RUN, 갓세븐 - 홈런 Show Music core 20160423

[GOT7ing] EP05. GOT7 'Holiday' ing-2



Posters for GOT7′s Junior’s First Movie Reveal Warmth Amidst the Snow


Teaser posters have been released for GOT7 Junior’s debut movie, “Nunbal” (“Snowflake” in Korean).

“Nunbal” is the story of a boy, Min Sik, who transfers to a small village in Gyeongnam and falls for a girl in his class, Yeju (played by Ji Woo).

The film will have its world premiere at the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival as a part of the “Jeonju Cinema Project 2016.” The film is receiving a lot of interest, with tickets for all showings already sold out, including those for the premiere.

In anticipation of its premiere at the Film Festival, two posters have been revealed. In the posters you can see the images of the young boy Min Sik and young girl Yeju. Although the atmosphere in the images is chilly, set in Gyeongnam’s cold winter mountain landscape, you can still feel the warmth in the hearts of Min Sik and Yeju.

“Nunbal” is expected to open in theaters this winter.



JYP Entertainment Announces New Hologram Concert Featuring Wonder Girls, GOT7, and 2PM


Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and the artists of JYP Entertainment are taking advantage of it!

On April 26, JYP shared information about their upcoming JYP Nation concert via Twitter. However, instead of holding a live concert over a weekend or two, the entertainment giant has opted to hold a hologram concert instead. By using the hologram technology, the concert is able to have an open run, making it more accessible to fans whose schedules are not easily accommodated.

The JYP Nation Hologram Concert will feature the Wonder Girls, GOT7, and 2PM. The open run of the concert will begin on April 29, and will play at the hologram theatre at K-Live in Seoul, which has previously held hologram concerts for BIGBANG, PSY, and G-Dragon.



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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7's Jackson raises some of the grievances he feels toward J.Y. Park

J.Y. Park was the guest once again on the April 27 airing of 'Weekly Idol'! 

This episode was all the more interesting as GOT7's Jackson stopped by the 'Weekly Idol' studio to give J.Y. Park support. Jackson said affectionately, "My father is here so I couldn't go anywhere else. J.Y. park is my father."

J.Y. Park answered to Jackson's affection with fond words of his own, saying, "What's important is passion, and Jackson is very passionate. And he's very kind. I don't know if it's because he works out, but I'm so thankful that he works so hard without ever complaining." 

Fond words weren't the only things that were exchanged between 'father and son,' however. It seems Jackson harbors some grievances toward J.Y. Park. Jackson confessed, "When J.Y. Park texts me, I'm sad that he doesn't use any emoticons / emojis. And on his social media account, there are more pictures of his dog than me. When I asked him for more organic green tea when my supply ran out, he stopped messaging me," bringing laughter. 


J.Y. Park rebutted, "I get too many text messages. And it's not like I can feed him green tea forever. It's about time you bought some for yourself." 


Park Jin Young Blames GOT7′s Jackson For Ruining JYP’s Hierarchy

On the episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” that aired on April 27, Jackson of GOT7 and Park Jin Young reveal some insights into their relationship at JYP Entertainment.

During the show, Jackson surprises Park Jin Young by running onto set while yelling to him, “My father!” The hosts ask Jackson why he’s come to visit the set, and Jackson says, “I just came. My father’s here, so I shouldn’t go somewhere else, you know.”


Park Jin Young says, “I tell those who are born in the 80s to call me ‘hyung’ [a friendly term men call older men] or ‘oppa’ [a friendly term women call older men] and those who are born in the 90s to call me ‘producer.’ However, one day Jackson asked if he could call me hyung, so I said yes.”

“Since he started doing that, the hierarchy is weird now because only Jackson and a few others in his age group call me hyung and the rest call me producer,” he adds.

“I also call Song Hae my hyung,” Jackson admits, referring to the veteran 89-year-old singer and television show host, which makes everyone burst out laughing.

Meanwhile Park Jin Young described Jackson, saying, “I think the most important character to have is passion, and he is filled with it. He’s very kind as well.”

When asked what he can learn from Park Jin Young, Jackson says, “Living a long life, being a good singer, and being able to dance for a long time.”


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Let's play with GOT7 ep.3: initial game



Let's play with GOT7 ep.4: initial game



GOT7 - This Love Special Stage M COUNTDOWN 160428 EP.471



GOT7′s JB Experiencing Back Problems, Sits Out Music Show, May Affect Concert Appearances


A source from GOT7′s concert production revealed on April 28 KST that member JB felt something was wrong with his back while practicing for their concert and headed to the hospital. It was diagnosed that there was a problem with his spinal disc. More details were not disclosed.

