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What was your favorite Drama or Live Action Movie based on Manga, Manhwa, or Anime?

Guest supernovah

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there's a lot to actually list to be honest but the ones i can say for sure of which i've watched the anime and live is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Ouran High School Host Club, and Erased. now for the ones that i haven't watched the anime, but the live action that would be Kimi ni Todoke to which is the only one that really comes to mind xD

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MY TOP Fav are;

1)kokou No Hito ( Climber ) - One of the most underrated manga ever. Absolutely amazing art. Completed.

2)Holyland - Masterpiece. Will never forget it and the MC. Completed.

3)Berserk - Legendary manga. Insane art. Ongoing. The old anime is 26episodes.watch that then read the manga.

4)Vagabond - Historical manga about Japanese swordsmen. Hiatus.

5)Beck - The feels. Manga about a band. Completed. Ongoing

6) Naruto Filler arcs

6)My Hero Academia arcs- Love the episode no#10(Encounter with the Unknown)

7) Vegeta (Dragon Ball filler)

8) Kurogane and Fay (Tsubasa Chronicle) 

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