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right now I am...

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On 9/6/2020 at 10:07 PM, supergal99 said:


Ahhh...erhmmm... ok..

 Is your oppa ahjussi  ---->> bald??? 


why are you curious with oppa ahjussi? :relieved:

oppa ahjussi looks like this 


But skinnier I guess.. with chubby tummy 



Ahhhh... erhmmmm ... is it coz itz cold n your oppa ahjussi is not here to hug u???


you want to lurking of oppa ahjussi and me??? :scream:




ok ok... right now i m flying off ... for sup... supper


" Ba...ba...ba...ba...BAAA~~~"


bye bye byeeee :byebye2:



Right now I am watching MTES ep 6 


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Listening to a song that I do not understand the language, but I am enjoying the melodies. As usual when I am listening to all kdrama OST. What I love about music is my ears and my heart understand and enjoying the melodies even when my brain could not understand the meaning. The power of universal language  :heart2:

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Laughing Out Loud because of a crazy guy is visiting my dad's former office and he took my dad pict there (they put former headoffice picts there in the meeting room) and this crazy guy send to my WA that pict with caption "father in law" HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA. He is joining our bigboss to go there for a meeting and the madam asked him "who's pict is that that you took?" he answered, "my father in law." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CRAZY

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