In light of this, JYP Entertainment decided to sit out JB from GOT7′s performance on today’s “M!Countdown.” They are also planning to monitor the situation closely and discuss whether JB can participate in GOT7′s concerts taking place on April 29 and 30.

GOT7 is set to hold their first concert series “Fly In Seoul 2016″ starting April 29 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.

Hope JB gets well soon!



GOT7 To Proceed With “Fly In Seoul” Concerts With Only Six Members; JB Unable To Perform


Previously, we reported that GOT7′s JB may be unable to perform at the group’s upcoming concerts due to his back problem, but now it is confirmed that he will be sitting out.

Earlier it was reported that JB felt something was wrong with his back while practicing for GOT7′s concert and headed to the hospital. It was diagnosed that there was a problem with his spinal disc. JYP Entertainment decided to sit out JB from GOT7′s performance on today’s “M!Countdown” and monitor the situation to see if his back injury will affect his attendance at the group’s  “Fly In Seoul 2016″ concerts taking place on April 29 and 30.

Now JYP confirms that in consideration of JB’s health, it was decided that he would not perform at the concerts, and the concerts will go on with only six members of the group. It also stated that it will work hard to make sure JB recovers quickly. JYP is also offering refunds to those who are returning tickets due to this news.

We wish JB a quick and safe recovery!

GOT7 is set to hold their first concert series “Fly In Seoul 2016″ starting April 29 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.



I really hope JB gets well soon. Hopefully he fully recovers and rests well. Hopefully his back problem isn't that serious and it doesn't affect his physical ability in the future. It's so sad to see Got7 performing with only 6 members and with about their leader...

Get well soon JB Leader!!

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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7 ファンミーティング2016 告知映像

Fan Meeting 2016 announcement video

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Hi GOT7 fans!  Visiting your pages for the first time with a quick question:

Where can the new lightsticks be purchased?  Do you know?

Thank you.

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GOT7′s JB To Receive Further Medical Examination, Overseas Concert Tour May Be Affected

GOT7′s JB To Receive Further Medical Examination, Overseas Concert Tour May Be Affected

GOT7′s leader, member JB, who is unable to participate in his group’s first concerts “Fly In Seoul” coming up on April 29 and 30 due to a spinal disc injury, may also be unable to attend the overseas tour, depending on his health diagnosis.

JB went to the hospital after experiencing back pain during a concert rehearsal on April 27, and after it was diagnosed that there was an issue with his spinal disc, it was decided that he would sit out GOT7′s “M!Countdown” performance on April 28 and the “Fly In Seoul” concerts happening April 29 and 30. He also wouldn’t be attending the press conference for the concert occurring April 30.

It is expected that JB will head back to the hospital today, April 29 KST, or tomorrow for further examination., according to local news outlet XSports news. Depending on what the doctors say, he plans to undergo different treatments or a minor surgical procedure. It isn’t likely that JB will need major surgery.

GOT7 is set to continue their global “Fly” tour in Japan, Thailand, China, Singapore, and the U.S., and while before it was certain that JB would only sit out the Seoul concerts, he may be unable to participate in the overseas tour, says JYP Entertainment, depending on JB’s medical diagnosis.

Once again, we wish JB a quick and safe recovery!



GOT7’s Jackson Posts Touching Message To Leader JB After His Injury

GOT7’s Jackson Posts Touching Message To Leader JB After His Injury

GOT7 member Jackson has shown his love and concern for group leader JB by posting a sweet message of encouragement on Instagram.

JB is currently recovering from an injury to his spine, and was unable to join his fellow members on stage on April 28’s “M!Countdown.” He will also not be performing at the group’s upcoming “Fly in Seoul” concerts so that he can take the time he needs to heal.

On April 29, Jackson posted a picture of himself with JB to his Instagram and wrote a touching message in Korean, Chinese, and English. His English caption reads, “Our best leader. JB. Don’t be scared, don’t worry, it’s going to recover fast. No matter what happen, we are always going to be by your side. Have a good rest and I really love you.”

Get well soon, JB!



GOT7′s Mark Expresses Sadness Over JB’s Absence At Their First Concert

GOT7′s Mark Expresses Sadness Over JB’s Absence At Their First ConcertIt was previously announced that GOT7′s leader JB will not be able to participate in the group’s first concert “Fly In Seoul” due to a spinal injury, and member Mark recently posted on his Instagram revealing his sadness.

