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[Variety] Happy Sunday -1 Night, 2 Days (1박 2일) S3 :KBS 1N2D S3 MISS ALL MEMBER -STAFF EXCEPT JY :PAGE 447 END MARCH 2019

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@kayefaye But they still can't do it even if they're not airing at the same time slot coz 1n2d is part of Happy Sunday while RM is part of Good Sunday... so they are still considered rivals by their network unless one of them changes the schedule. But surely it won't be 1n2d coz it is in #1 spot again in terms of ratings. Me too already stopped watching RM on a regular basis. I just check it first then somehow in the middle I lose interest but with the 100 vs 100 I managed to finish them because of the gagmen and other familiar faces that I want to see.

Yes, I agree with you and I think that's the reason why many fans wish for the BFF to be together or  YJS be guesting in 1n2d which for me if he will guest there then JH in turn will go to RM (x-deal). Yes, CTH wished for KJK to guest in 1n2d...

... Now back to the latest episode... I really enjoy the members' different reactions and excitement...


I remember KJM's prediction letter to him when he said: "Defconn, congratulations on your marriage!...

KJH: "He gets married but I don't? That's beyond ridiculous!"

KJM: ...You're wife is a 'CAT ANIME CHARACTER'..." :D

... But here they (Defconn & KJH) ended up together-- LOL!!!


What makes it funnier is that JH's married and yet he's too shy and cringing like that... LOL!!! While CTH once again got the best "surprise reaction"! :D


... But the highlight of this prank is really JJY's excitement...

He thought "Love is in the air"... The caption says: "His imagination is out of control... I heard there's no medication for this... Impossible to treat"... LOL!!!

And in the end... it's still a "match made in heaven" indeed! (still the usual pairing) :wub:




(Photos & gifs credit to the owners)

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So sorry to cut short your post... Yoo PD really did a great job getting DG as their new member. His innocence, having "too much will" and optimistic attitude are good for this show. It's truly f

Ok, this will be the last one for now... I really like the new member YSY being the "weird one" and it surprised the members and viewers like me. I really enjoy watching the members barging into his h

Just finish watching the latest episode. Sorry for the essay that I'm about to write. Even though I knew it was gutaeng hyung in the costume, but it gave me so much feels when I saw him with his

Guest chocmagma

@chocmagma really like your post. Me too love Korean variety shows a lot, it makes me watch many of them, including RM, Infinity Challenge, WGM, Superman, even tvN and JTBC owned shows beside 1N2D. No point in argue, though I like 1N2D the most, but I love to see jongmin became a guest in IC or taehyun in RM. I found out to understand each charm of the show itself by watching them all. So actually the one who seriously put negativity about other show is actually just watching one particular show s/he supporting. 

appreciate it a lot~~^^ no worries dear, just tell me anytime when you find it~~^^ thank you again!!  

I'm with you, chingu. We learn lots of things by watching different variety shows. And one of them is to respect each person's opinion so long that opinion is not a door to fanwars.

Maybe he/she should try watching other variety shows and to learn the beauty of them. No harm in trying anyway, right? ;)

Couldnt agree more with you, @beyaruth! Just now I read your comments on kshowonline hehehe. You're right, chingu. We are adult. So fighting over this trivial matters should not happen if we know how to respect each other. Humans got their own opinions and preferences regarding people, things, animals, their favorite foods, variety shows, dramas etc, thus we NEED TO LEARN THAT. Fanwars will only end up hurting more fans thus it's good if we prevent it first. Just let them be and we can 'live' happily here :wub:

@kayefaye! I'm also hoping that the x-deal can be done.

What a good insight, @jayne1874! The pairings remind me of the episode where they had to 'transfer' the unicorn ice. Jongmin and Junho's unicorn's name is Yoo Ho Jin bahahaha!

@flybabyfly the members know that, "dont ever challenge the staffs, or even talk about something unbelievable, coz the staffs will turn it into the members' nightmare LOL." I hope they extend it maybe for their anniversary episodes?

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@chocmagma right!! The unicorn named Yoo Ho Jin and they even dare to slap it! OMG I'm still laughing remembering that scene :D :D 

I'm still marveling at his capability of saving a sinking show to once again become the nation's variety show. Call it Na PD successor, ex minion or whatever, the man can do magic. 

He is Ethan Hunt of variety show :D :D 

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Tae-hyun's schedule shows they're filming tomorrow, but Joo-hyuk & Defconn were already spotted today in Jeollado. I can't find photos of the other members.

