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When a smile is much more worthy than million words ^^  Cr: @._PUTitbackon 


if we talks about their relationship only then we rarely will have any updates here we all know why. Both no matter what will keep their relationship very private   so it is better to update about bot

Uh oh..




Park Hyo Shin – Beautiful Tomorrow English Translation

I can’t draw it out
Even when I close my eyes
You, who I love and loved so much
However many times it is / Over and over again
If it was a dream
You resented and hated me
So I’m sorry and sorry again
Because of you, I’m still
Because of you, hurting so much
I numbly walk
Each step
cries and cries
So I close my wet eyes
Because of you
I was so happy
Now I regret it
As much as you do
You were the only one who could love me as much as you did / You're the one who could love me more than anyone else
Because of you, again today
Because of you, I barely live
I walk inside the memories
Each step is smiling / I smile and laugh with every step
I close my wet eyes
Because of you
I’m alright
Because of you
One day, if we meet
Just like before
I will try to smile without a word
Because of you
Yes, you were me
Just looking at you brought/drew tears to my eyes
You are forever to me
Beautiful Tomorrow
I’ll be right here, where I was that day
Because of you


Needless to say that this is identical to his lyrics, word for word.


We always walked step by step like this

My footsteps are walking through the memories


Some day, one day

If we meet again, if we do

Then I’ll take one more step toward you


Rather than words, I just put on an awkward smile


Instead of your tears


I’ll always be near by

I’ll be right here

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 Vagabond ost 3 ...



I see it fades
our light
it’s all gone

it’s crawling inside
our time is leaving out

I’m alive but I’m lost in pain
and our world is in open haze

but I’ll be alright
cuz you know
I’ll break it all


maybe we all see things in life
only the ways all meant to be

maybe it’s all lies
you should know
it’ll be all gone

lies fill up the world
it’s breaking down

the whole world in your eyes
it’s breaking dawn


maybe we all see things in life
only the ways all meant to be

it could be all lies
you should know
I’ll break it all

maybe we’ll walk down on this road
and it’s the way we take to be

so it’ll be alright
cuz you know
it’ll be all gone

I need to take you through my eyes
tell me you’ll run it til it ends
maybe it’s just the way it ends

I see it fades
our light
it’s all gone

I see it fades
I will
be alright

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Lee Seung-gi will share ‘Vagabond’ BTS stories in PH fanmeet

By: Ruth L. Navarra     Philippine Daily Inquirer / 05:08 AM October 06, 2019

SEOUL—Nothing can really prepare you for a face-to-face encounter with Lee Seung-gi.


He was on a short break when I entered the interview room at the Imperial Palace Seoul on Sept. 11. We were going to talk about his latest action drama, the Netflix Original “Vagabond.” He walked into the interview area to sit on his chair. The cameras were not yet rolling as I sat across him.


He flew in from Bali, Indonesia, the day before for the shoot of his upcoming Netflix variety series with Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu. I searched his handsome face for traces of weariness. I found none. His skin was clear and smooth. He looked well-rested. Not a crease on his coat over his white T-shirt. When he caught me staring at him, he gave me a big smile.


Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi


This was what I would soon discover about him during the interview. He likes meeting people’s eyes with his own intense gaze, the kind of look that makes you fall for him twenty times.


When I greeted him “Annyeonghaseyo,” he slightly bowed his head and then greeted me back. And because my time with him was ticking away while I melted in his gaze, I took the opportunity to tell him what I wanted to say the moment I saw him.


“I am your fan,” I told him in my broken Korean. His smile got bigger.


“Oh, jinja (really)?” he said.


“I already have a ticket for your fanmeet,” I continued, doing my best to prolong the unfilmed conversation.


“Next month? In Manila? Thank you,” he said in English, looking surprised and pleased.


I was impressed. First, he deduced where I was from even when I didn’t tell him. I was the second journalist from the Philippines to talk to him and he remembered that it was the Philippines’ turn. Second, despite his heavy schedule, he has not lost track of time when his next fanmeet will be.


Smart with ‘hoedang charm’


The actor once told his fans to not go to him because  he will go to them, a promise he will keep for PH fans.

The actor once told his fans to not go to him because he will go to them, a promise he will keep for PH fans.


The flawlessly beautiful Suzy Bae joined us and in a few minutes, the camera started rolling. I handed him a stuffed toy version of Inquirer’s mascot Guyito first. He took it and started moving to hand it to Suzy Bae. I told him, “no” and quickly handed another plush doll to his leading lady.


He was once described as “someone raised properly by his parents.” It’s in the small gestures that you find support for statements like this. He wanted his partner to get a gift first as the true gentleman that he is.


I asked him what he prepared for his PH Airen (Seung-gi’s fandom) attending the “Vagabond Voyage in Manila” fanmeet on Oct. 12 at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao. The event is organized by CDM Entertainment and ABS-CBN events.


“I’m visiting the Philippines for the first time next month. By then, around eight episodes of ‘Vagabond’ have been aired. I will be able to hear about their (PH Airen) reaction to the show,” said Seung-gi. “I will share with them some behind-the-scenes stories that I have to keep for now. I am very excited.”


Seung-gi knowing exactly how many episodes of his drama will have been aired by the time he visits Manila is very, very Seung-gi. He is hardworking and meticulous about his work. He once washed his hair outdoors during winter because he was going to perform onstage as part of a variety show challenge. He said he wanted to present his best to whoever is watching him, and that included senior citizens.


He is currently involved in three variety shows.

He is currently involved in three variety shows.


He is very smart especially about his career. He’s known for having “Hoedang charms” or in Filipino slang, “sabaw.” That came to be because his zeal often makes him look confused and lost in some ways. His mistakes make side-splitting comedy and memorable television moments. It balances out his otherwise perfect persona.


In “All the Butlers,” he said that he wanted to be the first Korean actor to have 1,000 projects. I asked him where exactly “Vagabond” is among his goals. He gave a small laugh and shook his head.


“This is why I didn’t want to say that while shooting ‘All the Butlers,’ but they insisted. So I gave them the number 1,000. If we say 1,000 episodes, I’ve worked on seven drama series so far. So I think the number of episodes goes well beyond 100 already,” he said. “I don’t know where ‘Vagabond’ stands in terms of numbers off the top of my head. But I am convinced that this is a show that helped me make the greatest leap in my acting career.”


He would later say that playing the lead role in “Vagabond” will be one of the biggest achievements for him. Super K’s video interview can be viewed on its Facebook account.


After eight minutes, we finally said our goodbyes. I walked outside and I sank on a chair trying to calm my beating heart. Good, I thought. At least, I didn’t forget to breathe while chatting with the Triple Threat Entertainer, Lee Seung-gi.

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