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What's this nonsense you're spewing?


So what's her name?


@My Opinions I wouldn't give any credence to this @b j person.


On 2/11/2021 at 11:08 PM, b j said:

We send him the plam of lee seung gi

And this guy is really give 90% prediction  correct  most of the time .

If you whant some of proof  of his correct I will show later .

We ask him if it is yoona and he said "no" 

It different girl he know her from 2019 he dating her secretly now . Lee seung  gi is ready to get married her   this year after may .


"We"? Did you send the request?


You must have missed his latest album and ignored all his songs.








Maybe you should go back a few pages and check the posts.


It's interesting that you mention May because that happens to be her 32nd birthday.


On 2/11/2021 at 2:40 PM, My Opinions said:



Came across this Leeseunggi palm reading in youtube. 


He says Seunggi oppa has or will fall in love with someone who changed  his life and oppa is going to be very true to this person. 
We all know how sincere he is when it to comes to love.


On 2/11/2021 at 6:46 PM, My Opinions said:

i feel like that person is  yoona.


He directly refers to her as that in "All The Time We Spent Together".

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4 hours ago, b j said:

I belive he love yoona befor but I don't he love her now. you think he will say that lee young ae is the beautiful  person he ever  seen, knowing he date yoona befor . knowing that many will watch it and yoona also .if he really whant yoona back he can ruined his chances  to be with yoona again by said that ,no?

Lee young ae is known to be the most beautiful woman in kIndustry. And she is a senior to them.

if that’s the reason,  when shooting for busted he said PMY is very beautiful too is that means he brokeup with his current GF. Lets be practical in thinking. 

 Someone saw him with a woman ,it must be anyone (frnd, sister, or a GF) so till he comes out and tells he loves someone else ,I will have this tiny hope in this couple. 

 But thank you sending his palm to that reader which confirms that how precious is that special person in his life (who ever it is) . 

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9 hours ago, b j said:

I belive he love yoona befor but I don't he love her now. you think he will say that lee young ae is the beautiful  person he ever  seen, knowing he date yoona befor . knowing that many will watch it and yoona also .if he really whant yoona back he can ruined his chances  to be with yoona again by said that ,no?


You need to differentiate between what's said publicly and privately, otherwise you'll play directly into their hands.


Seunggi was saying his past preferences of an ideal girl had faded away on My Ugly Duckling in September 2018.


Do you know what he was really doing then? Everything you've seen in the past 2 months.


On 12/15/2020 at 3:51 PM, incoty said:

What was happening in those days, was the making of 'THE PROJECT'.


On TV he was saying that his past details and preferences of an ideal girl had faded away, while at the same time he was producing a song in which he tells her to come back.


You know the gist already.




I wanted to start over
In the end, it’s you


So much time has passed
Looking at your eyes I will tell you today
Come back to me
Hold my hand


I Will


Please come back oh babe

I just can’t stop it, come back I’ll be good to you oh babe

Please come back oh babe


That's what she's going to listen to. Same with him.


All of this is happening for a reason, barely (if anything) by coincidence.


If before they were honest and open in professing their liking and loving for each other in front of the cameras, him with his words, and she with her body language and signals, they're not going to do that explicitly now after a public break up.


In their position, you wouldn't want all that attention and focus on you once again.


Their songs represent the truth and their real feelings.


Everything else is secondary and somewhat meaningless.


That doesn't mean that they can't fall in love with someone else, or try to force themselves to be with someone else, but where they stand is quite clear.


5 hours ago, My Opinions said:

But thank you sending his palm to that reader which confirms that how precious is that special person in his life (who ever it is) . 


Some day, one day

If we meet again, if we do

Then I’ll take one more step toward you

The one person who is the most precious to me in the world


Even though you can say that in words, it doesn't mean you can fully express it to the person.


But we can stand by it.

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1 hour ago, b j said:

Ok you said the are  still in love 

So what stopping them to be together now .it not like someone  forced  them to break up ,and announce that to the public.

And it not because  of the military because  if she really  love him she will stay by his side .


