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[Variety] Happy Sunday -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) S3 :KBS 1N2D S3 MISS ALL MEMBER -STAFF EXCEPT JY :PAGE 447 END MARCH 2019

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Looks fun based on the screen caps. What's up with Cha Tae Hyun's hair? ajumma perm that's so frizzy lol
Anyways, I'm stopping myself from watching it coz of the subs. Would prob wait a month more for KBS World...

^14.3%! Yehey! Hope they maintain it. Understandably people are curious for the new season but I'm glad it's off to a new start.

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So sorry to cut short your post... Yoo PD really did a great job getting DG as their new member. His innocence, having "too much will" and optimistic attitude are good for this show. It's truly f

Ok, this will be the last one for now... I really like the new member YSY being the "weird one" and it surprised the members and viewers like me. I really enjoy watching the members barging into his h

Just finish watching the latest episode. Sorry for the essay that I'm about to write. Even though I knew it was gutaeng hyung in the costume, but it gave me so much feels when I saw him with his

Thanks everyone for all the postings and links - so happy the rating is so uplifting and promising for the pilot episode of Season 3.  Congratulations to all the members and production team - hope the ratings will inspire them. bearclap.gifOh btw, for those who may not be familiar to Soompi rules - kindly do not quote images/picture postings.emoticonhalloall.gif So glad to meet new acquaintances in this thread and as always thank you so much @kjmcth for all the constant update. Off to watch the latest episode.....

@h2og, don't worry, I'll buzz you if Joo Sang-wook is invited to the show - yup, wouldn't miss anything to see the reunion of Kim Joo-hyuk with JSW and Kim Jun-ho with JSW.  I think Kim Jun-ho will no longer feel inferior (for his fashion taste and looks, of course....hahaha) to JSW if he appears as a guest in the show.   

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source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/12/the-new-1-night-2-days-jumps-to-1-in-sunday-night-ratings#axzz2mHW3epkO

The new '1 Night 2 Days' jumps to #1 in Sunday night ratings

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/12/the-new-1-night-2-days-jumps-to-1-in-sunday-night-ratings#ixzz2mHXO6fFz
Follow us: @allkpop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook

It's that time of the week again when the Sunday variety shows go head to head!

Coming in at #1 this week, yet again, was MBC's 'Sunday Sunday Night'. 'Real Men', however, fell drastically down 4.3% to 13.2%. 'Dad, Where Are You Going?' also fell 1.8% down to 14.1%. However, both ratings were still high enough to make the entire segment rank #1 with a 12.8% for the night.

SEE ALSO: ZE:A have a heart-pounding performance on 'Immortal Song 2'

KBS' 'Happy Sunday' finally recovered! The new season for its trademark '1 Night 2 Days' started off amazingly with 14.3% rating, the highest for the night. 'Superman is Back' managed to keep its rating of 6.8%, and the segment came second with 11.0% for the night.

SBS' 'Good Sunday's 'Running Man' dropped 1.1% to 13.3%. The new season of 'K-Pop Star' climbed up 0.6% up to 9.0%, but the entire segment rated last for the night at 10.7%.

Do you think '1 Night 2 Days' can keep its newfound success going?

Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/12/the-new-1-night-2-days-jumps-to-1-in-sunday-night-ratings#ixzz2mHWgsU7I
Follow us: @allkpop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook
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Guest ikahishak

@kjmcth would you mind share which idol recording for this show...
btw: Hello guys..just watch the 1st ep, and i loved it so much..I'm a huge fan of Jung Joonyoung so it makes me happy to see him in 2d & 1n..I just wish this new season will keep maintaining their high rating..

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Suzy confirmed to be the first guest on '1 Night 2 Days Season 3'

miss A's Suzy will be the first guest on '1 Night 2 Days'!
The 3rd season kicked off to a great start on Sunday, and DongA.com has confirmed that Suzy will be the first guest on the show! She's already finished filming the episode, and she worked with the 6 members to show off her usual charm.

