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When a smile is much more worthy than million words ^^  Cr: @._PUTitbackon 


if we talks about their relationship only then we rarely will have any updates here we all know why. Both no matter what will keep their relationship very private   so it is better to update about bot

All these known personalities (I didn't know this last one https://www.soompi.com/article/1381225wpp/cools-lee-jae-hoon-reveals-a-shocking-secret-he-kept-for-11-years) coming out with having secretly married and having children.


If someone like this, relatively unknown to me, took such extreme measures to keep it hidden for so long, what are they going to do? lol.


The good thing about this is, if Y ever decides to have children and marry, since she's always in the public eye and is skinny by nature, and unless she goes into hiatus for months or years (we would know something's up in that case), she wouldn't be able to hide it.


That letter is messed up in some ways. I can see her penning up something like that. We have WTWB as example of how nonsensical she can be, and in her case, she wouldn't even be able to excuse it with something like that.

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On 12/4/2017 at 8:29 PM, liana70 said:

Hi.. I have been a lurker here since the first day they announced dating, but I did not join because my bad english, so please forgive me if there is a mistake. I do not know whether you pay attention to this or not? But I have a little theory about their relationship. As I recall the incident of "locker" during MS, it happened when yoona was filming drama the k2 or after drama ended? At that time there was little rumor about yoona and jcw because Dispatch always cover them behind the scenes of drama like songsong couple. After that then came a lot of rumors between lsg and girls including with yura. Had a few times lsg asked about his favorite gg, and he answered Redvelvet and Twice. A few days before the WTWB song came out lsg even said he liked Redvelvet and asked yunho to introduce Redvelvet to him. We know in Redvelvet there's irene whose age is only a year younger than yoona. The probability he like Redvelvet (irene) as a woman higher than Twice member. But after yoona's song out lsg also change, he is not flirty with girls anymore. The last one was his interview after the discharge, he was asked about his favorite gg in the military he only mentioned Twice and answered with diplomatic. Why lsg no longer mention Redvelvet?  So in conclusion based on my opinion I do not think they are in contact with each other but they are aware of each other's news. When lsg thinks that yoona already move on, he also wants to show that he has moved on or he feels jealous? But when he realizes yoona is not yet move on so he reconsider it. Maybe this time they are waiting and make sure their feelings for each other, whether it will continue or it is over. 

Note: I'm sorry if I'm too delusional or make a wrong assumption. I can not give a detailed chronology, I hope someone can help to give the details, thanks


I'm quoting you two years later. (I don't forget certain things) Hello if you're still there.


I had initially dismissed some parts of this post. I still stand by what I said then, that they wouldn't be the type to play childish games like described above (I'm using the term childish but in an unstable and unsteady relationship these things can happen.) What I was refuting was the suggestion that they would act or react based on the actions of the other one and obvious baseless rumors. Their songs tell the opposite; They are firm and steady.


I don't know if that was happening at the time (2017), because she was definitely waiting, as you said. But as time went on, some of what you suggested did start to ring true, and I felt the need to give you some props for it.


When he was asked about his ideal girl in September 2018, he said that at that moment, it had faded away. She probably watched that segment and the show in general considering her response a week later and how she also ended up guesting on it.


A week later during SNSD's V Live, when YoonA's singing part came to an end, she inexplicably started repeating "It's over, it's over!" while gesturing with her hands.


Maybe this is what they want to sell the public out there, regardless of it's veracity. Or maybe this is the biggest and longest ON/OFF relationship ever lol.


But then, 8 months later, A Walk To Remember happened, Promise happened, her staring at his lookalike portrait in Summer Night's MV happened.


Waiting and enduring is tiring, but that's the keyword with YoonA: Endure. How long will she be able to keep this up?

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5 minutes ago, Lsg/ yoona said:

Hi there.

First of all official website photos Should not be used in public forums.. please respect hook .



What photo or post  are you refering  for exactly ?  As far as I know none of us posting photos  from LSG official website on purpose, even it could happen when posting someone’s tweet or IG post here. 

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