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[OFFICIAL] ♡ Lee Seung Gi ♥ Im Yoona ♡ YoonGi

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When a smile is much more worthy than million words ^^  Cr: @._PUTitbackon 


if we talks about their relationship only then we rarely will have any updates here we all know why. Both no matter what will keep their relationship very private   so it is better to update about bot

Guest virgo08

Hihi...since this is a confirmed pairing, I am going to join the thread here now.

Somehow, after reading the story "Shall We Date" written by Yoshimoto Banana (in the early chapters), I kind of relate the story to Yoona. I don't know why. Seung Gi even said that the story is close to his real life story right? 

By the way back in 2011, he was caught with his phone most of the time during 1N2D and back then I also suspected it to be with Yoona. I cannot remember where I read/watch it, since it is a long time ago, but it seems that he was being teased by the Hyungs in 1N2D about Yoona being back to Korea after their performance in France. That is around July 2011 I think. So...today news does not come as a surprise to me.

Congrats to Seung Gi and Yoona. Finally our boy dare to open up about his relationship. He can date freely without having to worry about anything now since the public reactions are all good.  

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Guest -quiescent

OMG I'm so freaking happy!!! I've been spazzing elsewhere but I'll camp here from now on. I'm so happy for Yoona and I've always liked LSG (since Shining Inheritance) so it's awesome! I wish them happiness~ ♥♥♥♥♥


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lol I was looking for a thread of these two when the news broke and was quiet surprised that there's none! But yea like everyone i'm pleasantly surprised. I mean I liked the idea of them tgther way back then during Strong Heart, but believed it was just scripted and for show. not to mention LSG looked somehow burdened by it later and clarified on other shows how he only looks at Yoona as good donsaeng and such. And now they happen lol it's like a dream too good to come true so nobody would expect it. There's fairly an amount of dating news last yr, but to me this one triumphs all. They'd known each other for like 4-5yrs? and he only asked her out now, oh boy, either he had the longest crush ever, either she's the most patient girl i've ever seen lol and their dates sound so celebrity like, only driving date, but hey it could be nice too, since he's always driving, they can change the scenery and chatting and have their private time at the same time. I like that he picks her up and takes her home at curfew lol so cute. Ok long rant, Anyway, congrats! 
*subscribed subscribed*

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Guest frozenintime

Oh, i really did not see it coming! I was expecting for sure another 2 years of no dating confirmed, but yeah the girls are getting older. It's so strange! I think they are a cute couple, we will see how it will go. I just hope they aren't going to get married and have babies anytime soon though.. But good luck to the happy couple!

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i have calmed down and im one the ost happiest about the new golden couple. i have been shipping them since strong heart and would had died if yoona dated someoen else, that will totaly break seung gi's heart. so this way its all win win in for all parties consered. pls doa public appearnce together. lets the ship sail forever!!!
happy new year everyone 

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  • Guest changed the title to [OFFICIAL] ♡ Lee Seung Gi ♥ Im Yoona ♡ YoonGi

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