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[Variety] Happy Sunday -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) S3 :KBS 1N2D S3 MISS ALL MEMBER -STAFF EXCEPT JY :PAGE 447 END MARCH 2019

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So sorry to cut short your post... Yoo PD really did a great job getting DG as their new member. His innocence, having "too much will" and optimistic attitude are good for this show. It's truly f

Ok, this will be the last one for now... I really like the new member YSY being the "weird one" and it surprised the members and viewers like me. I really enjoy watching the members barging into his h

Just finish watching the latest episode. Sorry for the essay that I'm about to write. Even though I knew it was gutaeng hyung in the costume, but it gave me so much feels when I saw him with his

Super loving the Shinhwa episodes! It was very noisy, everyone talked at the same time hahaha.  Each of them had presence, the screen looked full.   My Jongmin heart was happy to hear 'Jongmin-ie?' 'Jongmin-ah!' often.  After Jongmin mistaking Hyesung for Donggu, Hyesung put his head on Jongmin's shoulder XD.  Dongwan put his arms around his shoulder, Andy helped him get his food XD.  Both 1N2D members and Shinhwa members were comfortable with each other, they looked like they're playing, sometimes I think they forgot they're shooting :)


Thanks for inviting and preparing so much to welcome Shinhwa on the show :wub:  


Wish to see both groups gang up and  trolled Ilyong PD hahaha

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Missing our boys so much!! More episodes to come.


Hi Everyone, thanks for all the links and gifs, it helps me fills the gap here in my heart coz I finished all the episodes and cant wait for more..


BTW, for the unaired clip, is there an IG page or anything where there are links?

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A Chinese fan who participated in the viewers trip put up 2 long posts about the trip. My guess is that the viewers are put together with their favorite member and this fan was in JY's group.


Translation as follows (this is a repost of the original post, pictures should still be able to be viewed)


Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4277305365330611

JY is a cool kid. When the other groups were chatting with their fans, JY stood far away from us. Oppa (Note: I'll just use the usual Korean term here since it feels awkward to use English, the original term was in Chinese anyway)! Do we go over or you come over? You have to tell us hahaha! Everyone was saying that JY became unlucky recently. We said that we'll make him lucky again. Oppa laughed and said having us is enough.


Is oppa embarrassed after seeing actual fans? He slowly started to ask us questions and got closer with us. Though he may look nonchalant, he actually works very hard. He's probably afraid that the atmosphere gets cold so he keeps livening up the atmosphere with topic after topic. His tone at this moment is very gentle.


In the later parts, he's really a child, like what we see on TV. The way he runs and laughs is the same as what's shown on tv.


Now talking about this member. Everyone is really like what you saw and thought they were.

TH is really the nicest person on Earth. (I'm sorry oppa, TH is still no.1 when it comes to having 0 bad points)

DG is the personification of gentle. I told him I was watching his drama and then kept addressing him as judge.

JM is too funny, even when he's just standing and not moving. He really had a hard time when the whole group was talking in English.

It's a comedy performance whenever JH comes to the front. It's very ordinary and very funny.

DC is a person I love and hate. I was really shy after he called my name so many times.

Ilyong pd worked really hard and was really nice. He didn't sleep and was editing even after filming ended. It's heartbreaking to see his red eyes.

There was a lot of staff and things around. Just the mic was changed numerous times. Everyone was patient, under the sun and over the night. (When they were under the sun, they found places with shade for us.)

God knows how much I love this program.


Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4277357570787949

This was about the tour at KBS and posted last weekend when 1n2d broadcast was cancelled.


Mudori pd (Ilyong pd's nickname) and Kim Seong pd invited the people still in Korea for a meal. I made a lot of cute friends this time. Everyone was from overseas and there was no age limit. We talked without any restraints. I was previously worried that I'll use the wrong language and it would be bad manners (Note: Korean has variations of their language whereby one form is used as something more formal and respectful). Although I'm back in my home country now, I still maintain contact with my new friends. These memories are very precious to each one of us. It ignores borders between countries and makes everyone like a family.


