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If he's in final talks, you would think so must be the female lead, or at the very least, she's been offered the role and considering it. Or maybe they've yet to approach any actresses.

Either way I'm curious to see who it'll be.


*Update #1* Hook: “Lee Seung Gi has received the casting offer for Love According to the Law, and is positively reviewing it.”
*Update #2* Hook told Dispatch that “Lee Seung Gi is in final talks for Love According to the Law.”




YTN star has learned on January 24 that Lee Seung Gi is confirmed to star in KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Love According to the Law.’


This is quite meaningful since it’ll be Lee Seung Gi’s first KBS drama in 16 years, after Famous Princesses in 2006.


Love According to the Law tells the story of a former prosecutor-turned-landlord who’s called a ‘Monster Genius’ and a Miss Korea-turned-lawyer that revolves around a law office/cafe, Law Cafe. It’s a healing romance based on a web novel.


This will be directed by Lee Eun Jin PD, and is scheduled to air in August. It’ll be co-produced by HIGROUND (Mouse) and Jidam Media.




Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi will burn his acting soul again this year.


As a result of YTN star's coverage on the 24th, Lee Seung-gi confirmed his appearance in KBS2's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Love According to the Law'.


Lee Seung-gi announced his comeback to the CRT after about 10 months following the tvN drama 'Mouse', which he appeared in March of last year. In particular, it is meaningful in that it is a comeback to KBS after about 16 years since 'The Famous Chil Princesses' in 2006.


Lee Seung-gi is currently busy with various entertainment programs in addition to his acting, and is busier than anyone else. Expectations are focused on his progress as he is steadily holding the string of an actor as well as singer and entertainment activities.


'Love according to the law' is a work about the story of a former prosecutor who was called a 'monster genius' and a lawyer from Miss Korea over the Law Office and Cafe 'Law Cafe'.


It is a healing court romance based on a web novel. Director Lee Eun-jin of 'Love According to the Law' is set to air in August this year with a megaphone.


It was created through a collaboration between the production company Jidam Media and High Ground. Jidam Media, which completed the success of the TV Chosun drama 'Marriage Lyricist, Divorce Composer' series, succeeded in gaining great popularity with the drama 'Doctor Prisoner' (2019) on KBS2 in the past.


It remains to be seen whether this work will be able to continue the fame of KBS dramas. High Ground is also determined to put an end to the success guarantee check as a production company for the currently successfully airing drama 'Uncle'.

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