I'm saying what's transpiring to us on the outside, is that they're not quite over each other.


Whether they're truly in love with each other, is something only they can know about.


I always like to reiterate what Leeteuk said on Radio Star in October 2014 when he was being pressed by the MC's because some people still don't get this:


"I definitely have to tell you all about one thing. The two of them dating is something that is about the two of them…I don’t know how it happened"


They could.. have gotten back together, we don't know that. This time, they will do it on their terms.


I agree with what you've said last.


The military had nothing to do with their break up. Their relationship was probably over in 6 to 12 months, but they couldn't say it.


Things had run it's course and she wanted to call it quits. That's all there is to it.


People still ponder about this when Seunggi himself said so in AnAn Magazine in 2013:




Uh uh..


I should’ve said it, I should’ve told you
That I love you so much

On this foggy morning
I want to hold you, I will do better

I know I shouldn’t drink and call you but it’s not easy (it’s not easy)
I know I should let you go now but I just can’t stop it (I regret it)

Come back to me, oh babe



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1 hour ago, b j said:

Ok ,So you are saying he whant her to  come back  ? 

It really crazy to think that 

Did She showing signs she whant  him back  also ? 


Once again, we agree. It is crazy after she seduced him and abandoned him, because that's the reality of things no matter how she tries to sugar coat it.


Did you not read the thread?


YoonA has made reference to his voice 3 different times with 3 different songs.


1) 2016 - A Little Happiness - She can't hear his voice

2) 2017 - When The Wind Blows (Chinese) - She wants to hear his voice

3) 2020 - Hold - She's drunk with his voice (The day after his 7th album was released)


She tried to "fix" it. She tested the waters as he was about to come back.


September 2017




May 2019


I wrote many letters and erased them again
I wanted to start over
In the end, it’s you

Embrace me


So much time has passed
Looking at your eyes I will tell you today
Come back to me
Hold my hand


I love you, on the black night sky
Stars that shine brightly
They resemble you, do you know that?
Embraced in your arms, as if dreaming
Let’s promise


One, two, three
If I open my eyes, will you be there?
Come and permeate through me like a scent
You will never leave my side again
Promise me
Promise you need you


Even when the whole world blackens
I will think of you
And endure and endure


Does he regret not answering her there and then, and doing so only now?


This is all just endlessly going back and forth, on and off.


They will have to say it sooner or later, whether together or not. All we can do is wait.


Want to know what my conclusive opinion is on all this?


YoonA is pushing LSG to see how far he can go for her, because for some reason or another, she didn't understand it while she was in a relationship with him.

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1 hour ago, b j said:

So yoona whant him back but she didn't whant to go and ask him ?

So she crazy for wait too long like this .let see if he really  love her in this year  whan he announced his wedding. 

So if he married another  girl anyone that mean he completely over yoona (whan he even he know she whant him back like you said)let wait and see .

If he marry the other girl this year  ,I will laugh at you all.and 


Is this a competition  or what ? Doesn’t all shippers think and support their ship like this ? They might’ve moved on and the songs also doesn’t mean anything  but for shippers  these small things are clues and the hope for them to get  together? 

As I said before all I want is oppa to be happy. If he moved on well and good, thats his life. If he loved someone then yoona is completely out of his head and heart. It’s  his nature to give 100% in anything he does. 

Them getting back together is our hope thats it, it’s not like we can dig into their hearts and see what’s happening? 

And one more thing if you are not yoongi shipper what r you doing in this thread ? 

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7 hours ago, b j said:

Someone sends me that too me . And tell me the were another video of them but the were deleted now ,because his fans know he date her now .and keep her privacy now .

She is model and somone tell me she is alot peritter then yoona

Sha have  small face ,big eyes, small nose  ,big lips .the tell me she have face like song hye kyo 

But She alot thinner , her clothes  hide her body .she is 1.66 and 43 kg.

She was his fan at time but the meet again in 2019 and fall in love .Look at her in 1:29

I get it now, why you are fixated to this it’s because of her hair kekekkekekke . Some Vietnam saju reader told he is dating that hair color girl hahahha . Ok they are dating ,happy now. 
you believe that and ppl in this thread will hope for yoongi till one of them comes out and says they are in a relationship. 

