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When a smile is much more worthy than million words ^^  Cr: @._PUTitbackon 


if we talks about their relationship only then we rarely will have any updates here we all know why. Both no matter what will keep their relationship very private   so it is better to update about bot

On 7/31/2019 at 5:56 PM, incoty said:

In this simple yet needlessly complicated story, you need to put everything into context and perspective, otherwise you'll risk in going from one extremity to the other.


She must have some really thick skin to endure all this, but she brought all of this on herself, so she can't complain. She has to accept the reality that she'll be treated like a joke, especially when you keep on lying and with all rumors surrounding you.


It's a huge contrast between her and LSG. That alone tells you how people perceive you.


YoonA wore a shirt last year which said "Love will rise above all."


In this case It's not that "Love will rise above all". It's more along the lines of "The truth will prevail" and/or "Justice always prevails"


Whatever the case, this will all catch up to her, and I'd suggest you all to be here and bring the popcorn lol.


It will either be heaven.. or hell.

 As a shipper, why would you put down your own ship ? You are basically just worshipping LSG and assuming Yoona as a preferred choice for him and when she does not match your "standard". You decide to degrade her. You are are disgusting fan. I feel sad for LSG to have a fan like you. You are definitely not a Yoona fan. Please stay away from her and stop acting like you are some mind reader that knows what goes on her mind. Please go get a life and stop imagining every second of their life. 

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At times I can't help but think LSG is just ball-less and spineless.


He just waits for the other party to get tired, accepts the ending of the relationship without breaking a sweat, and when you ask him, he answers you with "hope for the future".


Not only that, he purposely ends the last track with "I'm happy."


... lol. Yeah right.


The moment he started to realize YoonA wanted to break up or after they had already broken up, he resigned and started working on the album.


If you put little to no effort into maintaining a relationship, how is it supposed to last? Unless you're just in it for the short term. But in that case, what are you dating for and why did you confess if you know it's going to end in the shortest of times?


How he managed to put up with all of this (and god knows what else) I have no idea.


But for all intents and purposes, he seems completely OK with this kind of relationship and situation.


"I don't want someone who makes me feel like I have to do something. I want someone who makes me relaxed... even without doing anything."


Good luck lol.

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I am following this forum from a very long time but kept quiet as the main parties are are not dating anymore but hoping they will get back together.

Incoty i should appreciate your interest in them keeping this forum alive but nowadays i feel you are frustrated with them and angry with them for not getting back together.


What really happened between them we don't know  and what ever the reason we are thinking for their breakup is all our imagination.


we cant blame both parties expect the timing when they were dating is very wrong.


2014 is a not a good year for girls  generation...she might have been too disturbed ,along with that they couldn't meet properly as they both were too busy with their schedules , so broke up.


we all thought they will get back together but thats our wish. 

They  might be hurting or they might have moved on. .


Now  what i am thinking is ... LSG is a very careful person ...he doesn't show his emotions before others easily especially if he is hurting may be thats why he is working like a cow with out thinking about marriage.


And about yoona read this article 



And it’s really difficult for people like LSG and yoona to date as they both don't want their personal life to be exposed.

and with out showing their personal life these two big stars cant not date peacefully..

Getting back together for them is a very big step they both have to take... because that step shouldn’t go wrong it will spoil their image so they might have  become cowards.


 What they are going through we dont know  so  instead of feeling frustrated just hope they will get back together.


After 4 years i just  wish both LSG and Yoona to be happy. 







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Hello. Likewise I appreciate your good, honest, and somewhat naive thoughts, but that part of your post makes me think that you haven't followed nor read this thread, and that you may be new to this dating business.


If you've been following and reading this thread for a very long time, you wouldn't be repeating the mantra of "not knowing what happened", and the "too busy with their schedules" excuse wouldn't even cross your mind.


You don't even need to follow this thread to know what happened. All you have to do is read their song's lyrics. They couldn't possibly make it any more clear and direct.


But even some of their lyrics could be untrue, not much LSG's but her's.


Thus you can corroborate them. All you need to do is look at their body language and reactions in key defining moments (150815, 170106, Knowing Brothers), some of which I have posted here. LSG's, YoonA's, and the members reactions all go hand in hand with each other.


They're identical. There's no room for facades, lies, or misinterpretations there.


I'm not here to blindly hope. I'm here to uncover the real state of things.

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I liked them when they were together. I'd like it if they were to get back together.


I wouldn't have continued to update this thread for the past 3 years otherwise.


None of that matters with the facts and reality though.


We'll see how things will unfold in the near future.

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