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[Drama 2014] Can We Love 우리가 사랑할 수 있을까


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'우리가 사랑할 수 있을까' 공식 포스터 전격 공개!
credit: JTBC


  • TV Show: Could We Love?
  • Revised romanization:Saranghaedo Dwelkkayo
  • Hangul: 사랑해도 될까요
  • Director: Kim Yoon Chul
  • Writer: Park Min Jung
  • Network: SBS, JTBC
  • Episodes: ??
  • Release Date: 2014-Jan-06 to 2014-???-??
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:45
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea
    A drama about a divorcee headed for forty, a spinster and a full-time housewife. Oh Kyung-soo (Uhm Tae Woong), a movie director who gets involved with a divorced woman named Yoon Jung-wan (Eugene). He is known as a bad tempered and self conceited but Oh Kyung-soo is a skilled director who has received several awards. --Hancinema

    (Eugene ) 39-year-old, divorced mother Bari younger than 1 year old. "Twenty years ago, if you can not go back to 10 years ago," Laughter and tears are many many characters.If you have a little good, a little one liked it then God quickly depressed.Blink blink Bari young is good at lots of mistakes. Introduction of college seniors knew Huen started screenwriter. And then met and married her husband, son, Tai Chi is a very well laid Huen the marriage did not work. Junmo husband was the eldest son of a poor family in a good filial person. However, problems with her husband and sister-in-law went bitbojeung of conflict divorce case was eventually haejyeo. Already one year after the divorce, my parents since my mom with son Iive Taiji her. One was a screenwriter before marriage wongoryo but have not managed to obtain received. Let's proposal received only one place I know that is divorced integration masterpiece was the only stand.richard simmons ... I'm married, and her father, why so hard to live in the mountains of sin I've only got to think you do not know hard it is.

    Oh Kyung Soo (Uhm Tae Woong minutes)
    Cannes Film Festival award-winning genius director. "People are going lone original, so do not do it alone hard to pretend ..."Republic of Korea has produced world-class filmmaker. Handsome face and a body like a piece of hard water is also famous as a 19-year-old in a short film debuted in various film swept the awards.Flaming Charisma also work in the field as an actress so great, but all are rejected rumors that sagwijago deombyeot.Toei Toei's cousin's house, he is as good as the son of a rich family. Birth of their child, but want to see the body also make contact with the mother is not even once. Water does not even remember who the mother's mother who was abandoned 'him of the fact that life and work of tagging along to make a shadow force.
    2620C93952C51D3F1DE25DKim Sun Mi - (Kim Yoo Mi )
    39-year-old, known as the representative of the spinster Miss Gold. "You're so lonely eopeot ever do anything crazy, lonely and wanted to remember so mean" to fix a program that are most often appeared in the house interior stylist. His father was a university professor and a large cadre of mother, her childhood was a rich center of the world was his. However, when the freshman father died of cancer, In the year to net five in a car accident and his mother left her side. Only be infinitely happy you away stern old orphan. Studying in France back thirty years, noticed his own company, was later triumphantly interior stylist. Gold Miss successful enough to be called a representative image neolryeojin Unlike dizzying monologue at home hugging a dog to fall asleep while building a reality.
    Gwonjihyeon ( choejeongyun )
    39-year-old, the envy of all housewives "You want me to have split it? What's wrong with it so you do not even dead, I'd probably" down elegance and sophistication is now the wife of a rich man armed with a yen tomboy in her student days, but manly was a curious girl. No matter how poor parents who struggled to renovate Amy's house all the time. Haejun man will understand that she was the only person. Andoyoung was her first love. Against the opposition of the house two budithija me ... and my parents were. How did that but what Amy is back again to the family. And married someone else. Gyusik where she married a man of the house does not fall into one person. However, the mother-in-law is still objectionable and that annoys Amy. Amy secretly drinking sake with friends Tobacco stressful and sometimes loose. I know her, but then, I do not have split. Then her head is complicated these days. Toei will encounter first love in the past.
    Andoyoung ( Kim Sung Soo)
    Hunnam studios represented, "why the hell away from that?'m Still living I never forget" jeongwan this work represents the studios. Junmo jeongwan is married to the former husband of a spoiled rich man. Daughter, brother of the race as well. Without excitement, but always discreet smile of gentle charisma and a lot of people will follow. In fact, he is Amy's first love. I live in a house without any moderation tackle college dating a woman he met on a blind date with Amy was. But he went away, Amy holyeon. Relative fit of anger jeonghaeju married parents. Was not a happy marriage without love eventually started a few months to begin separation, divorce, married the year saw no no. Then he sipmyeot years, her first love, Amy meet again. The chance to work as a screenwriter jeongwan friends, wife of investors, but she is alive and well too. She feels betrayed once to look at the date. Resignation for Amy to go around so she was not forced to leave their real reason I want to know is restarted.

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Yeo Jin-gu and Kim So-hyun potentially together again

Yeo Jin-gu in a new drama where he plays the main character? Rejoice! And here I thought we’d have to wait years and years for this budding superstar to headline a drama, held back by his youth if not by his magnetic screen presence and oodles of charisma.
The new drama is called Could We Love?, and reports state that Yeo Jin-gu is “favorably considering” it. What’s even funnier/odder/potentially better(?) is that if he takes it, his potential leading lady is none other than Kim So-hyun. I know, it sounds like something straight out of fanfic-fueled fantasies, right? Can you believe this’ll be their third time romancing each other and he’s still only fifteen? (To make you feel even older, she’s only thirteen, though she’s just a few months shy of her fourteenth birthday.)

