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[Official Thread] ღ Sung Na Jeong ♥ Sseureki Kim Jae Joon a.k.a "NAREKI Couple" from REPLY 1994 ღ

the girl who!

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A Thread for Jung Woo & Go Ah Ra / Trash & Na Jung shippers / fans / supporters !!!! WELCOME ^^


Name: 아라 / AraFull name: 고아라 / Ko Ara (Go Ara)Profession: Model and actressBirthdate: 1990-Feb-11Birthplace: Jinju, South Gyeongsang, South KoreaHeight: 170cmWeight: 45kgStar sign: AquariusBlood type: AFamily: Younger brotherEducation: ChungAng University (Theater degree)Hobbies: Listening to music and playing the fluteLanguages: Korean and JapaneseReligion: ProtestantTalent agency: SM Entertainment

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2008 Model of the Year2008 Swiss Friends Ambassador2007 Mnet 20's Choice Awards: Barbie Girl Award2007 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress Award (Snow Flower)2007 Andre Kim's Awards: Best New Star Award (Snow Flower)2006 SBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress Award (Snow Flower)2005 Ambassador of Farming and Forestry2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Young Actress Award (Sharp 1)2003 SM Entertainment 5th Anniversary Teen Model Contest: Winner

Birth Date: January 14 , 1981Profession: ActorAge : 32Height: 180 cmWeight: 70 kgEducation : Kyung Hee University Hobbies : Box , taekwondo , singing Talent agency: Bel Actors
Reply 1994 (tvN, 2013)You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin(KBS2, 2013)Drama Special Season 3 - The Great Dipper (KBS2, 2012)Roses and Dandelions (MBC, 2010)Green Coach (SBS, 2009)Cinderella Man (MBC, 2009)Bad Love (KBS, 2007)I Hate You, But It's Fine (KBS1, 2007)Princess Lulu (SBS, 2005)Sad Love Song (MBC, 2005)
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Baram (2009)
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* This thread is still in construction *

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Evidence #1 : Stuffed gorilla & seal position in 1994 mirroring groom & Najeong position in 2002
- contributed by @ceressi - (I think this is by far the most concrete hint..)

Both scene happened at epsd 6... One in 1994, later in 2002.. I was wondering the gorilla and seal in 1994 scene in epsd 6 was mirroring what scene in epsd 6..??? Keep looking at ep 6 1994 scenes and find no scene matched it.. but korean fans hawk eyes found that it was apparently matched with 2002 scene one in epsd 6.. LOL.. Hmm????? Daebak! ^^

Evidence #2 : Oppa dislike the idea of Najeong going to see Sangmin oppa (1994 AND 2002)

Najeong telling Oppa she's going to Goonsan on the weekend. And Oppa vehemently against the idea. This totally reminds me of their wedding day when Yoonjin said to run away now or she wouldn't be able to see Sangmin oppa after she got married. To which she replied that she already got permission from her fiancee' that she can watch weekend game ;-) Oppa is jealous of Sangmin oppa just like SCP is jealous of Seo Taiji.
Evidence #3 : Trash's video player in 1994 AND 2013

- contributed by @ceressi -
Trash video player from 1994, 1995 till 2013.. XDDI know there is argument that maybe because lack of properties to play video, so they still used Trash video player in 2013..Yeah they must be so that careless i think ^^ when they take close up shot of the video player countless time in 1994 and especially when they even care to take a close up shot in 2013 when Najung pushed the 'play' tombol in 2013.. 
Evidence #4 : Dad not willing to hand over Najeong to the groom

- contributed by @skeletonworks -
During their wedding ceremony, Dad seemed reluctant to hand the bride to the groom. He's probably doing it as a joke. But I just can't help feeling there's something to it. Because in my mind, if it's Trash the husband, this is the kind of scene that I'd expect from the Dad. But if it's Chilbong, he'd gladly hand the bride because he adores CB so much.
Evidence #5 : Absent-minded Oppa always forgot his wallet from 1994 - 2013
- contributed by @milonettix -
In episode 2, Oppa repeatedly forgot his wallet, as Najung yelled, "your wallet is in Edwin jeans back pocket," and that moment Omma also reminded him, "have you brought your wallet?" before taking off & bought Najung her snacks, then on 2013 scene Najung threw the wallet to her husband before the guys went off to buy the beers.
Evidence #6 : A ground-breaking discovery by @blue_angel_1004 
Read here:http://belectricground.com/2013/12/11/my-analysis-of-who-is-na-jeongs-husband/comment-page-1/#comment-261939
Evidence #7 : Mayo incident in 2013
- contributed by @old_soul -
How about the mayo incident in 2013?  Na-jung is seen cleaning her face while looking at her wedding photo and talking to herself about "him" being 43 and still not acting his age.  By mentioning the actual age we know that only one person in the group is old enough to be 43, and that is Oppa.  But the point is the camera briefly focused on the wedding photo while she was talking to herself. 
Evidence #8 : Trash oppa = Number "3"

- contributed by @ceressi -
Trash car number is 2703, and the most funny things is everytime the scene related to najung/pick up Najung the plat number is 2703, but when he was pick up another woman, the plat is 2700.. kkkkkkkTrash student number 9033013Trash as the 3rd year medical studentTrash is the 3rd son from his family.. Trash confession date is 3rd July 1995Najung confession to Trash date is 30 December 1994
And in the present time we haveThe apartment number is 3303Najung has 3 kids
Evidence #9 : Reading the same book

- contributed by @ceressi - 

Evidence #10 : Dad calling the son-in-law ugly in 2002

- contributed by @kalchi -
Seong Dong-Il appa would never say this to Bongie, would he. Because we know how much he favors Bong. He will only say things like this to Sseureki or...Haitai/SCP/Pasha oppa   But we're going to take Haitai out of this equation since Haitai/NJ are likely just bestfriends.
Evidence #11 : Kim Jae-suk, Kim Jae-young, Kim Jae-joon????
- contributed by @kalchi & @VioletG -
We know Sseureki Oppa's family name is Kim right. Oppa's hyung who got married in Ep 12 is Kim Jae-Suk. Pasha Oppa's real name is Kim Jae-Young. There's a very high possibility that Sseureki's name starts with Kim-Jae as well. Well, I know Bongie's name is also Joon, but I'm just saying that Oppa has higher chance here heee since Bong's surname has not yet been revealed. Plus, it would be too much coincident to have two Kim Jae- on the same show .Chilbong's name was revealed to have "Joon". And his surname is also "Kim" but there was a conversation about Binggrae and Chilbong's name that they have the same character in their names. If Binggrae also have a "Joon" in his name, he won't call Chilbong "Joon." Also, Binggrae's brother's name is "Dong Woo" an since it's common in Korea that brothers have the same character in their names, I'm guessing Binggrae's name also starts with "Dong", thus, this character could be what the character he shares with Chilbong. Meaning, Chilbong's name could be "Kim Dong Joon." 

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Guest StarryAyu

reply-1994.jpg?resize=770%2C472Don't know if anyone pointed it out... Oppa and Na Jung are both wearing striped shirts, jeans and same colour shoes....(couple outfits?)


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