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[Variety] Happy Sunday -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) S3 :KBS 1N2D S3 MISS ALL MEMBER -STAFF EXCEPT JY :PAGE 447 END MARCH 2019

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So sorry to cut short your post... Yoo PD really did a great job getting DG as their new member. His innocence, having "too much will" and optimistic attitude are good for this show. It's truly f

Ok, this will be the last one for now... I really like the new member YSY being the "weird one" and it surprised the members and viewers like me. I really enjoy watching the members barging into his h

Just finish watching the latest episode. Sorry for the essay that I'm about to write. Even though I knew it was gutaeng hyung in the costume, but it gave me so much feels when I saw him with his

They had 1N2D shooting today & looks like they divided the team into Old Boys (OB) Vs Young Boys (YB) once again coz some fans spotted Jongmin, Donggu & Joonyoung working at a cafe in KBS. Don't know where are the other three old boys working at tho?





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On 11/23/2018 at 7:14 AM, jayne21874 said:

@beyaruth the best way of Jongmin supported Donggu was when he hit Joonho with the limbo stick. And twice at that!! I was so dead with laughter on those scenes :lol::lol:


So true! It was a simple game but they had done a lot of creative moves (intentional as well as unintentional funny movements). :mrgreen:

more gifsets on: https://beyacuteful.tumblr.com/





















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4 hours ago, _gillianne19_ said:

Can't find the clip but I want to know what does Yongjin mean to Donngu's answer 'clear water'


All the members too cute but Joonyoung is... :D

He simply said DG is a psychopath, though I think there isn't really much basis for that since everyone was joking around.

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9 hours ago, beyaruth said:


Dong Gu is getting excited lately. :blush:


  Reveal hidden contents









But then this happened :lol:



8 hours ago, beyaruth said:



Members were trying to be cute and it worked for me... cuteness overload


  Reveal hidden contents








  Reveal hidden contents











Me too :blush:

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Team Jini Hyuni Guni

Making slime looks fun! Taehyun almost lost it! :joy:




And the mini Olympics especially the basketball one.. I couldn't hold my laughter! :joy: Defconn is unstoppable they almost lost because of Jongmin! It's sure tough!



@lyd89 thank you! I am about to search for that. Had a good laugh!

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Seems like there will be some guest appearances for the new trip. There were some near the end of the episode today and more in the preview next week. Possible touching moments too lol (JH's tears).

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