It’s both great (since they’re adorable together) and perplexing (since surely, surely there are more than two viable actors in dramaland to pick from, without throwing the same pairs together all the time?). My first thought was to wonder whether their Moon/Sun co-star Kim Yoo-jung was too busy — the least the ladies could do is trade off starring with him, right? Although hilariously, that would make a third time for the Jin-gu & Yoo-jung pairing too (they were adorable little tykes together in 2008′s Iljimae), so maybe it all evens out.

Casting and chemistry aside, my favorite part of the news is that this drama, which is being developed by SBS as a Wednesday-Thursday show, is NOT just throwing them together for a couple episodes as the child actors for an adult romance. Nope, it’s a high school romance, where they’ll be the main characters the whole way through. Awwww. There have been a few shows centering around younger stars, but they haven’t typically been the big dramas — usually they’re smaller cable shows or Drama Specials or low-budget non-prime-time productions.
The character Yeo Jin-gu would play is a rebellious teenage delinquent, which should be a great change of pace for him (after playing wise young princes or warm-hearted nice guys). Kim So-hyun’s potential role would be the girl with a one-sided crush on our hero. Maybe this time they can make it work in a simple sweet story devoid of murders, amnesia, rape, and bigamy. Is that too much to ask for, dramaland?
Could We Love? is another collaboration between the PD and writer of Dr. Champ and Scent of a Woman, which means it’s bound to look gorgeous with that amazing hi-def camera. It’s set to air following the new Wednesday-Thursday drama All About My Romance, for a June premiere.
Via TV Report, Dramabeans

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Yeo Jin-goo and Kim So-hyeon-I's third reunion


Kid actor and actress Yeo Jin-goo and Kim So-hyeon-I are reuniting again.

They are starring in the SBS drama "Can We Love??" which comes after "Everything About My Relationship".

Yeo Jin-goo and Kim So-hyeon-I have worked together on the MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon"and "Missing You".

"Can We Love??" is a romantic mellow drama in which Kim and Yeo star as the lead roles.

This drama will be aired in June.

© Hancinema

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I read that Kim So Hyun is the second lead - this story will be about a 17 year old 'bad boy' falling in love with a 27 year old unemployed cello player (or something like that). They haven't cast the main female lead yet.

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Guest facing

class="articletitle"Yoon Sang Hyun Considering Role In “Can We Love?”


Two years have passed since actor Yoon Sang Hyeon was in a drama and for his fans that it way too long.

Fortunately, he is considering a comeback with the SBS series, "Can We Love?" If he takes that role, it will be his first since playing a divorce lawyer coping with the breakup of his own marriage in the drama, "Can't Lose."

"Can We Love?" will take place in a restaurant and the plot focuses on the love between a young man and an older woman.

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Yeo Jin Goo is said to be playing the role of the younger man and as yet no one has been confirmed for the older woman. Yeo Jin Goo played the young Park Yoochun in "Missing You." In this drama, he will be reunited with actress Kim So Hyeon I, who played the young Yoon Eun Hye in "Missing You" and also appeared with him in "The Moon Embracing The Sun." There is yet no word on the role she will play in this drama.

Yoon Sang Hyeon will complete the younger man-older woman love triangle and thereby help create the conflict. It's not his first time playing the third wheel in a love triangle, with his most famous attempt being the role of Oska, the almost has-been Hallyu star in "Secret Garden."

Yoon has also proven that it is never to late to become a Hallyu star. He made his way into show business at the remarkably mature age of 32, when he appeared in the series, "Marrying a Millionaire."

His breakthrough performance happened in 2009 when he played the immature chaebol Tae Bong in "Queen of Housewives." The same year he starred with Yoon Eun Hye in "My Fair Lady." This time she was the spoiled heiress and he was her butler, Dong Chan, the only person she could really rely on.

Not satisfied with endearing himself to drama lovers, Yoon also decided to have a musical career. He released a Japanese single, "Saigo no Ame," which sped up the Oricon charts. Then he contributed to the soundtrack of "Secret Garden" and gave a special Secret Garden concert. Since then, he has released another album, "Precious Days" and appeared in the series "Can't Lose," with Choi Ji Woo.

Only last year, he appeared in his first film "Tone Deaf Clinic," as a vocal coach. Fans are looking forward to his comeback.


Yeo Jin Goo & Yoon Sang Hyun in love triangle? lol

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Woke up this morning and read these BAD NEWS! 

Actor Yeo Jin Goo, who’s grown up right before viewers’ eyes into a handsome young man, will not be taking to the small screen soon on SBS as planned.

Originally, ‘Can I Love’ was planned to air after the currently airing drama, ‘All About My Romance‘, but plans have fallen through. The drama is a romance drama and would have been Yeo Jin Goo’s first main leading role. Fans had also been looking forward to the drama since it was rumored to have cast Kim So Hyun and Yoon Sang Hyun as well.

However, since the plans with SBS have fallen through, the future of the project remains uncertain. One representative said, “Because of problems with the script and the filming schedule, we decided to extend the organization process after conferring with SBS.

Instead of ‘Can I Love’, ‘I Can Hear Your Voice‘ will be airing after ‘All About My Romance’.
from AKP

It says 'fallen thru' what does it mean? Its postponed? Or YJG never will star in it?Oh... so sad... :(
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Guest jordi

mekeo117 said:Oh dear so they are left without a drama for this slot ? This [  I can Hear your Voice ]  is a drama or those special dramas ( you know those 2 or 3 episodes kind ?) . Wonder what happen

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