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[Drama 2014] Emergency Man and Woman / Emergency Couple 응급남녀 (JH + JH's interview on p627)

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AWESOME !! - Happy that they aren't airing til the 24th of Jan gives them time to breathe and shoot at ease rather than live shooting right off the bat. They look so good together !! Can't wait for this.

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Guys!! I am Hiring Admins for my ER Man and Woman Page in Facebook: www.facebook.com/ERManWomanwww.facebook.com/ERManWoman

Just Message The Page if you want to apply!! 

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Guest Mishiellie

omfg they look soooo good together im going to puke blood

my girl crush since 5ever and my hyukhyuk
I can't with this.. let me go collect my fangirl feels first...........

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Whose who in May’s Garden aka Emergency Couple so far.

Choi Jin Hyuk as Oh Chang Min. He falls in love with his first love Oh Jin Hee, and despite his familys opposition he still marries her. For a stable marriage, he gives up his internship and becomes a pharmaceutical salesman instead. After the marriage, his wife turns into a witch with a curse and after many misunderstandings it lead to divorce.

After the divorce, he goes back to studying medicine and is to once again start his internship and thus meeting his ex wife again.

Song Ji Hyo as Oh Jin Hee, a nutritionist who originally had a gentle and peaceful personality. But after the marriage suffered from her in laws humiliation and her husbands change in attitude, she decides to have a divorce.

After the divorce, and partly because of the humiliation she suffered she decides to study medicine and later interns in the emergency room. She did not think that in the hospital she would meet her ex husband and together they work in the same place now described as hell. This is the start to an amusing love story

Lee Pil Mo as Gook Cheon Su.  The perfectionist, who can’t accept faults, is the chief in the emergency room. He does not allow any mistakes when taking care of patients, he is strict and appears to be apathetic and is known to have the nickname Intern Killer.

Choi Yeo Jin as Shim Ji HyeShe is the cool headed and arrogant assistant professor of the surgical department. She is talented and smart; despite her cool exterior she is very delicate. Because of her gender she remains just an assistant professor but her abilities are beyond that. She was once dating Gook Cheon Su but this ended before they could reach the altar. They will meet again in the hospital and be thrust into new situations.

Clara as Han Ah ReumA free spirited intern, who finished her medical school in America. She is beautiful and sexy but considered a time bomb. She is a very charming and ambitious intern.  

Park Joon Geum as Oh Chang Min’s mother. She is very protective of her son

Yoon Jong Hoon as a colleague in the emergency room. He has a bright personality and plays an active part in the main leads love line



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DRAMA CASTING & NEWSChoi Jin-hyuk, Song Ji-hyuk shoot teaser for Emergency Coupleby javabeans | December 20, 2013 | 17 Comments


Here we go with first stills of tvN’s new romance drama Emergency Couple, taken from its recent teaser shoots. The drama stars Choi Jin-hyuk (Heirs, Gu Family Book) and Song Ji-hyo (Mandate of Heaven) as ex-spouses who reconnect on the job—as doctors in the same emergency room. (Let’s just hope all the romancing happens around the doctoring, because I’d at least like to preserve my illusions that when I go in for medical care, that’s what my doctors are thinking about.)

We’ll have to go on faith that these two will make a cute couple, but as they’re both actors with a lot of personal charm, I’m remaining hopeful. (Fine, I’m always hopeful. I know this. Sometimes this is a cause of more grief than comfort, but what can I say, I always want things to be good.) I’m mostly hoping for Choi Jin-hyuk’s sake, because at least Song Ji-hyo’s had a few turns playing romantic lead; Choi’s most memorable roles have been disappointed in love, and even when he’s gotten the girl (a rare occurrence, inIt’s Okay Daddy’s Girl), the occasion has left much to be desired.

Together, they’ll be enacting a bickering (re)courtship, as a couple who divorced six years ago after being married through med school. Now they’re interns, and they’ll have to navigate the workplace as they figure out how to navigate their relationship. Supporting leads will be played by Lee Pil-mo (Light and Shadow) and Choi Yeo-jin (Incarnation of Money), he as the ER’s cool-headed chief resident and she as a calm surgeon. The two were once involved, but due to various difficulties never made it to the altar.

A few more familiar faces have been cast to play interns, including SNL’s Clara as a free-spirited graduate of an American med school and Answer Me 1994′Yoon Jong-hoon(computer sci classmate Ki-tae) as a confident resident.

The 20-episode drama is set to replace Answer Me 1994 on weekends, and will premiere on January 24.



Via Sports Chosun



Are we shipping together already ?????
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