MOD EDIT: Please do NOT quote images. Thank you. 


They are photos of cth,kjh,kjm, and jjy spotted in kbs recently. Deffcon and joohyuk weren't in the photo. I wonder if they were separated for a challenge/race, or the kbs thing is for a diff episode.



Sorry if my post is messed up. My first time posting hehe. But i've been lurking this forum for months now. I was quoting posts when i'm not supposed to and i'm struggling to edit hahaha. Still getting used to this using my phone :) Love 1n2d. Fighting!

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Guest kayefaye


They are photos of cth,kjh,kjm, and jjy spotted in kbs recently. Deffcon and joohyuk weren't in the photo. I wonder if they were separated for a challenge/race, or the kbs thing is for a diff episode.

Sorry if my post is messed up. My first time posting hehe. But i've been lurking this forum for months now. I was quoting posts when i'm not supposed to and i'm struggling to edit hahaha. Still getting used to this using my phone 

Yup, I posted the KBS photos yesterday. Just a friendly reminder: Don't forget to delete photos when quoting posts so you won't get a warning from the mods. :) 

Welcome to the forum!


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Guest chocmagma

@jayne1874 me too! We can regard that slap as their small revenge towards Yoo PD for putting things hard/difficult for them LOL.

Me too, chingu. The teams must be racking their brains to bring back the show to its original place. As I mentioned before, I'm so grateful Yoo PD decided to stay and take on the 'challenge' to become one of 2D1N's backbone. It's not an easy decision. The same with KJM and CTH. The latter even contemplated at first because he thought if he continues with S3, he might be considered as betraying the members from previous Season. But I'm also grateful to them for deciding to stay. I wonder what happened if them both decided not to stay at first?

Welcome onboard, @Sujin-a! Ahem, CTH's ttal? Hehehe.

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Hi everyone! 

Happy to see this thread thriving with lots of comments and updates as well. This is one of those few instances where I actually look forward to having several pages of catch-up reading to do :)

Loved the last 2 specials. In the latest episode, the scenes which made me laugh the most were the ones:

(1) Where, because of the different set of questions for Team Genius and Team Pathetic, Team Pathetic realized that Joohyuk's being lumped with Team Genius actually put Joohyuk at a disadvantage.  I think it was Taehyun who summed up his team's sentiments by saying, "Poor Joohyuk, he really should have been with us." I laughed in agreement with them and at their genuine pity at and appreciation of the humor in Joohyuk's ironical plight. Which made the reversal that followed a big surprise and sweet, sweet vindication for Joohyuk and his underestimated IQ :)

(2) When Defcon revealed that he actually smelled a strong cigarette smell from the hand of his supposed lady villa-meeting partner but ignored it, thinking that it was something that could be resolved as their relationship progresses.  I laughed hard at this and at the frame that followed showing Defcon's reaction (a pause, then head to one side as if something caught him by surprise and he needed to process it) after kissing Joohyuk's hand.

Speaking of members' growing bromance, has anyone noticed as well that the last 2 specials both start with a close up shot of Jongmin's face wearing a puzzled look, with the camera eventually panning out to reveal Junho at Jongmin's side?  I kept wondering: did they arrive together on both occasions (which would indicate a closer friendship), or did they just happen to be the first two members to arrive on each of those filming dates?

And speaking of PD crushes, mine is Bird PD. Which, I guess, kind of dates me as someone who has to blow more candles on her birthday cake :)

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Rewatched the first anniv episode of season 3 and cth mention that Nov 21 was their first recording for this season. So, let me greet our favorite members,staff and fans a HAPPY SECOND ANNIVERSARY!! #superexcited ahahaha

Hoping for more years,travels, and memories!! :D:D

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Annyeong chingus! I've been backtracking this forum's pages and i can't believe how everyone's been so active. I have been away frm the internet and it makes it difficult to catch up on our fave show on time but I'm glad I've been reading spoilers and etc. that it builts my excitement to go watch those latest episodes. Thanx for all your infos and updates. Everyone seems so diligent. You all are the best! Keep them coming!!:lol:

And welcome member @Sujin-a!!! Welcome to the 1박 cult!!:w00t: And as you had mentioned, Nov 21 is the anniversary our show. I guess that's why they filmed Sat-Sun instead of the usual Fri-Sat time (???). It's supposed to be our 2nd anniversary episode but I'm confused as we are going into the 3rd year, you noe what I mean? LOL It felt like juz yesterday we started this whole season, literally....

