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[Taiwanese Drama 2013] Deja Vu 回到爱以前


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Guest Eiza Zazhan

Hi guys.... Do u know where can i download this drama? I like to keep it since the storyline is interesting. I cant watch at Viki since it is not open to my region :(
Actually, I hope for Hai Lin to be with the second lead :)

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Episode 19 Preview

English Translation by sugarplum892Hai Lin: Shih Wei in fact does treat me well, I should accept him...
Man: You wanted me to take Hai Lin's car to the shop to get it checked, right?  The results are out.
Shih Wei: Indeed someone did touch the car Can you help me get the road's security camera?  I want to know who wants to harm my Hai Lin.
Sister: It's all in the past, and its you who Shih Wei likes now.  
Hai Lin: How could I've become a home wrecker in my sister's relationship?

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@sugarplum892, thanks for preview! 
I feel like once again the ending will be rushed..so within 2 episodes, HL will probably get her memory back only to realize the pain she has caused to XW. Hopefully, their relationship will strengthen, despite the incidents.

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@thunderman1 you're welcome! :D
Episode 22 Preview

YX: We haven't been like this for a long time...haven't chatted like this for a long time
Man: You think too kindly of your sister.  There's lots of reasons why you and Shih Wei were able to get together
Hai Lin: Sis, was it really you who caused the car accident?

YX: yes, it was me.  It's because I couldn't wait for you to be dead!
You've made a bad mistake
Man: What are you acting for? Nobody will believe you anymore

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Episode 21 PreviewRough English translation by sugarplum892

Mom: YX is in a bad condition.  Please go and visit her, I beg of you.  
YX: What are they doing here?
Mom: They want to help you!
YX: I want them to know, it is because of them that I can't live on anymoreI really don't want to accept your ??It's just like our past(Couldn't catch this part)
SW: I hope you'll be able to live well

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