We went to KBS first and it's like everyone have seen before. PD said that the table was messy and hoped everyone don't mind. The fact that we can be on the show and make new friends is probably due to these tables. After a round of filming, this mess on the table is really worthy of respect. The programme's ideas all came from here.


When I went over, Mudori pd let me see the appreciation plaque sent over by Chinese fans for the 10th anniversary. He was very excited and I was really proud. He said that since 1n2d films mainly in Korea about stuff in Korea, their overseas fan are much less than RM. We told him that though the number of fans is smaller than RM by that little bit, everyone still loves it a lot. And it's only behind by a little amount, 1n2d is remember this member forever, it's cool losing one or two.


The main clip is still edited by the two pds. The editing room is like that (Note: in the picture) with two computers side by side. All the footage and sounds are put in. It's no exaggeration saying there are thousands of it. Pd's eyes were red like a rabbit. It seems that they haven't slept after ending filming and just went straight to editing. It's heartbreaking. I hope they can get a good rest with the break this week.


On the other side is the ROTS team, with all the photos of the babies. It was really cute. There was a photo of TH on a table. The convenience store had TH's portrait. A group of people were excitedly screaming  in the convenience store haha. (Note: Why do I have a vivid image of this scene in my head lol)


This next part talks about the good food they had at the meal.

I can't guarantee the quality of the translation so do point out any mistakes. The tone of the post is kind of semi-monologue-ish so it's kind of hard to translate. The fan may post something about JY from the trip after the episode is broadcast so I may be back when the time comes.


Once again many thanks to the fans and 1n2d team. Viewers trip start this weekend in case you miss it. :)

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9 hours ago, Ainee Etp said:

is the latest episode postpone or cancelled? I can't seem to find the subbed. I had watched Sinhwa Part 2 last week.

If you've watched till the end of the Shinhwa trip, then you're updated.


The fan uploaded another post so here's the translation. (I'll go with the general meaning if I encounter phrases that are hard to do word for word).


Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4278123484894794

PD sent the group photo to us today. I had the slight urge to cry looking at the photo. The first thing I think of every morning when I wake up is "Did I really participate in 1n2d?" Yeap, I did, now I can get up.


I considered for a long time whether to post the picture. It's a bit funny with my face covered by thick glasses. I hope everyone doesn't mind since I've went all out.


Everyone had a great smile. My eyes were swollen from crying. Though I know that time will come to part, I still cried a lot. If you were in my shoes, you'll definitely do the same. JY was shocked by my crying and turned to look at me. He didn't console me or pat me on the shoulders. Even till the end, he was still cool, saying let us meet again if we have the chance. Hmph, I'll take you up on that and definitely meet you. I wiped my tears but they are still flowing


While sniffling, I looked for everyone for their signature. Everyone was gentle, telling me I did well and don't cry. It made me want to cry more. DG didn't stay for that long due to drama filming but he still stayed for a long time. TH consoled me first so in terms of warmth, TH>JY (I'm sorry JY but that's the truth). JH, even at the last moment, was still challenging me to a duel. Everyone can look at the broadcast to see DF really likes to call my name. JM was laughing while telling me to not cry (The kind of laughter everyone can imagine).


There's a writer I really love. When I forgot my bag, she brought hers from her house to give it to me. When I forgot the bring the gift and album for JY to sign, she thought of ways to contact my sister to bring it over from the hostel. When I cried like a fool, she hugged me to comfort me. She's an older sister who helped me a lot. Many thanks to her. I said countless "I love you"


I can't remember what I said for the final interview. Just that I was very ugly. It's ok


I love 213 forever. (Note: This is the term some of the Chinese fans use to refer to 1n2d season 3. The Chinese name puts the number 2 first).

Our 1n2d team really treats their fans well haha.


And another set of photos from variety newbie trip.


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On 8/28/2018 at 10:02 PM, lyd89 said:

lyong pd worked really hard and was really nice. He didn't sleep and was editing even after filming ended. It's heartbreaking to see his red eyes.

... The main clip is still edited by the two pds. The editing room is like that (Note: in the picture) with two computers side by side. All the footage and sounds are put in. It's no exaggeration saying there are thousands of it. Pd's eyes were red like a rabbit. It seems that they haven't slept after ending filming and just went straight to editing. It's heartbreaking. I hope they can get a good rest with the break this week.