There's currently no information on when the episode with the 'Nation's First Love' will air, so stay tuned for more information!
Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/12/suzy-confirmed-to-be-the-first-guest-on-1-night-2-days-season-3#ixzz2mIDm8P8r 
miss A’s Suzy Joins “1 Night 2 Days” Season 3 As First Guest class="content-title"miss A’s Suzy Joins “1 Night 2 Days” Season 3 As First Guest 

miss A member Suzy will be joining the revamped cast of “1 Night 2 Days” as their first guest this season!

According to media repots, Suzy will appear on the “1 Night 2 Days” broadcast scheduled to air on December 8. Suzy is also reported to have exhibited a special knack for variety entertainment during the recording of the episode; she also surprised all the cast members with her unannounced appearance on the show. 

It appears that Suzy will lend much strength to the show for raising viewership ratings. “1 Night 2 Days” aired its first episode this season on December 1 with new staff and a mix of old and new cast members. 

According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of “1 Night 2 Days” season 3 drew in great figures for KBS 2TV with 14.3% viewership ratings on December 1 – a welcome surge in ratings compared to the dismal season 2 ratings of 8% that it received last week.

source: http://www.soompi.com/2013/12/01/miss-as-suzy-joins-1-night-2-days-season-3-as-first-guest/
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 totally disagree with guest  for 3rd epi...   .  before this (1n2ds2) they only revealed press abt guest at same day  they filming ( // it's not susprise for all member .. i see suzy filming at saturday .. 

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‘1 Night 2 Days' Kim Joo Hyuk mentions about Kim Gyu Ri

Kim Joo Hyuk mentioned about his breakup with Kim Gyu Ri.
December 1st broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘1 Night 2 Days’ showed Kim Joo Hyuk, Jung Jun Young, DEFCON, and Kim Jun Ho joining the show, and leaving for their first trip.

During the show, Kim Joo Hyuk asked Jung Jun Young if she has a girlfriend, and drew attention by telling that he broke up earlier this year. Kim Joo Hyuk has been in a relationship with actress Kim Gyu Ri, and he broke up back in January.

Meanwhile, Kim Joo Hyuk drew attention by wearing comic disguise.
/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo jp@starnnews.com


this news related with Jung Jun Young in WGM

Jung Jun Young wears double-eyelid glasses
Jung Jun Young drew attention by wearing double-eyelid glasses.

November 30th broadcast of MBC 'We Got Married 4' showed Jung Jun Young and Jung Yumi leaving to Japan for a trip.

The two started unpacking their luggages, and Jung Jun Young showed a great interest in a pair of classes that make double eyelids.

Jung Jun Young made Jung Yumi laugh by wearing the glasses, and showing his double eyelids.

During his interview, Jung Jun Young said, "I was very happy with it. I should use it a bit more often."

Netizens left comments, such as "I don't think he needs that glasses", "That was hilarious", and "He looked great with the glasses on."
/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo jp@starnnews.com


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Guest amidamaru34

This maybe is a new concept. I dont know but it is better for them.
1N2D already traveled almost all locations in South Korea so the travel to a new location concept is already lost. They need to have a new fresh concept or else this would go back to the unpopular S2. 

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Edited  Song list for Ep.1:

Andy Korg - Sax And Soda

Nate Dogg & Snoop Dogg - Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto
Astor Piazzolla - Woe, Tango
Jeff Bernat - Call You Mine
Various Artists - Laid Back (러브픽션 OST)
Christophe Beck - Main Titles (Pink Panther / Epic Mickey OST)
Various Artists - A Lonely Shadow (동사서독 OST)
심현정 - Let's Go To Play (늑대소년 OST)
노영심 - 나폴리 피자 (연애시대 OST)
YMCK - Interlude
Gheorghe Zamfir - The Lonely Shepherd
Cho Young-Wuk - Cries And Whispers (OldBoy OST)
John Williams - Harry's Wondrous World (Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets OST)
Dr. Nelle Karajlic & Vojislav Aralica & Dejan Sparavalo - Railway Station
장영규 - 초랭이 테마
최 백호 - 낭만에 대하여
Various Artists - 얼굴들 (살인의 추억 OST)
The Knack - My Sharona
Puccini - Turandot: Nessun Dorma
Sammy Davis Jr. - These Foolish Things
Linkin Park - New Divide
Frances McDormand - Non Je Ne Regrette Rien
Various Artists - 청계천변 대결 (전우치 OST)
Gary Chang - The Takeover (Under Siege OST)
Ke$ha - C'mon
Hans Zimmer - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa OST)
Tituli - Pivio, Aldo De Scalzi & Claudio Pacini (A Christmas For Two OST)

