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❤Chilbong &Na Jeong❤ "Cider~Miracle" Couple: Our Beautiful Memories of Reply 1994


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I'm going to assume Na Jung doesn't wear a watch whenever she has her scenes with Oppa... Plus the number 7 isn't a special occurrence between the two and add to that, Seul Gi's cameo! She told him that he would lose her because Na Jung will get stolen. I don't think her cameo is just some random thing and it nicely parallels Chilbong telling Oppa that he could lose/have Na Jung stolen like a fool!!!!

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Guest doobidoobido


Found this on the Mother thread. Apparently it's about Joonie and the possibility of injury. Can someone translate?

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Guest doobidoobido

Ah found Blue's translation but I think she's an Oppa Shipper so it may be biased. Have no fear:

"AM1994 YYS confesses to Go Ara & the meaning of the baseball… Perhaps her husband?" (http://news.nate.com/view/20131207n04408)
1. If you look at CB's college baseball scene, we see names of real athletes like Park Jae Hong and Jo In Sung… And so, it seems impossible that CB is a baseball player in 2013. Story-wise, it's inevitable that he had to quit baseball due to injury (shoulders, elbows, whatever it may be). CB said that baseball was his everything so he would not be able to leave baseball completely behind… When he was massaging NJ's back earlier, NJ told him to quit baseball and go into massage therapy, and so it's possible that he's working as a physical therapist for other athletes who have also suffered an injury like him. 
Thus, the medical book on the shelves are Chilbong's. 
Additionally, the baseball on the bookshelf is probably Chilbong's from when he first started baseball, or had his first victory. Either way, it is the most important ball in his life. The fact that that ball is in NJ's house indicates that there is a high possibility that he is the husband…
But seeing how he looked gloomy looking at the ball, he was probably reminded of that time when baseball was everything to him… 
If you look at the books under the baseball, there's a book called What is Your Dream? CB's dream and his everything was baseball, but when he had to quit baseball, his dream and everything became NJ…
He gave that ball to NJ, and next to that book "What is Your Dream?" there is another book titled "A Woman Who Ends at 30, a Woman who Starts at 30."
Since NJ marries in 2002, it's exactly when she's around 30. (+168, -74)
2. The way I see it, I just can't understand how a guy who you kissed and loved can just be sitting there now as just Oppa, laughing and joking around…!!!  Though I'm CB's fan, if husband is CB, that's makjang… (+150, -43)
3. CB! I believe you're the husband! When it was snowing and he said, "Let's date if there's no one by your side when we meet again a few years later…" I just… *tears* got chills *tears*
Please be the husband. It ain't over till it's over. (+145, -72)

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Guest hannawyf

have nothing insightful to post since i haven't watch yesterday ep
but seriously after all the clue they gave us, if chilbongie is still not the husband i feel like calling werewolf boy's yys to kill trash and pdnim and authornim oops i forgot.. trash shipper too XD
and what is wrong with me or my soompi.. i can't react to some of the post here..  :((  

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Guest shiningpanda

Count me on this thread.. TEAM CHILBONGIE!!!! I still have my hopes for them.. 
Watching ep 14.. this is breaking my heart <//3

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Guest joinsung4ever


I read your comment in YYS thread, think we should started recapping from this ep on here...

And yes...
I briefly reading some posts from mother thread yesterday... they mentioned about clues leaking from someone who claimed she/he had a crew-friend in R1994 production and has read the script of ep 13-15. This person posted on 28 Nov in any website(?) or something and gave hints of what need to be seen to reveal the husband. No one seemed to believe him/her that time, but after yesterday ep. the first hints given might be related. I borrowed this information from the mother thread. After reading that I could only what I can relate to was the first hints. But this morning wake up... I can link the others hints. So here they are:
-Photo inside baseball hat ;;) ;;) ;;)
Who is the owner of that hat??? ---> CB

-Delivery food

Who made the phone order for the ddubokki??? --> CB

-A shot of soju

It could linked to something else or actually it refers to NJ-CN farewell dinner at the soju house.


Who is majoring in physical training??? --> CB...

And now I am like..... \m/

What do you think...

back tracking from the mother thread that it was a post from @blue_angel_1004 on p494...
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Guest fairycutter

To all 111 who's online in this forum:
first, welcome to this land of miracle.
since you've come all the way here, why not come out and play?
This couple (Miracle Couple/ Cider Couple/ Joonie-Jeongie Couple/ Chiljung Couple/ Crazy Couple/ Timing Couple, etc. whichever you like) have been through a lot even before being couple and will still experienced a lot in the future.
This thread is like a baby that need help and support as much as possible to grow well, to be healthy and strong.
I can't guarantee that there will no heartbreak, or that rainbow and unicorn waiting us at the of the journey, but what important is the journey itself right? But, i can guarantee you one thing, at the end of this journey, we all are going to be stronger than ever.
So, please voice yourself, a few word of support for this thread and this couple is enough for a start.
Come out, come out whoever you're!

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Alright i just finished watching episode 14 and yes i kind of skipped Oppa and Najung parts, my heart couldn't take it.

Like what everyone has been saying, it is another one sad episode and not just because of Najung and Joonie but also because of Binggrae (i can relate too much here, my dad died exactly 6 months ago). FEELS.

Even though I am angsty about this episode, it is a different kind of angst where I feel like Najung and Joonie will not be end game but a good kind of angst with a good feeling that there is still a possibility that they will end up together.

