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When a smile is much more worthy than million words ^^  Cr: @._PUTitbackon 


if we talks about their relationship only then we rarely will have any updates here we all know why. Both no matter what will keep their relationship very private   so it is better to update about bot

1 hour ago, wangnyeo said:

I am so delusional but still anticipating the new year 2020 couple to be Yoona x Seungi :wub:


Before thinking about that, you have to understand her situation here, their situation, but mainly hers. This time, it will probably only happen/be announced once and if they decide to get married, regardless whether it's to each other or someone else.


Their reputation and credibility is on the line, but if you ask me, YoonA already lost hers a long time ago lol. This can get even worse for her.


Sooyoung said she felt bad for her last time because she didn't know how to handle the situation.


She didn't have the guts to reply to SG nor to Heechul on KB. She still needs her members to help her with these things.


But fear not, realistically, neither of them will be able to keep this up for much longer due to age and time restrictions.


What are they going to do, hide and lie for the rest of their lives? Waste the best years of their lives? lol (Arguably those are behind them.)


I mean, they've already done so last time, and look what happened/how that ended. They're being hunted to this day with it.


They're probably thinking that the older they get, the less people will care, and that's somewhat true, but they'll still have to deal with the fandoms and public with it, and us here hah.

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Incoty wrote: 

They're probably thinking that the older they get, the less people will care, and that's somewhat true, but they'll still have to deal with the fandoms and public with it, and us here hah”


Well, they don’t need to deal with me if they’ll reunite ... I would be “happy as a tornado in the trailer park” and just cheer for them ;-) lol



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7 hours ago, IliK said:

Well, they don’t need to deal with me if they’ll reunite ... I would be “happy as a tornado in the trailer park” and just cheer for them ;-) lol


If such case were to occur, I'm sure that the people who are against it today who feel a great sense of dread and disdain would do a 180 and change their minds, simply because they wouldn't be able to do anything about it but accept it.


I was just reading some of the comments here:




followmegeneralkim • 10 hours ago

It must be serious since they confirmed it... I'm losing hope for SuJu members without them getting disowned by their own fandom, maybe my maknae will give me babies soon lol

26 2


Incle_ Universe followmegeneralkim • 10 hours ago

It's really unfortunate how Suju fandom is handeling such things. i mean even if seungmin did something they were not happy about, it wasn't something so serious to just boycot him from the group. They should just let him comeback to his group promoting.



followmegeneralkim Incle_ Universe • 9 hours ago

its been 5 years already... so many bad things happened since.

Oh well. It's funny because I recently finished Analog Trip in which Changmin -the youngest by far- was of course the only sane, responsible adult. You let SuJu get a hold of Yunho and he just gets lost in the chaos. So I guess it makes sense that he is the one who goes public first. I'm really happy for him and I really wish the other second gen idols start settling down too.



alexandra Incle_ Universe • 9 hours ago • edited

people always blame kelf but in general elf are batshit crazy, ifans can defend sungmin anytime but once the popular members like eunhae revealed to have gf publicly then its gonna be bigger. even yesung got harassed for having kiss scene in his MV. its not only korean fans but international fans too especially most of sasaengs are not koreans. its like suju can only choose one, between career or love, they (company and the group) give fans too much power now it backfires. yes the fandom saved the group but they also can end the group.

also with sungmin's case I dont think at this point sungmin wants to go back and I hope he doesn't, knowing the hate he will get.I think that's main reason he cant and dont want to go back, he's not ready with the hate anymore especially now he has significant other that he has to protect which actually the source of the hate


lol I'll let you imagine what'll happen if YoonA was/is with D. She, him, GG, and SJ are as good as dead meat (well GG not so much seeing as how they're not even a real group anymore but like to pretend to be so), because she/they never had the guts to say anything even when there are pictures and videos available, and that's only the lesser evil. That's not mentioning her interactions with him while she was supposedly in a relationship with someone else and her pretending to still be in a relationship.


I think one of the main reasons why LSG is quiet on this front, is only out of respect to Leeteuk (despite the fact that Leeteuk talked about him and Y on Radio Star at the time), and because he already knows what's awaiting them, and that in the end, he will be victorious lol.


You can't escape Karma. You reap what you sow.

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English translation for LSG and KYN new years wish video:


"LSG: In the coming new 2020 what kind of challenges and changes have you dreamt of?
KYN: Whatever the dream is, at the end of it KB Family wishes to be together with everyone's happiness and hope.
KYN: Everyone.....
Both: Happy New Year!"

(cr. leeseunggi.canada on IG)




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I know the possibility is quite zero ... 




... but I still have deja vu feelings ;-)


2013 December 30   MBC Drama award - LSG

2013 December 31   KBS Drama award - Yoona

2014 January 1          Dispatch - YoonGi couple


2019 December 30    SBS Drama award - LSG

2019 December 31    MBC Gayo Daejejeon - Yoona

2020 January 1           Dispatch - ???





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1 hour ago, IliK said:


  Reveal hidden contents


sorry, but I’m not so sad because  of it ;-) 





They're at the same table now.


Matters little because Suj wants to win Best Couple award and she said it so bluntly and proudly lol.









And look at Hwan Bora's reaction behind her.



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So they won ...




... least not the deasang together, since songsong cpl I have no good feelings about it;-) lol of course just kidding, nothing depend on awards ;-)


deja vu ... again ;-)




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