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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2014] You’re All Surrounded 너희들은 포위됐다

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YAAS fans,, good news!! Yay..!! YAAS finally surpassed 500 million views on QQ video China!! Congrats!!

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finally uri SeungGi's wish (even tough he half joking) come true!! <:-P
Thanks to china viewer and all of you who already loving YAAS till these time!! =D> :)
YAAS.. Daebak!! ^^

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There's no plan for sequel of this drama, at least untill this minute. :) But I'll love to see it if they made it someday.. (as long as I can see SeungGi with P4 and PanSeok again, It'd be a CAALL!!).. hope writer-nim will up-grade the story if it really come true :D

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I really hope that there's a sequel for this drama, 
too... I mean, it's about detectives... Surely they 
have a lot more cases to solve...I would like to see Seo Pan Suk to be married again and 
upgraded to be on a higher position... Maybe stepping 
up above Toad?And the P4... I would like to see DaeGu and SS 
romancing in a more proper place like in their 
house/room... So far during the whole drama, they 
kissed mostly in their office or during their work 
time! ;;)I don't mind the kissing, I mind the place... :))Also the closure about the investigating rights, I hope 
the police could have the investigating rights above 
the Prosecutors...(At least Kang Seok Soon's life and death will not be 
meaningless, knowing that she actually hoping to bring 
juctice to the police department, not to be "bullied" 
by the prosecutors...)Also... the reconciliation between TaeIl and the 
parents...Arrhhh...I am hoping for more from all the casts.....
Forgive my rants... I just finished watching YAAS 1-20 
for the 3rd time and still can't get enough.... :P 

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Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara form a realistic couple in this drama. I laughed and cried a lot during the drama. Happy to see Cha Seung Won !!! 

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You’re All Surrounded will be broadcast on “Satellite Theater” channel in Japan, starting in December.

Fans in Taiwan, though, will be able to see DaeGu on their TV screens much sooner. GTV will air (Chinese-dubbed) YAAS at 9pm CST on weekdays, starting on September 10. AND they’ll air the original undubbed version for reruns at midnight. :D

source: isoji via dclsg, loveGTV via Tryp96


For Taiwanese fans, you can watch YAAS on GTV starting tonight!! ^^

I hope YAAS will be aired in my county too.. >_<

Almost all SeungGi previous drama (except Seven Priceses) had been aired in my country, so hoping YAAS will be aired too.. (should we made a petition? :P )

class="entry-title"Taiwan GTV YAAS Promo Clips

source: gtv272841k

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8 K-dramas your boyfriend will actually enjoy watching with you

by KD Bonbon on Tue, Apr 07, 2015

While it often seems like K-drama fandom consists mostly of females, DramaFever has plenty of content that guys would like too! The K-drama male viewership is always growing as new and interesting dramas are released. Now is the perfect time to get that guy in your life started watching K-dramas. Whether it be your friend, coworker, brother, boyfriend, or husband, turn him onto one of the dramas below and he will certainly be thanking you for the introduction to Dramaland!

No matter what television genre your guy is into, here are 8 K-dramas that he'll love to watch with you!

7. If He Likes Comedy: You Are All Surrounded


You Are All Surrounded centers around a rookie detective and a group of new recruits in Gangnam Police Station’s violent crimes unit and follows their development from uninterested, inept recruits, to hardworking and dedicated police officers.

Why he’ll like it: This drama has a lot of action and the perfect amount of comedy. He’ll love the cases they work and watching the characters develop.

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/8-k-dramas-your-boyfriend-will-actually-enjoy-watching-with-you/

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