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[Drama 2014] Emergency Man and Woman / Emergency Couple 응급남녀 (JH + JH's interview on p627)

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Cast of upcoming drama 'ER Man and Woman' have their first script reading session


The cast for upcoming tvN drama 'ER Man and Woman' met up for their first script reading over the weekend at the CJ E&M center.  The actors include Song Ji HyoChoi Jin Hyuk (who just recently finished up 'Heirs'), Lee Pil MoChoi Yeo Jin, and Clara.  They revealed their thoughts on the production at the site.

Song Ji Hyo said, "I am becoming more and more attached to the bright and energetic Oh Jin Hee.  I think I would be able to enjoy working on this production."  Choi Jin Hyuk, who will be playing her ex-husband, said, "I came here excitedly.  I am thrilled about a character that is different from my prior work.  I will repay everyone with a great production."  

The production team said, "Whenever the actors meet up, they create a very friendly atmosphere as if they originally knew one another . . . There are lots of high expectations for the drama as the actors like Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk are attached to this production in a unique way."

This drama will start airing on January 24 to replace 'Reply 1994' on Fridays and Saturdays.


source: allkpop.com
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Hello everybody!
In the previous article about the first script reading, there was a line, ‘Choi Jin hyuk showed off his popped neck veins from such an enthusiastic performance.’ I knew it was about OHOH’s bickering  and as he was fighting CJH’s neck veins popped (or bulged ).  But I wasn’t sure whether it was about their first encounter after the divorce or the recollection of their fight in the past. From reading the second article, I now know the bickering happened  when they met again, and, looking at the BTS which showed CJH wearing the white gown, perhaps it happened in the ER unit.   About ‘CJH’s popped (bulged) neck veins’ it sounded better in Korean than in translation. This scene needs some imagination like this: When mister OH saw miss OH who probably had the expression of “Burn, Baby, Burn.” (Thanks to quote from @victorb. Great & hilarious one )

(partial translation):
'Emergency Man & Woman'  The First Script Reading  ( 12/23)

Hatred for each other before the divorce still lingering, Song Ji Hyo & Choi Jin Hyuk created the fighting scene where the sparks grew bigger over time, and this created the full scale laughing scene by the people who were watching it. The dozens of staff and actors in the script reading location never stopped smiling throughout the session.

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Thank you @PolarisCat

Merry Christmas!!
Choi Jin-Hyuk Chinese Fans Group (崔振赫中華後援團)would like to you all our warm blessing.
                      created by @PolarisCat
                                      source: 百度崔振赫中華後援團貼吧

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Nice to see Park Joon Geum promoted from stepmother to mother :) As actors, they must be happy to to be going straight from one project to another. I am a little concerned about SJH in RM though - will she be taking a leave of absence from RM? I kind of hope so, given the potential for injury she riskjs the way she throws herself into everything. 

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