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♣ Young Do x Rachel (Kim Woo Bin & Kim Ji Won) ♣


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Thank you for this thread. I know I miss the bandwagon but the serie suck and I had no interest in it. 


I didn't watch the heir...but seeing click and gif and these  2 are fire! Hope to see them in the future.


I'm soo obsessed with these two only from the clips. Their character has depth and I felt they both understood each other the most and knew the real "Rachel & Y D". They continue to be there and support/comfort each other.


I'm loving all the fanfic I am able to read. Some links don't work. I'm obsessed hahaha....I created an acct. To be able to spazz hahaa


I would be a series where she is a twin and woo B. And PSJ are her two leading men. 

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