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So DB Direct Insurance Direct Blog (Yoona their endorser)  decided to make wallpaper for June with Yoona photo and posted an hour ago,  just don’t understand why.waited while few days already passed  from the month ?! ;-) 


Auto translate of the post:

DB Direct Model Yoona and June are happy even for one month!


Hi. DB damage insurance direct .

It 's June that seems to be filled with happiness.

Are you tired and tired of getting hotter?

DB Damage Insurance Direct Model Yoon Ah smile with a bright smile Yoona I prepared a wallpaper image in June.

It's ready for PC / mobile,

Use it as wallpaper for mobile phone, PC desktop as much!




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H.Y. @itnw0628 10h10 hours ago

Q: Tell me the part of the lyrics you like in the new song
YoonA: "Interestingly, there are many 'cham' (Note: it means 'truly') in my songs. There are 2 new songs in the album, and 'cham' is in another song again."
LSG's And Goodbye
참 듣기 좋더라
cham deutgi johdeora
LSG's All The Time We Spent Together
, 오랫동안 알았지 널
cham, oraetdongan aratji neol
많이 웃었지, 울었었지
cham manhi useotji, ureosseotji
, 내가 또 이렇지 뭐
cham, naega tto ireohji mwo
YoonA's Promise
오랜 시간이 걸렸죠 그대에게
cham oraen shigani geollyeotjo geudaeege
오랜 시간이 흘렀죠 눈을 보며
cham oraen shigani heulleotjo nuneul bomyeo
YoonA's Summer Night
시원한 여름밤
cham shiweonhan yeoreumppam
편안한 여름밤
cham pyeonanhan yeoreumppam
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Posted (edited)

Airens today must be on Cloud9 ... ;-) 


Seung Gi had a video again on Hook Ent. youtube ... those “morning calls” are killing ;-) lol




The morning calls translation:

20160605 9:00am EST 
1. Everyone, wake up now
Everyone hurry and wake up!

2. Airen, wake up
How much longer are you going to sleep?
Airen, are you not getting up?

3. Noona, wake up.
Noona, you must wake up now, need to get up and work!
What are you doing? How much longer are you going to sleep? 
Quickly wake up now!

4. Yesterday why did I not sleep early?
Must sleep early?
Why yesterday we did not sleep early?
Just... why yesterday we did not sleep early?
Quickly wake up now!


cr. leeseunggi.canada IG



Edit: 4. version translate (cr. tryp96), a little bit different than I posted earlier: 


Why didn’t you go to sleep earlier yesterday?
Sleep earlier?!
Why didn’t you go to sleep earlier yesterday?
Why didn’t you go to sleep earlier yesterday?
Get up quickly!

Edited by IliK
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Lee Seung Gi message on leeseunggi.com translation (cr. tryp96.wordpress.com ) :


" To Airen who have been with me for 15 years!!

Airen, hello~ This is SeungGi ^^

After first debuting with Because You’re My Woman on June 5, 2004, that high school senior, that young kid, has already walked this path for 15 years today.

In all that time, while doing a lot of things, joy, weariness, happiness, sadness… many emotions piled up one by one, and I’ve become an entertainer who’s celebrating 15th debut anniversary on June 5, 2019.


To Airen who have been right next to me, giving me support and love, always by my side during this long period of time, I want to say you’ve worked harder than anyone else, and I want to give you a round of applause. Airen who worked harder even than me at some point, I think of you as my partners who are now inseparable, who will always be with me ^^

In order to commemorate the special 15th anniversary, I’m releasing videos through YouTube from yesterday to today~ This is a first for me, and for all of us, so even though some things could be awkward, please bear with me and my sincerity to communicate with fans~^^

In the second half of the year, I’ll be busy meeting everyone~ Even when I stay busy every day, there’s no way to slake all the fans’ thirst. However!! I’m doing my best, and I’m running like crazy with more contents to give you more joy than any other entertainer~~!! You know that, right??ㅋㅋㅋ

Airen whom I’m always grateful to~ Always be healthy, and let’s go forward together!!
Let’s run again until the 20th anniversary~^^❤️


source: leeseunggi.com
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com "

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Kwon Jin Young (I think she is Hook's CEO) shared an unreleased picture of Lee Seung Gi from 2006, first shooting of "Heroine 6" program ...





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There was a fan signing event, this account on Twitter translated an other one who tweeted about it and ‘this one I found interesting (if you open the tweet in Twitter can find the link to the song is mentioned ... )



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Everything comes easy and natural with them. We don't even have to try. We just wait and watch for things to happen, because guaranteed, something always does happen.




H.Y. @itnw0628 8m8 minutes ago

Fan, "Are you a mom or a sister of Rae-O?" YoonA, "I call myself a mom. I think Rae-O knows I'm his master now."

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28 minutes ago, incoty said:

Is he there just as a guest or is he participating/producing/recording/releasing after hers? lol.


Might be we (I mean she) can get a “reply” ?! ;-) lol


Today MITH episode seems interesting, although I couldn’t watch the whole, but there is a segment when LSG and LSJ went for a lunch together and they were talking about love and relationships (guess just generally) ... I don’t expect anything of course still eagerly waiting for the translation ;-) 

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