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❤Chilbong &Na Jeong❤ "Cider~Miracle" Couple: Our Beautiful Memories of Reply 1994


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In the midst of heartbreak, angst and the unfulfilled happily-ever-after grew a ship that interpreted and believed a different story. One where even in the darkest of times, there was still hope, beauty and this intangible and palpable connection with this couple.
Their scenes, though limited, have all been narratively essential and emotionally resonant, their story told through parallels with artistry supported by beautiful musical scores and cinematography that were rare throughout the rest of the drama.
Though there are 77+ reasons, why this is a special couple, the main one is that they are the best versions of themselves with one another.  Their demeanors and personalities are the perfect complements to each other, and yet, they possess the same unyielding, determined spirit in fighting for their love, matching each other in terms of passion and unwavering devotion.
Passion is fleeting, and reality is quick to set in to couples who are blinded by passion without having reasons to stay together. What lasts longer is the relationship that starts off as a slow burn, getting hotter and larger with time, effort and mutual respect. In ChilBong and NaJeong, they are the Yin’s to each other’s Yang’s. What one lacks the other makes up for. Put their skills together - along with his quiet determination and her loudmouthed will these two could have really gone places - a Power Couple. Na Jeong

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Well hello there, second home. :D
Anyways, just gonna copy + paste the compilation of 2013 hints here just to get this thread started.. It definitely needs some polishing up and updating though.
LOLOL TROLL TROLL TROLL RED HERRINGS RED HERRINGS BUT leaving it up for the lulz and ~memories. <33

Ep 1

Na Jeong speaking with a Soeul accent on the phone with her husband as a throwback to Chilbong always imitating her satoori accent?It’s been argued that she’s talking to Oppa because she’s giving directions and Chilbong wouldn’t have the need for them being the native Seoulite and could navigate around the city on his own. However, Oppa is a doctor so compared to all the medical terminology/information he has to commit to memory, finding directions to his own home should be a piece of cake. Also, he’s lived in Seoul for more than 20 years now so he should be just as good at Chilbong at finding his own way around. 

Ep 2

Ep 3

Chilbongie naming all the games Na Jeong played on her phone. Not to mention, before that, the cryptic smile he has on when he says “She can’t fix it. She can’t fix it.” when Binggurrae said that Na Jeong will always be a sore loser. (That last one is probably reaching though)

Ep 4

Kim Gi Tae commented in the video tape that Najung chose the best out of the group. Kim Gi Tae’s a fan of Chilbong. Oppa didn’t know Kim Gi Tae’s name in 2013 so it’s most likely that they don’t know each other. Yoonjin chastised her husband for being too familiar and “at home” and looking through their friend’s fridge yet she was the one who very casually told Chilbongie to go sleep in the room. Chilbong, without being directed where to go, walks off to what is assumed to be the master bedroom. (There is some evidence that suggests it is. Some crazy dedicated netizens even got a hold of the floorplan of the apartment and confirmed it was the master bedroom. Could just be a coincidence and they might have made it to be the guest room)Chilbong comes back from his nap but leaves his sweater in the room. Chilbong was at the bedroom when the mail arrived. Najung got it and set it on the table, examining it. Only when Chilbong returned did she call her husband that a package came. I mean, why call your husband after taking the effort of bringing it up, when he could be the one to carry it from the guard? It’s even more convincing since Najung’s the type to call her husband for errands in 2013 (e.g. coffee, beer).The part where they were eating chicken back in 1994. Binggurae called Chilbong but he couldn’t hear him and then he called his name - Joon ah. And they switched scene to Na-jung calling Yeobu but there was no reaction. She then called out - Kim Jae Joon. Recurring theme there. 