Mark wrote, “D-Day. We will be holding a concert for the first time after our debut two years and three months ago! We are really sad that our leader can’t be with us on stage. Our JB, don’t worry about tonight and please get well soon. You might not be here physically but you will be here with us mentally.”

Meanwhile, JB’s spinal injury may also affect his participation in GOT7′s overseas tour, which depends on his medical diagnosis.



GOT7′s JB Moves Fans To Tears With His Appearance At “Fly In Seoul” Concert

GOT7′s JB Moves Fans To Tears With His Appearance At “Fly In Seoul” Concert

The SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium is said to have been a sea of tears as GOT7′s leader JB came out on stage to greet fans despite his back injury at the first day of “Fly in Seoul” concert series.

Only a couple of days before the concert, it was announced that JB would not be able to perform as his group’s first concert, due to a spinal disc injury. It was also announced on the day of that JB would be getting further examinations at the hospital, and many fans expressed sadness at being unable to see JB at the concert, but were more eager to wish him a quick recovery and to ask him to prioritize health above anything else.

So it was a surprise to see JB come onto the stage near the end of the April 29 concert, and as fans watched the other members support him, many burst into tears. JB, however, despite being unable stand for a long time, showed a brave face and a smile to his fans, telling them not to be sad and have fun at the concert. He assured them that he will come back stronger and that he won’t let something like this keep him down.

There was a moment when the members were bowing, and Jackson put up his hands to keep JB from bowing since it will hurt his back, but JB moved away his hands and continued to bow deeper.

JB is currently receiving treatment and JYP Entertainment has stated that they are prioritizing his health above all else.

At the end of the concert, GOT7 released an image on their official Twitteraccount that has the six members (JB not included) holding up a sign that says, “In IGOT7′s world, GOT7 is special every day.” The image was captioned with “Thank you, thank you, to IGOT7 who made #GOT7 1st Concert ‘Fly in Seoul’ so bright. Return home safely! IGOT7 Thank you for coming! Love you all!”

GOT7 holds the second day of “Fly in Seoul” today, April 30 KST.

You can watch a fancam of JB’s appearance below.



GOT7 Thanks Fans For Filling JB’s Empty Spot During First Concert

GOT7 Thanks Fans For Filling JB’s Empty Spot During First Concert

GOT7 is currently holding their first set of concerts since their debut, and the members revealed how they feel during the press conference before the event.

Jr. said it took a long time to prepare for the concert and also mentioned the absence of the group’s leader JB, explaining, “We prepared a lot since this is our first concert in Korea. I’m glad that our first concert yesterday ended well. It felt a bit empty since our leader JB was not there, but we still tried our best.”

He continued, “We sang the songs excluding JB’s parts, but our fans started singing with a loud voice and filled his spot.”

Mark added, “We were very thankful that the fans filled JB’s spot. It was touching.”

Meanwhile, JB could not participate in GOT7′s first concerts on April 29 and 30 due to a spinal injury.



JB Supports GOT7 Despite Not Being Able To Perform At Concert

JB Supports GOT7 Despite Not Being Able To Perform At Concert

Although he was not able to participate in the concert, GOT7 members made sure to acknowledge fellow member JB.

GOT7 held a press conference on April 30 for their first concert series “Fly In Seoul” at the Seoul Songpa Olympic Hall.

On this day, Yugyeom mentioned, “JB wrote in our group SNS chat, “I know and believe that you will do well. I’m cheering for you. Do well and come back.” It was heartwarming and touching.”

He continued, “This concert really seems like a dream. It’s so amazing that this dream has become a reality.”

Youngjae and JB were set to hold a duet stage but Youngjae explained, “I’m going to go on stage by myself and try to fill JB’s place. JB felt really sorry about it. So I’m going to work even harder.”

JB is unable to perform due to a problem in his spinal disc but he did make a surprise appearance at their concert on April 29. About this, Yugyeom said, “I’m not sure if he will come on stage today. He needs to get healthier.”

GOT7’s concert series is on April 29 and April 30 at the Seoul Olympic SK Handball Stadium.



It's sad that JB couldn't be there with Got7 for their first concert but I'm happy to hear that JB was there to support his members even though he couldn't perform. I feel so sad for JB and Got7. They are going through a lot seeing their member suffer from a back injury. Hopefully JB will recover soon and recover well so that they can once again perform on stage again as a 7 member group.