Thanks for sharing. I now feel good even if there's no new episode this week knowing that would somehow help Ilyong PD & other staff keep more time on editing / reviewing the show prior to airing them and enough time to plan / prepare for their next trip while having enough time to sleep and not to be in a rush anymore.

This show is my stress reliever. Have been undergoing stress this week while missing out on a new episode feels the week is too long for me but now I feel better after reading this. Hope they get more time to recover / recharge before they go back to work again.

I love 213 (2days & 1night season3)!... 123 (1night 2days season3) :love:

Stay healthy, everyone! :)

@Ainee Etp No episode due to Asian Games.

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-many ask where  philippines fan ... she on defconn team 

indonesia guy on junho team (sit in the last on 1st pic)















global fan ig .. have pics this trip  uploaded on their ig... they cant reveal more pics 








she from nepal .. ln her ig .. you can see her tag another lucky fan join this trip on 1 post ....




see/click   hashtag on pic  (she join trip)







180901-180831team 1n2d filming new epi  at  TAEBAEK   

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“2 Days & 1 Night” Brings Back Global Viewers Special For First Time In 7 Years

“2 Days & 1 Night” Brings Back Global Viewers Special For First Time In 7 Years

Sep 2, 2018
by esspee

KBS 2TV’s “2 Days & 1 Night” brought laughter and tears with its global viewers special.

On September 2, the variety show aired a global viewers tour for the first time in seven years. For this special, 18 viewers from all around the world were chosen to form four-member teams with the six cast members.

The fans met up at a guest house the day before filming and became close after exchanging gifts. On the day of filming, they formed teams with their favorite “2 Days & 1 Night” cast member, introduced themselves, and showed off their unique talents.

The fans included a quadrilingual professor from New York, Hallyu fan from Hong Kong, a pharmacist from the Philippines, and the winner of a Korean speaking competition.


Their first segment was a random game for the team’s allowance ranging from 50,000 won (approximately $45) to 3,000 won (approximately $3). They played the word chain game where the global fans showed off their impressive Korean language skills.


Surprised, Kim Joon Ho said, “Are there Korean people here besides us?” In the end, Yoon Shi Yoon‘s team came in first place, Kim Joon Ho and Defconn’s teams both came in at second place, Cha Tae Hyun and Jung Joon Young‘s teams both came in fourth place, and Kim Jong Min’s team came in last place.

The teams then played another random game where they spun the wheel to decide their destinations. Yoon Shi Yoon and Cha Tae Hyun’s team chose the suburbs such as Chuncheon or Gapyeong. Kim Joon Ho and Defconn’s team chose Boryeong Sea, and Jung Joon Young and Kim Jong Min’s teams chose the mountains.

Each team was given two missions they needed to complete before they arrived at the base camp that night and boarded buses to head to their destinations.

On the bus, the viewers and cast members became closer while talking. Grace from Germany said, “I was watching ‘2 Days & 1 Night” on KBS World and also saw when Shinhwa appeared.” Another viewer added, “The quitting smoking special was really fun.” Kim Jong Min replied, “I succeeded at quitting smoking after that. I thought I was going to die at the time because it was so difficult.”

When asked how she felt when she was chosen as for the viewer tour special, a global fan answered, “My hands were shaking. My mom received the phone call, but she thought that it was voice phishing and didn’t tell me. Later, when I heard it, I cried.” She then became emotional thinking about that moment.

This special will continue next week where the 18 global fans and six cast members will visit different places in Korea and make unforgettable memories together.


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I feel so envious of the lucky fans who made it in the show. They get to interact with the members and fellow fans as well. It was heartwarming to see their audition videos and I can relate to what most of them said. I have only scene season 3 of 2D1N, but I feel like we're related. I feel sad when they are and happy when they are. This show has helped me through difficult times. I hope they continue for a long time.

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Just finished watching the Global Viewers episode. Absolutely enjoyed it! The international fans are fantastic!  they loved the show, know the games and some even speak the language so well. :thumbsup: All of them are also entertaining. Excitied about the next episode! 

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