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[Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ

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On 17/01/2016 at 1:37 AM, clockwatcher said:

Just came to drop a hug for my Nareki friends. I didn't watch 88 but heard it was controversial. I hope those who watched got a good ending and those who didn't {{hugs}}.


I didn't live watch R88 (I ended up watching it a couple of months after because my brother wanted my opinion on the show lol). By the last 5 or so episodes I did not care who Deoksun ended up with but I was surprised it wasn't Junghwan simply because Taek was barely there half the time. It kind of felt like they randomly threw in a plot twist just to make it "interesting" because everyone else stole the main "intrigue" thunder lol.

I'm disappointed that they didn't have the rest of the Reply 94 cast do a cameo in the show and it was just Jung Woo. That being said I really liked how they tied in him going to get Najung in the rain with him skipping out on the blind date essentially helping to setup Sunwoo & Bora.

How about Jung Woo ! Not only is he married now but also soon to be a father, time sure does fly.

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