Ep 5: No 2013 scenes

Ep 6

Chilbong and Na Jeong have a coffee break away from the others. Chilbong takes her coffee and Na Jeong barely bats an eyelash at this as if it’s a regular occurenceThat same scene - Yoonjin pokes fun at the husband for wearing makeup on his lips and Chilbongie does look up and over towards them and laugh. Perhaps because he’s the one they’re making fun of?  Chilbong scolds her for swearing and reminds her she has 3 kids. Na Jeong responds with a defensive “Why?! You used to like it back then!” Chilbong responds, “It gets tiring to hear it for 20 years. I was innocent back then and all I knew was baseball…” and Na Jeong stares him down. Sounds like a typical petty argument between a married couplehe changes topic and asks why Sooksook has been coming home lately, suggesting that he keeps in touch with Na Jeong very regularly, comes over often, or lives with them.

Ep 7

The couple, that met through Na Jeong and Trash, only thanked Na Jeong for setting them up, when Trash also played a part. A clue? Or just the writers covering their tracks?Na Jeong calls out to her husband to buy beer. The first time she says “Yeobo!”  Oppa briefly looks over but ignores it. Na Jeong yells outout Kim Jae Joon this time. Both Hai Tai and Chilbongie look up and the latter looks mildly irritated and goes back to what he was doing (lol) while Hai Tai actually responds (although this could be a clue that Hai Tai is the husband as well.)Na Jeong throws her wallet to her husband which parallels Chilbongie throwing the winning ball to her in 1994 in the same episode. Someone yells out “Nice catch!” and it sounds like Oppa but it’s definitely not Chilbong. That last part could be a moot point though since the actors themselves don’t know who the husband is yet.

Ep 8

Na Jeong complains about Trash but notice that she’s not looking at her wedding photo while she does so.The couple’s positions in the photoimagelook awfully like something we’ve seen back in 1994…imageAnd just in case you didn’t catch the baseball meta,imageimage                                           (gif credit: seouldramas.tumblr.com)

Ep 9

Ep 10

Kim Jae Hyeon the baseball player appears in the wedding video and Chilbong is surprised by this and confirms with Na JeongNa Jeong comments that her husband is more handsome than the baseball player and Chilbongie scoffs.Kim Jae Hyeon’s jersey number is 7. Chilbong is #77. Chil - 7. Lee Sang Min’s jersey number is 7 in episode 1. There’s just something about that pesty number 7. Lucky number 7.Yoon Jin and the boys try to convince Na Jeong to pour her dad’s soju. She turns them all down but finally complies after Chilbongie says something.

Ep 11

Dad’s comment about the groom being ugly. As many have theorized, Chilbong might have joined the rival team, resulting in dad holding a petty grudge.

