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[Variety] Happy Sunday -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) S3 :KBS 1N2D S3 MISS ALL MEMBER -STAFF EXCEPT JY :PAGE 447 END MARCH 2019

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Ok, this will be the last one for now... I really like the new member YSY being the "weird one" and it surprised the members and viewers like me. I really enjoy watching the members barging into his h

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Goodness....what a big mess we are in right now.

I don't defend Joonyoung. He is wrong and he has admitted his wrongdoings. To step down from the shows he is in and even retire from the whole entertainment world is probably the wisest thing to do for now.

But is it really necessary to drag the whole show down? Then maybe Salty Tour has to be cancelled, too. 

I hope it doesn't have to go that far. It will really break my heart if this season ends like this.

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13 hours ago, _gillianne19_ said:

 saw this.. 



This is an excerpt and a direct translation of the article


KBS는 12일 "제작진은 사안의 심각성을 고려해 정준영의 '1박2일' 출연을 중단시키기로 했다"고 밝혔다. 그러면서 "이미 촬영을 마친 2회 분량의 방송분도 정준영 출연 장면을 최대한 편집해 방송할 계획이다. 시청자의 양해를 부탁드린다"고 덧붙였다.


Trans (google translate)

KBS said on the 12th, "The production team decided to stop Chung Joon-young's appearance of" one night and two days "considering the seriousness of the matter." In the meantime, he added, "We plan to broadcast as much as possible the second half of the broadcasts that have already been filmed. We would like to hear from viewers."


Source (same as the one linked in the picture) 





I am very aware of the severity of this case. And I don't support him in any way. I am aware 1n2ds might also end because of this.


But based on direct translations of the article, it does not state that filming of the show has been halted. Halted for JJY yes. Halted for others was not stated.


I'll wait for any other article related to 1n2ds. The last one I saw translated is JJY's removal from the show.



Dangggg...this really is not the way I want 1N2D's to end. I hope the show can pull through. Somehow. Maybe. 


We'll see how the kviewers response is for the upcoming episode (edited to remove JJY)

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Thank you mod @angelangie for floating in like an angel, restoring order and spreading the love :heart:. I get that people are angry.  Just like how Netizens took their anger at JJY out on KBS and 2D1N, we should expect no less from angry visitors to our thread.  Welcome friends who have suddenly appeared when the scandal surfaced and friends of these friends.  :)  As mod @angelangie so aptly said, language matters.  Especially in our thread here which is family friendly, rated PG13 probably?  Profanity and name calling are banned (thank you angelangie for editing and cleaning up posts).  JJY has left the show now so all talk of him should now reside in his individual thread (if there is one).  We will see how far the fall out extends regarding the show as the next few weeks and months unfold.  

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I thought situation like this only happens in drama. But I guess drama is based on real life situation after all.

So the filming is still on? I don't know which is better, to hold or continue. It doesn't look like the case will end soon since so many people involved. On the other hand, to continue like nothing happen is like....I don't know...

However, I trust 1n2d team to decide. My support for this show will never waver.


As for Joonyoung, I hope he learns his lessons. He is probably too free-spirited and has everything goes his way that no one can put reins on him. He has to pay for his crime and after this is all over, hopefully, he will become a new better man.

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1st cases ... 



for his fan




this we got from kbsentertain/kbsworld after netizen angry with him 




kbsentertain uploaded full epi where trip without  him 



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I hope that JJY's case will not drag ANY of 2D1N members.....

I really hope so......

Everytime I open Soompi these days, always shocked with the news of new persons who are related to this case...

This is a harsh reality...

What JJY did is horribly, terribly wrong...

So, I am begging in my silent prayers for CTH, KJH, KJM, Donggu and Defconn NOT to be dragged....

No matter how close they are/were....

I really, sincerely hope that none of them are involved.....


I really enjoy 2D1N since Season 1...

Great reality show to make me and my whole family laugh and bond together... 

So, this scandal is really devastating...

Especially to recall how he's so close to KJH....:tears:


Dearest CTH, KJH, KJM, Donggu, Defconn, all the staff and producers, writer...


We love you!

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20 minutes ago, nrllee said:


Lurker here. I have kept myself composed during all the fiasco, but with the show affected like this, I just can't. Goodness gracious, I have a zoo full of vocabulary that I want to say to JJY that I am not going to say here. Guys, I am sooooo angry and sad :tears::tears::tears:

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I can't say I did not expect this. But it doesn't stop me from feeling sad about it too. I actually hoped they could hold on to the show. Though who am I kidding, the scale of the scandal is too big.


1N2D's introduced me to many beautiful places in Korea. It was my go to variety show for laughs for quite some time, maybe about 10 years....


To think a >10 year old program was brought down because of horrible, despicable, immoral deeds of 1 person..I'm angry. Seriously. He did not just ruined the lives of his victims, he marred his family reputation and now it has extended to the people who worked with him.


To be honest...I think it will be a huge hurdle for the show to jump over. I'm not sure the show will recover. I'm not even sure if they want to hold the brand name at this point.


Thank you for the laughter provided before. I see KBS world has also deleted 1N2Ds clips. Even the ep with PSJ that had no JJY has also been deleted. I can't find it anymore. (Edit: not deleted. But privated the clips)


Arggghhh....this is not the way I want such a well loved show to end. Sobs....

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"KBS “2 Days & 1 Night” will be halting broadcasts and production.

KBS has banned singer Jung Joon Young, who is being investigated for the filming and circulating illegal footage, from all programs. Furthermore, it has been decided that “2 Days & 1 Night” will halt broadcasts and production for the time being. With this, another program will be scheduled to take the “2 Days & 1 Night” time slot starting this week.

In consideration of the viewers who wait for “2 Days & 1 Night” every Sunday evening, we reviewed the option of editing out singer Jung Joon Young from all the footage of the two episodes that have been filmed. However, realizing the severity of the matter, the decision was made to reorganize the program overall.

KBS deeply apologizes for not managing our cast members thoroughly, and we will prepare measures to avoid a recurrence.

Especially as singer Jung Joon Young had a similar controversy three years ago, we feel strong responsibility for simply accepting the decision of the investigative authorities to acquit him and not verifying completely before deciding on his return to the cast.

KBS will prepare fundamental measures including intensified screening of cast members in order for a similar incident to not occur again."




By the way, so the episode that KBS Entertain uploaded from last Sunday no longer available? No upload at KBS World YouTube on Sunday as well? <Sigh> hope VIU still have it. So the shoot they had this day, what for? 

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