And to @beyaruth, sorry for keeping you waiting on that gif. I'll get back to you whn I got time..I'm sorry :( 미안해요....

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Hii everyone.. Running man viewer here..

i watched the last episode and loved it.. i can see why its destroying RM at the moment..

any suggestions for the top funniest/best episodes of season 3

would greatly appreciate it


Hello! Welcome to this thread and thank you for not just liking RM but also 1n2d. :P I was the same as you who started watching RM first before watching 1n2d. But I became active in forums and comment boards only after I fell in love with 1n2d S3.:wub:  Personally, I would recommend you to watch it from the very beginning (Ep.1 if you have time) and onwards so that you will appreciate the members' growth and closeness. This will make it more enjoyable for you, I think if you'll know the foundation of the group with Yoo PD. They had a humble beginning where no one knew that they would get along well and if viewers will like them (somehow there was doubt). Their names and characters were formed in Ep.25 (during their evaluation) based on their actions & reactions in the episodes that they had. Their interactions with their non-celebrity guests and celebrity guests are good too even their interactions with the staff especially during the games when they played together (Ep.35). And I think it would be easier for you to relate to their jokes if you do that... coz most of the time their jokes are based on their past experiences in 1n2d (previous episodes). I hope I had helped you in some ways... :-)

JH - Why became Mr. Sly / Yaps


JJY - Why members grab him to be their team mate and called screball / psycho

tumblr_ny6nthnga61uncg1ho2_400.gif tumblr_n7erkklkGN1ta43vgo6_r1_250.gif

KJM - Why he's the Excited Fool and why he surprises everyone when he wins

tumblr_nv535mLaLw1uncg1ho6_400.gif tumblr_nv535mLaLw1uncg1ho4_400.gif

CTH - Why he's the man with the best reaction


KJH - Why he was labeled by Yoo PD as "his best discovery in variety program" and a new icon of bad luck


Defconn - Why he's the Worry Pig


Yoo PD (& the staff)


They are all out in making the viewers laugh!... LOL!!! :w00t:

(gifs credit to the owners)

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Guest kayefaye

11.22.2015 Ratings

Real Men                                  14.7%

King of Mask Singer                 14.4%

1N2D                                      13.8%

Return of Superman                 13.6%

Kpop Star 5                              11.5%

Running Man                            5.5%


MBC Sunday Night                  13.9%

KBS Happy Sunday                 13.2%

SBS Good Sunday                    8.1%


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@john100 welcome to the club! 

As @beyaruth appointed, it's better to start from the beginning. You can see -and enjoy- how awkward they were at the beginning and slowly slowly building their relationsip and developing their interactions. Until this day where you can see they become a bunch of friends or brothers with same leader/frenemy: Yoo PD.

However, if you don't really have time to catch up all those videos, personally I will recommend to watch:

1. the 1st epusode ; and jump to

2. 1year anniversary trip, for a hearty laugh.

For morr laid back and and touching trips:

1. Seollal in Seoul

2. Backpacking trip

If you like to watch them with guests:

1. countryside Diary with feisty local ahjummas

2. Sring  Mountain Hiking with Davichi's Minkyung

3. Autumn Man trip with Choo Sunghoon

Various guests, Jo Insung and Moon Geunyoung included, have joined their trips but they are at their best without any.

Every member has their own uniqueness. Taehyun never runs out of bad luck and contagious laughter. Jongmin can be a babo or a genius, that remains a mystery. Joohyuk is the oldest but there's nothing much he can do and most of the time the younger ones has to take care of him. Defconn is the ice breaker. Joonyoung is a 4D rocker and often out of orbit. The kid thinks Tolstoy is a car brand. Joonho is a true comedian. When he runs out of ideas to be funny he just takes off his clothes. Lastly, Yoo PD, always tries to be firm with deadpan face but not only once or twice he got tricked and pranked by the members.

I always like it when new member joins and ask for episodes recommendation. Everyone here has their own preferences and reasons behind them. Everyone has their own favorite members. It's always fun to read.

After you get the chance to watch other episodes, please come back and post your comments about them and what do you think about the members :D 


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Guest kayefaye

Guuyyyyyssss.......... No time to be sad about the ratings for now. There's something more important... JOO-HYUK IS LEAVING!!!! They filmed his last episode this weekend.


:( :(

I guess that's why the other five members were seen at KBS last week but not Joo-hyuk, they were probably planning a sendoff. I think his last trip is already what they're showing in the next episode. Gosh, I really did not see this coming.


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