Ep 13

  • Kim Min Jong makes a cameo and sings at the wedding. He was part of the group The Blue who originally sang the theme song of the show Neukkim (Feelings) called  ”With You”, which is the song that plays over the baseball scenes in episode 7. Kim Min Jong also sings the song playing over the sequence where Chilbong gives Na Jeong the winning ball. Coincidence? I’m not inclined to believe so.
  • Gossiping ajummas gossip about how handsome the groom is and what a nice body he has. Chilbong is the more "conventionally" handsome of the two hubby contenders. The ajummas also comment that they do not remember the guy's occupation. Trash is a doctor so if he were the hubby, it'd me more likely that the ajummas would have remembered that. We still do not know what Chilbongie's occupation was at the time.
  • After his duet is over, Samcheonpo tells Na Jeong to “not torture her pitiful groom anymore” LOL is there any more accurate term to describe Chilbong at this point in the story?We find out that dad was able to get Kim Ming Jong to sing at the wedding by sending him galbi for 8 years. Is it just coincidence that he puts in his first order while watching Chilbongie on TV?Ep 14
Na Jeong and Chilbongie have matching phone cases = couple phones? <3[*]SCP and YJ talk about their financial problems and we find out that SCP is the one managing their finances. Chilbong gives SCP some advice, "Hey, you're still managing the household money? Just give it to Yoon Jin, women should manage it." implying he has some knowledge on the matter. We know Na Jeong is a math whiz. She also happens to be a married woman. You do the math,[*]Trash Oppa gets up to take his wallet which was on top of the VCR. From what we can see, it's not the same as the wallet that Na Jeong throws at her husband, which has a very distinct white stripe on it.[*]Na Jeong takes out the menus to order food and hands it to none other than Chilbongie. man of the household[*]While handing Chilbongie the menu, she calls him "Joon!" which is the first time we hear her address him by his name. I don't know if this makes himthe husband or not but regardless IT'S CUTE![*]Chilbong asks Na Jeong "What should we order? You don't eat jokbal or bossam." again implying that they hang out very often or just all the time cuz duh they're married enough for Chilbong to know her likes and dislikes. [*]Na Jeong answers with a very adorable "ddukbokkie!" while Chilbong adorably repeats the word back and turns it to the right page in less than a second, as if he's done this many times before with Na Jeong.[*]Chilbong gets up to make the order, and gives directions to the apartment because he lives here duhh[*]Jeongie and Joonie's freakish IN-SYNC body language. They both pat SCP/YJ at the same time. 
[*]On the bookshelf, we see Chilbongie's baseball, a couple of medical books relating to physical anatomy, muscles, that could imply that Chilbong becomes a chiropractor/sports physician/physical therapist. There are also books related to just baseball. [*]SCP says "What's wrong with having a baseball in this house" implying that it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to see a baseball (and baseball related items) in this particular household which can be interpreted that Najeong's family follow baseball avidly. The only potential husband who clearly has baseball as one of his passions is our Joonie. 
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22. Because "Ddukkbokki!!!!"23. Because they always see eye-to-eye24. Because Joon runs to Na Jeong without any prompting.25. Because Joon will risk his life to be in a car with Na Jeong and can teach her how to be a better driver (LOL)26. Because Na Jeong acts like a woman around Joon27. Because they always look forward to spending NYE together so they can countdown and kiss. 28. Because CB has great relationship with in-laws, he's Appa's fave and Omma's angel sent from heaven.29. Because Chilbong will always protect Na Jung from the snow by giving her his cap.30. Because Chilbong will always pick out the best presents for Na Jung's Birthday.31. Because Chilbong will always get Najung a cake even if it is his birthday.32. Because when they're finally together, missing Najung will no longer makes Chilbong feels like a lonely person33. Because Chilbong's love for Najung was realized in real life in the story of Kim Sung-Kyun (Samcheonpo) and his wife34. Because CB would finally have someone to rely on other than himself35. Because even if they were separated CB would always remain in contact with NJ and go the distance because she is worth it36. Because NJ could help him repair the broken foundation of his real family37. Because NJ and family would come and support CB at his games38. Because CB would no longer have a reason to hide behind his fake smiles, he could smile for real39. Because they can communicate without words40. Because they experienced the critical time periods of their lives together, growing up together41. Because NJ would never doubt her self worth with CB around42. Because if the world ended on December 31, 1999, the last person they both saw would be each other43. Because CB isn't embrassed by her habits in public44. Because CB's high EQ and NJ's high IQ would balance each other45. because the story of cb and nj can be an inspiration for those people who are expecting some miracles in their live,a miracle that is cb and nj must exist46. because people can actually relate to their story47. Because NJ would become a dedicated fan supporting CB even more than her idol Lee Sang Min48. Because no matter how difficult the circumstances CB would always come back for NJ49. Because even if they fought, one smile is enough to forgive and forget50. because cb can somehow change nj style of clothes and nj can force him to buy new clothes for him51. because Na Jung picking him in the end might have given CB better understanding of his mom's situation and how sometimes people's first loves are not their last loves. 52. because the mom who loved her precious son Joonah so much as to leave her apology in her voice greeting despite chances that he may not hear it deserved to attend his wedding with the girl who would fill his loneliness53. because we would have got to see Na Jung shine as a person as she helped bring CB and his mom together.54. because it would have showed us a different side of Najung's appa and omma having to interact with parents who were different from them in many ways. Seriously, I had looked forward to both sets of parents meeting and the ensuing culture shock in another sense. 55. because the non-disney little mermaid deserved a happier ending. 56. because Trash then would have met a woman who made him get up from the couch and try to woo her for real which would have been good for both of them.57. because chicken girl deserved a better love story than one which started  with "I met a guy who was reminded of his first love when he saw me" and ended with "Of course, i am now the most important woman in his life. Just lemme find my hubby to confirm. Is he at her place again?  "58. because then and only then Reply 1994 would have left us with more answers than questions 59. Because NJ makes an effort to learn more about CB's passion, even though she's not a big fan of the sport60. Because CB wants to involve NJ in the important things in his life61. Because it surprises CB that someone like NJ can remember details about him and stuff he says (his address, the record store he frequents) which is why her forgetting his birthday is totally out of character62. Because other than BG, NJ is the only one he can talk to about his parents63. Because they can travel the world together64. Because NJ wouldn't have to whine and beg for some luvin' luvin'65. Because NJ would keep CB's ego from growing too large because of his fame (which wouldn't happen but NJ would keep him grounded)66. Because NJ and CB are lifelong friends which will be great lifetime companions67. Because CB would finally have a family of his own with the person he loves and loves him just as much back68. Because CB would be able to withstand NJ's temper and teach her to keep it under control69. Because NJ would decorate their home with pictures of their family, filling their home with warmth70. Because NJ and the kids would watch and record his games and interviews and they would call him afterwards with their adoration and compliments71. Because NJ would nag CB about his shoulder and health and he would smile because of her concern and take better care of himself72. Because NJ would teach CB to cook other healthier food than ramen when he goes away for games73. because cb will share his ramyeon secret to nj..and only nj..(inspired by yys recent translated interview "i have a secret but its a secret") 74. Because Chilbong will always find time to be with Najung. Without being asked,  he will walk her home, hold the umbrella for her when its raining and even chauffeur her around town.75. Because Najung as well as their kids will have more reason to be proud and to brag for having Chilbong as her husband and their dad76. Because at the end of each year, CB and NJ would count down, greet their kids "Happy New Year", and shower them with kisses.77. Because CB would spend hours trying to teach NJ and the kids how to see what's behind each Magic Eye picture--and it would be time well-spent. 