고경천 - Comic Mistake (시체가 돌아왔다 OST)

Andrea Bocelli - Mai Piu “Cosi” Lontano

David Alfonso - Hillbilly Hal
씨스타 (SISTAR) - 나혼자 (Alone)
매드 소울 차일드 (Mad Soul Child) - Dear (아저씨 OST)
Peppertones (페퍼톤스) - Thank You
Peppertones (페퍼톤스) - For All Dancers
Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard - Like A Dog Chasing Cars (다크나이트 OST)

Next week’s episode preview song:

어쿠스틱카페 (Acoustic Cafe) - Last Carnival

You can move cursor on the list and see which song has a link to listen to.

First 25 minutes was engaging, so I might have skipped some songs. :)
It seemed like KJM really enjoyed the new crew and some liked to see him. Hihihi
I liked the new PD’s trick to CTH and KJM. It was cool.
I like CTH and KJM’s chemistry, how they enjoyed their conversation in first 8 minutes.
All in all, I liked how the new season started.
AND Welcome to all new 1N2D fan friends!

@aileenrae32 I can't make any changes on the new document. I think it wants me to sign in. If you can change it to no sign-in needed type, then I may be able to arrange the columns etc and add the first episode's song list there. For now, I am using the old document. Made some changes on it. Like if one checks the song list, they will not need to go back and forth the tabs below. You can copy all to the new document.

For those who does not know the links for the archive documents:

old document ---- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0At42LAYG4qNddEY3VzNPNDZaS0JpUEpnS2tZN2RtMmc#gid=5
new document ---- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlUac0-EZ8CjdGh2ejVTVmZDbngtVl9IVC1PSlRETFE&usp=sharing&nbsp#gid=0

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class="cb b15" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 15px; border: 0px; font-size: 27px; outline: 0px; line-height: 30px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); letter-spacing: -0.5px; clear: both;"Singer Jung Joon Young Is Funniest Member Of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ Season 31night2days

"I don't drink ice."

Singer Jung Joon Young (25) is one of the popular characters in the entertainment programs these days since Mnet's "Superstar K4" last year. His character of a four dimensional younger husband brought the public's attention back to the less popular MBC's "We Got Married," and now he is helping out KBS2 "Happy Sunday - 1 Night 2 Days season three," which many have thought as impossible to revive the old day's popularity.

Jung Joon Young on the first episode of the "1 Night 2 Days" Season 3, which aired on December 1, 2013, was harshly bullied by the previous members of "1 Night 2 Days" such as Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Min, and older members, such as Kim Joo Hyuk, Defconn and Kim Joon Ho. When the other members were bullying him with a morning cup of Americano, he kept saying four dimensional things such as, "I don't drink ice," making the older members bewildered.  

Like Us on Facebook

When the other members attached him again with salt water, Jung Joon Yong, after frowning his face for the longest time, commented, "Is this water from the sea?" with his curious looks. When he was notified that he failed the mission because he went over the limited time, he asked the members, "Then can we stop by at a shop?" making everybody laugh.

source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/12618/20131202/singer-jung-joon-young-funniest-member-1-night-2-days.htm
© 2013 KDramaStars.com All right reserved.

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  • kjmcth changed the title to [Variety] Happy Sunday -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) S3 :KBS 1N2D S3 Trip with Global Viewers 2 SEPTEMBER 2018

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