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[Awards 2013] 2013 KBS Drama Awards

Felicia Soh

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Felicia Soh said: For fun-sake in this thread, let's vote for the following actor to win Daesang Award?
1)  Kim Hye-soo
2)  Joo Won
3)  Kim Hae-sook
4)  Hwang Jung-eum
Source of News : NATE   I would like to root for 3) KHS. I think the senior ones have been forgotten in these award shows. 2nd root is for 4) HJE. She was great in SECRET.

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Felicia Soh said: According to this news, the following actors will not attend KBS Drama Awards due to personal reasons and schedule conflict ....

Son Yeh-jin, Kim Nam-gil, Uhm Tae-woong, Jang Hyuk, Jang Geun-suk, Lee Dong-wook and Yoon Eun-hye
Lee Bum-soo who is busy filming "Prime Minister and I" has not confirmed his attendance as it depends on the production team schedule.

Source of News : MYDAILY


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KBS Drama Awards 2013 - To award BOA and SO-HEE for their acting debut?


OK....another article leading to tonight's award ceremony and this time they focus on DRAMA SPECIAL (DS). It's quite a lengthy report and I am just going to be brief.  This article basically highlighted idols who were involved in DS and actors (especially those experienced actors who had appeared on films and prime time drama). 

Actors : Jeong Woong-in (Happy Rose Day), Choi Daniel (Waiting for Love), Ryu Soo-young (The Memory in my Old Wallet), Park Sang-myun (Family Bandage), Park Sung-woong (The Strange Cohabitation), Yu Oh-seong (The Devil Rider), Chae Jung-ah (Your Noir), Han Ye-ri (Yeonu’s Summer), Lee Se-young (Puberty Medley)

Idols in their acting performance : BOA in Waiting for Love, Ahn So-hee (Wonder Girls) in Happy Rose Day , Chang-sung (2PM) in Your Noir and Hyun-seung (BEAST) in My Friend is Still Alive


BOA in "Waiting for Love"


So-hee in "Happy Rose Day"

I wasn't able to catch all the DS but I enjoyed these the most :

Waiting For Love, Puberty Medley, Sirius, The Perfect Day Girls, The Memory in my Old Wallet, My Friend is still Alive, Happy Rose Day, Yeonu's Summer, Nara's Rain and Your Noir. 

Note : BOA won "Best Rookie Actress" Award during 2013 Korea Drama Awards in October 2013.
Source of New : NATE 
@8jadecloud8, Kim Hae-sook is a veteran and I love her since "Winter Sonata" days and she did a marvelous job in her role in "Wang's Family".  She was despicable in the earlier episodes since she was so biased with her love for her eldest daughter.  Anyway, it was good to see her vulnerable side when she realized her son-in-law is treating her way better than her own daughter. She was so touched by his kind and sincere gestures - begin to love their MIL and SIL chemistry! 
Frankly, all the Korean actors that I have come across in my years of watching K-drama, they are not many of them whom I find lacking in acting skills...maybe inexperienced but definitely not bad acting. So I am happy whoever wins but of course, I have my preferences...hehehe!!

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This probably sums up all the hyped leading to TONIGHT’s ceremony.  I don’t have the time to go into details but the drama posters are the gist to what’s all about – the popular ones are being focused here.

 This probably sums up all the hyped lead1388468811260_1_144702.jpg

This part is the most interesting and most anticipated showdown.....

Joo Won vs Kim Hye-soo vs Hwang Jung-eum

Apparently. these three actors are being narrowed down (to win the prestigious award?)... 



Pictures and Source of News from : JOYNEWS

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Thank you @lucky_moon for extending your live-recap service in this thread - sincerely appreciate that. 
@cassopeia - I am aware of the live-recap by Soompi (it was awesome during KBS Entertainment Awards) but I didn't get to check out yesterday's MBC Drama Awards. 

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So if KBSW airing it live tonite, I will watch it and check the SBS one thru live blog here. Joo won has been winning the acting award from KBS for the past 2 yrs and maybe he will win again tonite but Ji Sung did well too for Secret. I am hoping that Secret will get a good haul of awards as it was a good drama this year, excellent portrayals by BSB as the most hated villain (if only there's an award for that, lol) and HJE for all the emotional rides she went thru. Good Doctor will be another challenger too. I enjoyed every drama on KBSW, be it prime time, tv novels, weekend dramas, drama specials etc. :)

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Again thank you @lucky_moon - I'll be watching it through KBSW.
KBSW has already confirmed it's airing time - (LIVE from Yeuido, Seoul) total of 4 hours of pure delight entertainment for drama fans.  Joo Won has been like a faithful son of KBS - and like you said, he swept all the deserving awards since he first debut his acting in Kdramaland. I am a bit worried over BSB - so far no news of him attending this event but who knows, he may surprise us...! SECRET team is just as strong as GOOD DOCTOR team but both are of different genre and I am so anxious to see which team ends up winning the most! Of course, Kim Hye-soo's attendance says it all....she will definitely not walk home empty-handed. 
Yes, like you @AyuRashid I am a sucker for KBS dramas (morning, evening, prime time, special drama, even Love and War, Screening Humanity, documentaries, News ...and almost all their Variety Shows)...hahaha!!

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