Edited by My Opinions
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I didn't pay particular attention at the girl at the time, but now that you pointed her out, I realized she was always around him popping up in the background while still maintaining a distance and stealing some glances here and there.


This is all being referred to you by someone else and you're choosing to believe all of it. That correct?


Mind if I PM you? Only because you aroused my curiosity about her now that I've seen it and with the other details you've added, it's better not to stray off topic too much in here.

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actually I remember noticed that woman back than and I was thinking and even now have that thought that she might his make up artist or fashion designer ... ;-) all his staff kept some distance around him where the space was big enough ;-)

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1 hour ago, b j said:

It can be also be jung so min

It seem he have crush on her during "little forest" 

Just because they interacted or as an MC if he praises women on a variety show doesn’t mean he is flirting /has a crush on them? Not saying it as a yoongi wisher. But variety shows works like that and as an MC it’s his job to do so.
Do you really think oppa is that kind of person to have a crush on someone who was already in a relationship? 
No he is not. He is always been mature about relationships. 

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Hello I'm back. It's been a long time. My pregnancy and 2nd born keep me away from shipper things for quite a long period. Lol.


Who's this @b j? Seems like he/she visit the wrong forum. What are you doing seriously?


Anyway, if she dated that girl i don't think he will let her follow him around like that. If you know his personality, he's not the type of person to be open about his personal life.


I agree with @incoty seems like she is his staff, not more than that

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Dear @b j


Do you really think they will wasting time to read all the shipper forum just to make some coincidences or other for their shipper? I don't think so. They are quite busy filming drama and movie, variety show and CF too. They won't have time to read this forum or any shipper forum.


Are you really believe in fortune teller? With tarrot and other kind of prediction? There are many kpop predictions account in twitter that pointing this and that, album comeback, idols dating,  etc. Do you know what is their similarities? They're all pointing something abstract like "idol A will have solo album late this year or next year". If it doesn't happen then they will said, there were some condition from the company caused the album delayed. Or, "Idol B dating big 3 (how many idol in big 3? Almost a hundred)"


The predictions is always bizarre. Just try to not believe it.


If seunggi and yoona are getting married with someone else then it's okay. This forum only exist until then. But before that happen we will always continue to support them and sharing some facts through this forum. Why are you annoyed? There is no reason to be annoyed.

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On 2/15/2021 at 4:59 AM, b j said:

I start to support  lee seung gi and yoona but it will be really annoying  knowing the both will marry with different people and move on .Lee seung gi will 100% marry this girl (many fortunate tellers said that he have girlfriend  from 2019 until now)and the all hint about wedding in" master in the house".and the always  point to Leeseunggi  .I don’t  get way the give hint over the year's it bean 7 year's  and nothing  serious append


That's the point. Nothing serious happened (yet).


You keep pointing out 2019 as the pivotal year. We did spot some unusual behavior from him then.


I'm not fixated on them getting together. I only recount what they're giving us, and this can't be ignored, like most others do.


They've been trying to get a reaction out of the other one, playing the waiting game hoping for something to happen, and the opportune time to present itself.


They're betting everything on chance, not knowing what may happen and what obstacles may come their way.


That's how absurd all of this is.


These two kept lying and pretending to still be boyfriend and girlfriend despite the relationship being over and all the break up rumors swirling around them.


That should tell you everything you need to know.


No one in their right mind would take anything they say publicly seriously at this point.


I would've moved on a long time ago, but as you see, instead of meeting someone else like he said in an interview at the end of 2019: "It's time to meet someone nice and start a family before 40", he's still sulking for someone who lead him on and left him.


You can also tell this is the case by other small things.


Like I've said before, the only redeeming factor in all this is that they're getting older and older (35 to 32), thus they won't be able to keep this farce up much longer.


I want this to be over as much as anyone, so we can start discussing actuality and real matters.


This prolonging is tiring and pointless.

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