I may not have seen a lot of Kdramas but assuming that Joonie is indeed the "second lead" I have never seen a Kdrama where they give that much build up to his character. I mean we have basically seen how Joonie cope with his mother's 2nd marriage, feel in love with a girl (unrequited to boot), betrayed by his team mates and eventually "tried" to move on. Thought he may have little screen time but like what everyone else is saying, the narrative has been more on his side (baseball meta on voice overs, hello). I felt like after watching this episodes, this was not really Najung's story anymore but Chilbong's (Ok fine, this might sound chilbong bias but all the baseball metas, though).

Now regarding the last 2013 scene where oppa got angry over SCP when he carelessly mentioned about the baseball, if you can see everybody reacted the same way but it was just oppa who was just more vocal of his annoyance towards SCP. And contrary to what the other ship is saying (that the baseball symbolizes Joonie's lost first love - dafuq?!? if this is true that's the stupidest methapor EVEERRRR), I think the ball holds a heavier family related memory - like it's the first ball he won where his father and mother watched, or it's the first ball where he won, ORRR it is the ball that was used where he got the name CHILBONG. 

Regarding the spoiler that oppa with having the baseball, i don't really know how he will get the ball but i can only assume two things:

  1. It was given by CB, but why?
  2. It was given to NJ then Oppa saw it so he played with it but he forgot to return it and eventually it was in his possession.
I am excited for episode 15 and know the "peace" this Knetizen is talking about. Even though there is still the possibility that NJ and CB will not end up together, I CAN ACCEPT IT (Now, Trash shippers can you say the same?), because i feel that NJ have this mutual understanding/connection with CB that I for one cannot explain but just feel
I will still go down with this ship, nonetheless, and with no regrets
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Guest kimchiflavoredplot

Is it too early to ask for another version of "THE OBLIGATORY CROTCH SHOT" (ehem, ehem @PBJayism ) in the next episode?  :\">   :))   ;))
Hunting for some goodies on Bongie's thread... Just trying to keep things light as we wait for the 15th installment. :)>-



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Some more foreshadowing and evidence that leads me to believe that the old baseball is related to Chilbongie's baseball career and not the love-triangle dilemma. Though, admittedly, the "spoiler" that he could pass it over to Oppa is wigging.me.out. 
I've already mentioned in YYS's thread that every time we've seen this baseball, it has been within the context of Chilbongie contemplating and reflecting on his own and always in relation to his career - the night before the move to Busan and Japan and then at the training site. It carries a lot of history - something that thus far only his cousin knows of, so it's pretty clear that it pertains to what motivated him to play baseball. 
What piqued my curiosity is that this episode finally revealed the professions of our gang. Well except the professions of noticeably two characters: Chilbong and Najeong. 
Yoonjin's job isn't explicitly expressed but it's already been alluded to. It sparks my suspicion that there has been no word thus far on Najeong and Chilbongie's future careers and I'm sure it's deliberate. 
And it's Binggrae's father in hospital that eventually leads him to pursue medicine (and dermatology) once more. 
There has simply been too much ~meta~ and foreshadowing when you look at the episode in its entirety for the baseball to simply be reduced to another puzzle in the love-triangle. And as many have already mentioned, why would this baseball trigger such a bitter response if it was about Chilbongie reflecting about his one-sided love in his 20s ... yet watching the wedding video and being in the presence of Oppa and Najeong is nothing to him? 
Their individual journeys are just about to start and while I'm having heart palpitations thinking of where Chilbongie is going and his future career - I just hope that IF he has to part with baseball, it doesn't have to do with his feelings and Najeong.

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Guest chappykoo

hi guys..

i want to say how awesome you all,cider shippers,are!

after i finished watching ep 10, i wandered around soompi,dramabeans and omona to feed myself more chilbong-najung while waiting for ep 11..

when i went to soompi,the first thing i checked was cider couple thread but i found none..and i wandered around reply 1994 thread to update myself bout this awesome drama..but the more i lurk there the more i got butthurt over some bad comments bout chilbong..thankfully i found yys thread (that was still around page 50 something at that time) and all those glorious chilbong and cider things there..

srsly guys,i always nods in agreement,lol-ed at your reactions gifs,and your CIA works makes my jaw drops and rewatch the reply episodes!

anyway,congrats for the second home guys! *throws confettis*

at first i thought oppa is the only obvious husband material because of netizen comments i read in nb..and also after i watch the first 2 episodes..but when i saw chilbong came to the screen for the first time,i cant help to fall for him..and on ep 4 when chiljung have the ramyeon date i just have to ship them right away! buy i didnt really have high hope that chilbong will be the end game because he screams the second lead character that time..but when they had their first kiss,the baseball proposal on ep 7, and the freaking new year countdown kiss i am certain that he is not a second lead and he have a high chance to be the endgame!

and i salute you guys of your prediction back then when i forgot who said that ep 12-13 are about nareki relationship,14-15 are about chiljung separation..that's just awesome!!! /creys

anywayyy..can i suggest something?aside of the 2013 hints,can you add some 'chiljung moments'of each episodes?they have a looooot of memorable moments that i would love to see in the first page and also to show people that those moments are special,full of chemistry and the reasons whe have this strong ship! :)

btw can someone also add the behind the scene of chiljung in reply 1994,their photoshoot bts in magazines etc pleaaaaaseee? *puppyeyes* because its so hard for me to find it in youtube and its so hard to backtrack some hundred pages in yys thread lol

and post their glorious bts gifs too pleaseeee *chilbongpuppyeyes*

whoops sorry for writing a super long post lol..keep them coming guys..im back to my lurking mode...over and out! :)

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