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[Drama 2014] Emergency Man and Woman / Emergency Couple 응급남녀 (JH + JH's interview on p627)

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Guest Mishiellie

im going to be stalking their youtube page for cjh version.. but OH MY GAWWWDDDD mongji looks soo goodddd
argh i am girl crushing on her so hard... it's not okay.. T^T

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Guest dijerusli

Akhhh...can't wait for this drama. Because it's from Tvn, i guess there'll be some awesome realistic make out scenes :\"> Ohohohooo... MongJiHyo will breaks Gary's heart :)) I'm a fan of Choi Jin Hyuk, even before he become the cool Kim Won. First noticed him when i accidentally watch a morning daily drama (KBS TV Novel My Sister) and started to interested in him. Anyway..thanks to @saranghaechoiseunghyun for making this thread >:D< Ma'acih ya..trimsekamse... :D

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thank you tvN for responding so fast with more teasers and pictures!!! more! more! more! keep it coming!! 
I love this new teaserI was like "oooh how lovely~"reach end of teaser "bahahahaha!" 
I feel like I'm gonna cry my eyes out laughing watching this drama!
I finish my 2013 year with two of the most disappointing dramas evarrr, I'm so ready for this drama! new laughter, new year! bring it on! 

*in a minnie voice* but please just have good writing, good character writing please pretty please okay? I can't stand another heartbreak or dissapointment [-O< [-O<

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 '미쳐서 결혼하고 정신차려 이혼했다'
Soompi: more like translation: “Married because they were crazy, divorced when they became sane.”
My version: more like having kindred spirit(?) with the poster: ‘Go to bed married, Wake up divorced’

I had a difficult time in translation because if I did a direct translation, it might flatten the funny aspect in the poster. So I paced around the room furtively till someone came to aid with the phrase which had a close meaning I was looking for. I hope other members could come out with different ones. It might be a fun activity.

[Translation for the next picture]

단언컨대 결혼은 미친 짓입니다  
  Let me tell you, marriage is an insane sport!!
  (or)  Let me tell you, marriage is a blood sport!! (just kidding!  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

cr to DC

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My new drama interest :)
Choi Jin Huyk(The first time I saw him was in My precious Child)

The first teaser? I thought they were doing some magic with the fire =))
I remember when I read about this drama in dramabeans, huh? Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Jin Hyuk =))

I hope this would be a nice drama :))

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Yup, here you go the 3rd teaser of "Emergency Man & Woman" in which the 2nd one only featuring Ji-Hyo.(tvN still didn't update this version to her Youtube Channel. We grabbed the video from DC jinhyuk)

And, here's the "all-in-one" version which included all the teasers (1-3) up till now (28/12)* As I'm not a professional in translation and I'm not a native English speaker as well, the English translation is only for reference. There may be mistake.


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