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When a smile is much more worthy than million words ^^  Cr: @._PUTitbackon 


if we talks about their relationship only then we rarely will have any updates here we all know why. Both no matter what will keep their relationship very private   so it is better to update about bot

For Vlive photos:

Least wasn't leave out even just got a place in the bottom corner ;-)  LOL


Coinsidences always funny for me ... specially on the same day airing one after the other ;-)






You know in my opinion in these kind of programs they not use things just by chance ;-) LOL


Master in the house songs:


TT (LSG was singing the bold letter part)


I’m in two minds
In an awkward situation
I just stare and say ba-ba-ba-baby

Everyday I only imagine without asking
I talk casually and say your name baby
But we don’t even know each other

Beautiful no matter what I wear
Just the two of us in the mirror having a fashion show, show
This time for sure, I’ll be the first to talk, talk
But it’s only in my head, always only in my head

I start humming and before I know it
I feel like crying, I don’t feel like myself
This isn’t like me at all
I love you so much

[Pre-Chorus: Nayeon, Jihyo]
Think I’m all grown up now
I’m free to make my own choices, but why
Why can’t I have it my way

The more I try to push you away
The more I’m drawn and attracted to you baby

Even he supposed to sing just the first verse ... he was just humming and bubbling ... might that part of the lyrics wasn't relevant ...  ?! ;-)  ... and at the end even asking "Why did I sing everything?"

I love it ! :joy:


Edit: Just watched a video from Bogoshipda with eng lyrics and remembered when LSG and SJ sung the first verse from it ... 


I won’t go, I’ll just wait here
Like a fool crying beside you
I don’t know why you had to hurt me
I won’t leave, I’ll keep on waiting

I miss you~~ I miss you~~
At times you may hate me~~.
I want to cry~~ kneel down for me
If it may turn out that there's nothing we can do about it…

The memory of being madly in love
I find you in those memories

We couldn’t have been more in love
I won’t choose this for you
I will never let it happen
But I’ll miss you as you’re dead


Running Man songs:


What is love (they played the chorus part ) ...


Also there was in RM ...









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On 7/23/2019 at 8:47 PM, IliK said:

For Vlive photos:

Least wasn't leave out even just got a place in the bottom corner ;-)  LOL


That probably didn't stop her from glancing/looking at it.


There's last year's precedent at AAA. She knew exactly where his sitting spot was, meaning she knew he was going to be there and she must have taken a good look at him before going on stage.


Her stealing glances at him was noticeable. It's very obvious when you see the frames.






Those are the only times she looked at her right.


YoonA can't hide these things, but not everyone is going to catch them.


There's also this of course:





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Most or all high-profile korean celebrities that ended up marrying in their early-mid 30's had known each other/been dating for a number of years.


It's not impossible but highly unlikely that either of them are going to meet up with someone new, get the time to know them, and marry them.


LSG said he can't even find one for himself on Mom's Diary / My Little Old Boy. That's funny, I doubt he's actually looking for anyone lol. Same goes for her.


Neither of them are actively trying to look for someone because they either have each other in their hearts, or because there's already someone, which obviously could be each other. Excluding the usual nonsense reasons of not having enough time.


"I don’t think it’s because I didn’t have time" (Alone in Love)


The ones they're together with and those they're going to marry must be sought in those who they've known for some time and are close enough to them, and that leaves us with very few options.


But it's clear that there's some mind games going on here, something not quite right.

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Does she say/write down something different each time?









I guess she has a lot of dreams and/or there needs to be some variety in the answers, or it's just more of a reason not to take her seriously/believe anything she says on broadcast.


We're used to this kind of inconsistency from her. If she's so inconsistent in her claims, you can just imagine how inconsistent her love life is lol.


It's no coincidence YoonA is rarely if ever asked about boyfriends/dating/love.

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She smiled for his singing performance, certainly not because of that lol.


TBH, this episode was more about him than her. YoonA was on the sideline here. JJS took center-stage. He's quite the personality.

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In this simple yet needlessly complicated story, you need to put everything into context and perspective, otherwise you'll risk in going from one extremity to the other.


She must have some really thick skin to endure all this, but she brought all of this on herself, so she can't complain. She has to accept the reality that she'll be treated like a joke, especially when you keep on lying and with all rumors surrounding you.


It's a huge contrast between her and LSG. That alone tells you how people perceive you.


YoonA wore a shirt last year which said "Love will rise above all."


In this case It's not that "Love will rise above all". It's more along the lines of "The truth will prevail" and/or "Justice always prevails"


Whatever the case, this will all catch up to her, and I'd suggest you all to be here and bring the popcorn lol.


It will either be heaven.. or hell.

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It seems the newest sabu who filmed with MITH members this week is Noh Sa Yeon ... you remember she is who can teach "how to live happily in a marriage" (regarding LSG words in earlier episode where she was the "hint-fairy" ;-) ) ... 


also can be linked to this coinsidence ;-) LOL 








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