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[Variety] Happy Sunday -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) S3 :KBS 1N2D S3 MISS ALL MEMBER -STAFF EXCEPT JY :PAGE 447 END MARCH 2019

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So sorry to cut short your post... Yoo PD really did a great job getting DG as their new member. His innocence, having "too much will" and optimistic attitude are good for this show. It's truly f

Ok, this will be the last one for now... I really like the new member YSY being the "weird one" and it surprised the members and viewers like me. I really enjoy watching the members barging into his h

Just finish watching the latest episode. Sorry for the essay that I'm about to write. Even though I knew it was gutaeng hyung in the costume, but it gave me so much feels when I saw him with his

Lol everytime they go to Jeju, they will definitely appear at that fountain, the famous Han Hyo Joo spot.


JH will be a guest on next week's Life Bar/Tipsy Talk. It's one of the few programmes currently having english subs consistently. A lot of programmes that 1n2d members appear on don't get subbed, with the exception of salty tour, radio star and idol room, so take what you can haha.


JM and JH having fun


JH guesting on JM's channel


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Shiyoon MC KBS ENTRERTAINMENT AWARD 2018 .. THIS AWARD WILL HOLD 22 DECEMBER 2018 .He with  Shin Hyun-joon and another female mc (idol from AOA ) 



so many comment on naver/SNS say yesterday  epi  from making junho win daesang this year .. same they do for kjm 2 year ago ...




2 member  released song yesterday.. koyote celebrated 20th years anniversary with  announce will released 2 song 9 december and 24 december ...  .so yesterday    9 december   , re-born part   1   remake  their old song  from 5th album 2003 


from international fans koyote 



their full album for next year february 


코요태 - 애원, KYT - Entreaty  2018 version 




defconn with hyungdon  also released song (he also appear on yesterday episode 181209 )  .. their mv in end yesterday  epi 



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Lol, the 1n2d team put DF and Hyungdon's new song at the end of the episode this week. Free promo, don't think there will be other shows that will put this song at the end except for Idol Room.


DG is hosting the entertainment awards with Seolhyun and Shin Hyun Joon. Seolhyun happened to guest on the same episode with DG on Pajama Friends this week (DG was kinda on his Ewha lecture mode for that episode lol).


And definitely, I hope that JH gets the daesang this year, even if he himself may not be that eager for it. Not only for his efforts in 1n2d, but also for the efforts he put in for his fellow comedians. Nowadays, you don't really see comedians on variety shows that still do programmes like gag concert (other than JH, probably the few comedians from tvN's programme that's similar to Gag concert). He still appears on Gag concert occasionally to help his juniors despite his seniority. If I'm not wrong, his current company was founded by him and Kim Dae Hee? It's a company for current and trainee comedians, probably the first of its kind on this scale for comedians. And don't forget Busan International Comedy Festival if you watched the trip when they pranked him when he had to attend the event.


But of course, awards from tv stations likely don't take into account your achievements outside of their programmes and this year's worthy candidates for kbs daesang likely isn't limited to JH. From what I see on the web, TH is possible, but then there will be the awkwardness if kbs really gave it to him since he has already mentioned that he's not intent on getting it, since this isn't his main profession. Shin Dong Yup was also mentioned, but in my opinion, it's better that SBS gives him that since he has more programmes over there. The dilemma is that both him and Yoo Jae Suk haven't gotten a daesang for 2 years and SBS is the most likely station that awards either the daesang.


But I'm still holding high hopes for JH getting daesang, since he's definitely worthy. 1n2d's been around for 5 years. After members gave it their all with their efforts, I think it was a good call by Ilyong pd to have a trip for the members themselves, especially for the older members who are past or going to be at the age of 40. The episode mentioned that they are at the age not to get tempted, but it could also mean that they have lost the desire to chase their dreams. This episode serves as a push to their backs and a thank you from the staff. It's definitely a meaningful one. Since there was no entertainment awards last year, it's been a eventful two years for the programme. A daesang would definitely be a comfort for both the members and staff.


If it's too long for you to read haha, it just means I hope JH gets a daesang and this was a good episode.

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Both JH and JM had guest appearances this week.


JH's Life Bar episode should have subs floating around soon. There were some mentions of 1n2d, including TH's savage comment that JH is only funny on 1n2d, how JH landed a toothpaste commercial after that disastrous "Your weaknesses" segment, brief mention of his lecture topic from Ewha, and ending the episode with the toast "Remember each member" (supposedly this phrase started from JH's programme Human Condition, can't find the source)


JM appeared on Problem Children, kbs show. Subs should be up on kbs world youtube channel by next week. He recommended JH to be on the show lol, hopefully it is realised.

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3 hours ago, imtoghai said:

Hi, does anyone know where I can find the most recent/updated song lists for all 3 seasons?

Don't think there's anyone doing that consistently for 1n2d. You may find some song lists here and there but not for all episodes.


This is what I found with google search but it's only old episodes.



The closest source would be kvarietybgm, but that site does not do song lists for 1n2d so if there's any song you want to know, it's probably better to go on reddit.


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So many funny scenes but couldn't drop by here coz of my busyness.

So love the perfect Boss-Employee Relationship... presenting the Spoiled Employees.

more gifset on https://beyacuteful.tumblr.com/

















And Jong Min using the charm of the Coffee Princes to his advantage... I'm not a coffee drinker but I might become one if they are the Baristas...    :love:












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I could not resist:


Kim Jong Min And Hwang Mi Na Talk About Publicly Dating In Real Life

Kim Jong Min And Hwang Mi Na Talk About Publicly Dating In Real Life

Dec 16, 2018
by S. Park

Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na had nothing but sweet words to say about one another.

The couple participated in their first pictorial together for the January 2019 issue of @star1 magazine where they posed for fun, chic concepts with a Parisian flair.

Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na met on TV Chosun’s reality show “Taste of Dating” (literal title) where they dated for 100 days on-screen. After this “dating contract” was over, they both agreed to date publicly for a year in real life.

The couple said, “It’s our first pictorial shoot together, so we thought it would be awkward. But after posing together and practicing, it was less awkward than we thought.”

When asked about each other’s first impressions, Hwang Mi Na replied, “Kim Jong Min is very manly and smart. When I talk with him, I think about how he’s wise and sensible.” Thinking back to his first time meeting his girlfriend, Kim Jong Min said, “She was so pretty that I fell in love at first sight.”

There is a 14-year age gap between Hwang Mi Na and Kim Jong Min, but they said that they don’t feel a generational gap. Kim Jong Min said with a laugh, “My appearance is only old. My mental age is quite low. Hwang Mi Na is quite mature, so she matches well to my mental age.”

About the first time they formed feelings for one another, Hwang Mi Na answered, “Kim Jong Min monitors a lot when I do the weather forecast. I fell for him seeing how he took care of me even during his busy schedule.”‘



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