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Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드) - Stream SET ME FREE

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After School Club



Hosts were Jimin and Heejun. Heejun is friend of Ladies' Code, he is Polaris artist and he collaborated with Sojung in this song.
Woosung (The Rose) also was host for previous After School Club episode, but he missed episode with Ladies' Code this time,
because of schedule (I think he is on tour, and probably was in Berlin, Germany)


just some of highlights:


1:12-2:28 "SET ME FREE" in After School Club
51:00-51:40 by fan request, Sojung is singing Beyoncé - Halo.


in addition to full episode, this song quiz:


in 1:56-2:07 , they guess ...


... and talk about ONF song "Why".
ONF promotions for "Why" (and EP "Go Live") mostly coincided with Ladies' Code current promotions.
And ONF "Why" is great.
Previous two minialbums by Ladies' Code were composed by MonoTree composers. All ONF songs were composed by MonoTree, with some exceptions. "Why" is co-composed by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree) and MK (ONF member). So "Why" is one of most recent MonoTree works, and that is another reason, why it is interesting.


additional photos: 1, 2.

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So, ZEPETO is social network/game where you can make custom 3D avatars (with editor, also it allows you to try to make an avatar automatically from photo)

https://www.instagram.com/sojungsauce/ made ZEPETO avatars based on Ladies' Code.
Ashley and Sojung liked this Instagram post, also Sojung commented.


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Two Instagram posts related to Ashley's birthday (no, it was not today, it was back in 2019)

Post by Sojung. If you are OK with sudden intro video, then there are also 9 nice various photos in this post for you.

Post by Christine Park. (More info about Christine Park was posted here).

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Ladies' Code's "Galaxy" M/V has reached 5 Million views on YouTube.


It is 3rd Ladies' Code's M/V with 5 Million or more views, if we look at one M/V instance (from multiple YouTube channels, where Ladies' Code M/Vs are published). After "Bad Girl" and "Kiss Kiss".
If we look at combined YouTube views from official channels, then "Hate You" M/V has 5 Million combined views.
And "Pretty Pretty" M/V too. "Pretty Pretty" is most viewed Ladies' Code's M/V by combined views. "Pretty Pretty" should've reached 5 Million on one M/V instance (was at more than 4 900 000 on Stone Music Entertainment YouTube channel) before "Galaxy".
Instead, "Pretty Pretty" M/V will anyway reach 5 Million on one M/V instance, but this time on Ladies' Code YouTube channel.

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