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[Drama 2014] Emergency Man and Woman / Emergency Couple 응급남녀 (JH + JH's interview on p627)

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DRAMA CASTING & NEWSScript reading and first teaser for Emergency Coupleby girlfriday | December 23, 2013 | No Comments


Muahaha. The first teaser is out for tvN’s new romantic comedy series Emergency Couple, and it’s short but hilarious. It features Choi Jin-hyuk (Heirs) smiling wistfully over romantic music, only to twist his face into a devilish smile as he raises a scalpel: “Memories I want to rip up.” Song Ji-hyo (Mandate of Heaven) follows suit with a sweet opening warming her hands by a fire, only to laugh maniacally: “Love I want to burn.” Ha. I think we’re in for some laughs with these two.

The new medical workplace rom-com is set to take over Answer Me 1994’s slot on Fridays and Saturdays starting in late January. It stars Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ji-hyo as a couple that marries and divorces while med school, mostly because they argue like nobody’s business. Then six years after the separation, they end up interns in the same hospital and have to suffer working together while dealing with their hate. Co-starring are Lee Pil-mo(Light and Shadow) as the chief ER resident and Choi Yeo-jin (Incarnation of Money) as a surgeon.

The producers are cheekily calling it a “blood-pressure-raising romance,” where bickering is the name of the game. Hee. I’m excited. I’m just a fan of a good old-fashioned opposites-attract romance where witty banter can make sparks fly as much as any kiss. Not that we should be skimping on the kisses. No, no, not saying that! With 20 episodes, there should be plenty of time for both, and maybe even a little doctoring on the side.

Emergency Couple premieres January 24 on tvN.










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lol... I love the teaser!!! hahah... i can't wait to see more of my oppa. Although on heirs, he wasn't shown much but his character still does have value. I did understand the relationship of him and LMH there...

But this time around, its all on Oppa!!! EM&W i can't wait!!

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(translation for the article)

'Emergency Man and Woman'  Song Ji Hyo vs Choi Jin hyuk, bickering script-reading   'enthusiastic performance'  (12/23)

Cable channel tvN, the new Fri & Sat drama ‘Emergency Man and Woman’: The location of the first script reading revealed.

Last 12/20 afternoon in the CJ&M center, the first script reading for ‘Emergency man and Woman’ was proceeded and all the main cast attended.: Song JI Hyo, Choi Jin hyuk, Lee PIL Mo, Choi Yeo-Jin and Clara.

Earlier in the script reading, Song Ji Hyo expressed her feeling by saying “I’m getting attached to bright, spirited Oh Jin Hee. It seems the piece can be fun to work with.” Also Choi Jin Hyuk said “I came here elated. I'm excited about this character which is different from the previous one. I will repay with good work.”

They went on a full scale reading. Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk showed well done acts for these two characters bickering with each other as mortal enemies. Song Ji hyo acted various parts like humiliation, anger, and hurt feelings. Leaving any trace of his previous gentle image from SBS Heirs, Choi Jin hyuk showed off his popped neck veins from such an enthusiastic performance.

As the department of emergency medicine chief, a haggard faced Guk Chon Su character is played by Lee Pil Mo who raised expectation as acting charismatically to manage interns. Choi Yeo Jin plays a surgeon, Shim Ji Hye and raised the commitment with elegant and precise acting. Clara, as a free spirited intern Han Ah Reum, conveyed the freshness through distinctively playful, bouncing acting.

‘Emergency Man and Woman’: The couple divorced 6 yrs ago and met again at the emergency room as interns. It is a rom-com drama and will be broadcasted 1/24/2014 after ‘Reply1994.’

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