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BamBam Explains Why He Wanted To Cross-Dress For GOT7′s Concert

BamBam Explains Why He Wanted To Cross-Dress For GOT7′s Concert

The boys of GOT7 have shared their honest thoughts on holding a solo concert and having a successful year so far.

On April 30, the members sat down for a press conference ahead of their first solo concert “Fly in Seoul” held at Olympic Hall in Seoul.

Youngjae commented, “I’m feeling great. We’ve been able to grow thanks to our hard work and the love shown by many people.”

Member Yugyeom said, “It feels like a dream to win No.1 on music shows and hold a concert. I can’t believe that my dream has come true. I’m now thinking that I must work hard.”

“We’ve worked hard from the beginning, and this was made possible thanks to our agency staff and fans. After winning No.1, we started preparing even more for our concert. We want to thank and give back to our fans, so we put a lot of effort into the preparations,” Mark explained.

BamBam surprised everyone by sharing how he is excited to finally try cross-dressing during the concert. “I’ve seen other singers do it. I thought our fans would like it, and it would allow us to show another side of ourselves. My dream has now come true.”



GOT7′s Jackson and BamBam Give Their Last Farewells Before Entering Military Training Hand In Hand

GOT7′s Jackson and BamBam Give Their Last Farewells Before Entering Military Training Hand In Hand

On May 2, GOT7′s Jackson and BamBam, along with Jo Jae Yoon, Ryu Seung Soo, Park Chan Ho, Woo Ji Won, Lee Sang Ho, and Lee Sang Min, entered a recruit training center located in Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon Province to begin their military training.

Previously, the two idols were announced to be joining the next season of “Real Men,” along with the other six men. This season is reportedly special because the cast is enlisting in pairs, so friends and brothers can enlist together. It is also a unique opportunity for both Jackson and Bambam, as neither are South Korean citizens and therefore do not have to complete compulsory military service.

got7 real men 2got7 real men 4got7 real men 3

Earlier on this same day, Jackson posted a video on his Instagram of him and fellow member BamBam saluting with serious expressions on their faces, along with a message saying, “We will be back.”

BamBam also posted a similar picture on his Instagram, with the same message.


BamBam Instagram Update:


BamBam Twitter Update:



160502- #HappyBamBamDay #Happy20thBamBamDay (From JYPNation Twitter)



[ENG SUB] Celebrity Bromance S5 EP4 Jackson&JH's night hiking, Jakson&Jooheon



[M2]Let's play with GOT7 ep.5: initial game



[M2]Let's play with GOT7 ep.6: Last game



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Guest adikkeluangman

2016 JYP Global Audition in Bangkok (BamBam)

Bambam greet Thai fans for audition that was held in BKK.

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Guest adikkeluangman

J.Y. Park reveals why he doesn't compose songs for GOT7 and TWICE

J.Y. Park vented about the age gap between him and JYPE's youngest groups. 

On the most recent airing of 'Unnie's Slamdunk', J.Y Park visited the unnies to help Min Hyo Rin achieve her dreams of becoming a girl group member. Then, during the discussion about music, J.Y. Park revealed why he doesn't compose for GOT7 and TWICE.


J.Y. Park said, "I don't make songs for GOT7 and TWICE. I wrote songs for g.o.d because I know them well, but with the other friends [GOT7 and TWICE], we are not in relationships where we can talk about life." 

He continued, "To be honest, I miss the g.o.d days. The first song I wrote was g.o.d's "Dear Mother". When I heard Park Joon Hyung's story it broke my heart. If I get to create another girl group then I will want to find out more about what's on their mind." 


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Guest adikkeluangman

GOT7 1st CONCERT "FLY IN SEOUL" Invitation Video

I think they shoot this after their event in Japan.

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Hey Everyone!

GOT7 is the group that ALMOST became my ultimate bias group! They are the second group that I got into after EXO, so they will always have that special place in my heart! I'm fairly new to kpop. I created a youtube channel as a way for me to learn more about the kpop world. I mostly do reaction videos, but I also do unboxing vids and an occasion vlog of the random hikes that I do. Please check out my GOT7 reaction videos and please support :)

P.S. When is youtube going to allow Fly to be playable in the US?




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Guest adikkeluangman

- GOT7 “Fly” M/V
Yeah, just a litlle bit more before this MV reach 20M views. This was 2 months after it been released. I like their outfit in this. Maybe because it fully sponsored and the stylist don't do major alteration on it.

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