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right now I am...

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Doing Math, adding by 2 and work hard to reach 1000.....

Shopping online for a new coat...omg i love this

Right now I am having a cotton candy hot chocolate at Timmy

telling myself that I got  the job since I impressed the interviewer with my knowledge of lavender scent being a soothing scent to help people sleep and de-stress. Although I was half-sleepy before and during the interview. I was struggling to sleep since I've had a bad habit of sleeping late.

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18 hours ago, halfmoonsmile said:

thinking about switching to another profession other than sales associate. Is it really worth it? I really liked my last job. It was the first time I really knew the products.

Some things you should consider before switching is ( these are just rhetoric questions I asked myself if I were in your position which you do not have to answer me ) 

1. Would your current job bring you closer to where you would want to be career wise? 

2. Is it possible to find a job similar to what you did before ? since you liked it, why did you switch to your current job? 

3. Are there more things you can still learn from your current job? 

4. Practical considerations- dreams can’t pay the rent it’s true . But is this job paying you well enough so that you can save some money to do something you really want to later on? 

5. Value is relative. Changing professions will definitely push you out of your comfort zone . It’s worth it if you see every new experience as a way of becoming stronger , better , happier 

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7 minutes ago, Sejabini said:

wanting to eat 10 pcs of eclairs and chocolate cookies and chocolate cakes and chocolate ice cream

OMG!!! Too much chocolates can cause migraine on me.....


 I am sleepy but have can’t go to sleep yet....

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3 minutes ago, Sejabini said:


when stress I always want to eat some sweets like ice cream or cakes or cookies or chocolate.. mmmm... 


why can't sleep, cenching? 

btw have you watched Nirvana in Fire? I am so in love with this drama. at ep 6 right now.. 



Hoi, salah kamar.....:lol:


NiF is awesome after that watch The Disguisers.....I can't sleep yet bcoz many things to do but right now I am adding in Soompi

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1 minute ago, Sejabini said:

how about general and I? is it can be accepted with our logic? I am avoiding unlogic love story now huahahahah.. 

Not a fan of any of the star so I didn't watch it....NiF isn't a love story....


I am still adding...hahaha

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Really not ok with this scene.


I picked this drama to watch something light and made it to the end. I quite hate this dramatic idea about the main male character, and one of couple beside the main couple. Then I was just scan-watching it, then came this scene. Why the drama have this scene, I'm not prepared at all.



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