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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2013] Best Time 最美的時光

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Details:Title: 最美的時光 Zui Mei De Shi Guang
English title: Best Time
Genre: Modern metropolitan drama, romanceDirectors: Zeng Lizhen & Huang Weiming
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Period: November 20, 2013
Cast:Janine Chang as Su ManWallace Chung as Lu Li ChengJia Nai Liang as Song YiHan Xi Ting (韩熙庭) as Xu Lian ShuangJiang Yi Jia (江易珈) as Lin DaXiang Jin (项瑾) as Chun NiJiang Kai as Mike
Synopsis:A 'leftover lady' (refers to unmarried women over the age of 30) nicknamed White-Boned Demon Su Man, meets Song Yi, a talented man for whom she has had a crush on for years. To get closer to Song Yi, Su Man gives up her own promising future just to work with him. Despite her efforts, Lu Li Cheng, a man with whom she has had several conflicts, becomes her superior. Su Man treats him like a thorn in her side, yet he develops feelings for Su Man due to their interactions. Just when Su Man and Song Yi's relationship gets on the right track, unforeseen events occur as Su Man and Song Yi's past romances slowly surface. Su Man, Song Yi and Lu Li Cheng's relationships are tested in every way.
Watch with English subs here!


Lǐ Xíngliàng & Yǔ zōnglín - Willing To Have a Heart

Yǔ zōnglín - Expired Love

Han Jing - Best Time

Additional Links:
Best Time 最美的時光 Viki English Subbed Episodes
Best Time 最美的時光 Official CTI Website

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Started watching this show and can only say that I love it. I remember reading the novel quite a while back, however, it wasn't one of Tong Hua's best works. Love SM and LLC together. I really hope the ending is different from the novel. 

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