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Guest JunnieZa

- Oppa wallet is a different design than the Husband- Oppa took his wallet and NJ took the menu from a drawer which is in the same area, so  Oppa most likely don't know where the menu is- NJ gave the menu to CB- CB knows that NJ don't eat certain food- CB baseball is in NJ house

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Ep 14:- Trash's wallet doesn't have white stripe whereas husband's wallet have.- NJ gives the restaurant book to CB to order, he immediately opens the right page after NJ says she wants ddeubokki.- Trash's cousin said NJ'd break up with him.- CB and NJ use couple phone case (YJ and SCP don't use the same type of phonecase with them)- Medical books related to muscle, health enhancement and baseball books on bookshelf

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Guest jongfucius

Yay! A second home :) Thanks @anoosha for creating the thread and @candid59 for compiling up all of the clues for our beautiful OTP. 

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Guest fairycutter

I felt bad leaving YYS Thread, but happy at the same time that we finally had couple thread. hope this thread and YYS keep pace with each other and both can grow strong together.

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Guest kimchiflavoredplot

Why am I suddenly nervous.Like this is it. We have an official couple thread.As if it's the sacred land for all those who believe in this ship. :))  :))  :))

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Guest jongfucius

Let us not forget the fact that Na-jung called Chilbongie by "Joon" in 1995-96/2013, that's definitely a clue in my book ;D
EDIT: Oh and the fact that he knows she doesn't eat/like to eat jokbal or bossam. ALL THE CUTE. I CANNOT CONTAIN FEELS.

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