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right now I am...

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Shopping online for a new coat...omg i love this

Doing Math, adding by 2 and work hard to reach 1000.....

Here's my list:   3. FB 2. Soompi 1. Instagram   I have Twitter too but I was never active. I just never got into it.   Actually @triplem @cenching and I believ

On 7/30/2018 at 9:32 AM, Sejabini said:

trying to sleep :sleeping: I want to sleep a lot


I feel the same! I feel like I never get enough sleep, no matter how many hours of sleep I DO get.


Right now I'm at work, listening to older KPOP and trying to stay awake lol  It seems that's an every day struggle for me. xD

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Want to say something to@2handsintertwined, hello again.

Im sorry, i didnt mean to offended you. Coz my English are not good so i hope you didnt misunderstood what im trying to say to you.


How about if you only put 3 images for your each post. I think you wont get any warning if you do that.


Dont worry if no one give 'likes' or reaction for your posts. It happens to me too. Its nothing, its no big deal.



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