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[Variety] Grandpas over Flowers 꽃보다 할배

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i went to the  link you put for GOF Greece eng subs and it takes me to  videos that are 1 minute long..Help

Simple Tutorial, Hope it Help :

1. click Ep 1


2. Click Show More , i mark it


3. you'll see streaming link and download link, streaming link divided into 2 part (download link too but it not shown on Youtube, i here i choice streaming link, click part 1


4. wait until the countdown is finish and Skip ad


5. wait until the video playing and choice between HD, 320p, 720p in the bottom, in this case i choice HD and since i am using IDM i just click the IDM button once it appear, and DONE ^^


 PS : i have completed my Collection Paris, Taiwan, Spain and Grecee hiyaaaa ^^

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September 20, 2015

Choi Ji-woo’s variety show, soap are hits

A local entertainment network tvN’s variety shows and soap starring actress Choi Ji-woo continued to be hits. 

Choi first appeared on tvN’s “Three Meals a Day” as a guest last year, capturing the hearts of viewers as well as the host Lee Seo-jin with her candid personality. 

Later, Lee and Choi met again in the same network’s travel-reality show “Grandpas Over Flowers” produced by the same director Na Young-seok. 

The episode featuring Choi gained the highest ratings with 9.52 percent among all the “Granpas” series. 

The 40-year-old actress recently returned to the small screen to star in tvN’s drama “Twenty Again,” which is also well received with over 6 percent ratings. 

“Twenty Again” features a story about the 38-year-old No-ra (Choi Ji-woo), who is mistakenly diagnosed with cancer and decides to go back to school to experience college life.



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December 26, 2015

‘Grandpas’ to get U.S. adaptation

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

A U.S. version of the popular Korean reality TV show “Grandpas over Flowers” is scheduled to hit American airwaves in the first half of next year on NBC. 

This is the first time a Korean television show format has been adapted for U.S. audiences.

On Thursday, “Grandpas over Flowers” producer Na Young-seok shared details in a roundtable interview about the upcoming series, titled “Better Late than Never.” 

Taking the lead will be former “Star Trek” star William Shatner; Henry Winkler of “Happy Days” fame; former football quarterback Terry Bradshaw and former professional boxer and spokesman George Foreman. 

The show will follow the same format as the Korean version, in which the cast’s four senior actors are escorted around each destination by a younger counterpart. 

In the American version, actor and comedian Jeff Dye has been tapped to serve as tour guide. 

“NBC purchased the TV show format the year before last, and the broadcaster spent a year on preparations,” Na said. “It began shooting last fall, and as far as I know, they are adding final touches. It took them three years to produce the show.” 

Na added that he has been in talks with producers over the adaptation. 

However, he remained cautious when asked about the chances for the show’s success in the United States. 

“It’s hard to expect whether it will be a hit because it may not appeal to the U.S. viewers,” he said. 

“Grandpas over Flower” first aired in July 2013. Na has produced all four seasons. 

By Sung So-young 

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December 27, 2015

‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ U.S. version to air on NBC


American broadcaster NBC will be airing its version of Korean reality program “Grandpas Over Flowers” early next year, marking the first time an exported Korean television format is being produced and broadcast in the U.S.

The travel reality show, which originally aired on Korean cable network tvN and starred four elderly actors on backpacking trips abroad, will be titled “Better Late Than Never” in the U.S. and is set to begin airing on NBC early next year, the original show’s producer-director Na Young-seok revealed in an interview with Yonhap news agency.

“NBC bought the rights (to ‘Grandpas’) two years ago. After a year of preparation, they began shooting last fall. I believe they are currently in the last stage of production,” said Na, who said he has been corresponding with the NBC production staff via email. “It has taken around three years to complete one season.”

The American version will star celebrities in the twilight of life traveling to various corners of the world, ticking off boxes on their bucket lists.

According to the Yonhap report, the cast will include actor William Shatner, 84, known for his role as Captain Kirk in the “Star Trek” series; Henry Winkler, 70, star of the 1970’s hit sitcom “Happy Days”; former American football quarterback Terry Bradshow, 67; and former heavyweight boxer George Foreman, 77. Jeff Dye, 32-year-old comedian-actor, will star as the equivalent of actor Lee Seo-jin in the original series, serving as a porter and tour guide of sorts. 

On whether the show will be successful in the U.S., Na commented: “We’ll have to open the lid and see. It’s difficult to guarantee whether the show’s sentiment will appeal to American viewers.”

“Grandpas” has aired four successful seasons in Korea so far, following the cast’s travels to France, Taiwan, Spain, and Greece. The series has often been linked with the increasing number of Korean tourists to the featured locations. 

Previously, Chinese versions of “Grandpas” and its spinoff “Sisters Over Flowers,” also directed by Na, have successfully aired, the report said. 

Other Korean TV series formats, including makeover show “Let Me In” and singing audition program “Superstar K,” have also been exported to Thailand and China in recent years in what has been called a pan-Asian boom of Korean media content. 

Na, known for putting the spotlight on the quaint and the everyday, has a number of hit travel- and cooking- focused shows under his belt, including the popular reality-variety show “2 Days and 1 Night,” which has been airing since 2007, and most recently, “Three Meals a Day.”

By Rumy Doo (bigbird@heraldcorp.com)

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December 28, 2015

Lee Seo Jin returns to small screen

Source: The Korea Times


Lee Seo-jin /Korea Times file

Actor Lee Seo-jin, 44, will appear in MBC's new Saturday-Sunday TV drama, tentatively titled "100 days' Wife."

The drama is a story about a terminally-ill single mother who enters into a contract marriage for her daughter. Lee plays the role of the male protagonist, that of a veteran song writer, Han Ji-hoon, who is popular among women for his good manners.

Lee's last small screen role was last year with the drama "Good Days" that aired on KBS. Since then, he has appeared in various popular reality TV shows such as "Grandpas Over Flowers" and "Three Meals a Day."

The new drama will air in February next year.


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February 4, 2016

Choi Ji-woo denies romance with ex co-star

Source: The Korea Times


Choi Ji-woo and Lee Seo-jin from "Grandpas over Flowers" on tvN

Actress Choi Ji-woo has denied that she is dating actor Lee Seo-jin, with whom she worked on a TV variety show.

Choi, 40, and Lee, 45, worked on tvN's "Grandpas over Flowers" in 2015. The travel reality show featured four actors in their seventies ― Lee Soon-jae, Shin Goo, Park Geun-hyung and Baek Il-seob ― as they go on an overseas backpacking tour with Lee and Choi.  



"Like for Likes" poster

Choi told the online daily TV Report that people encouraged her to go out with Lee after they had appeared on the program. But she asked rhetorically, "Does co-stars mean a dating partner after all?

Choi recently starred in the romantic comedy "Like for Likes," a movie about people finding unexpected romance with someone they meet online.


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Lee Seojin "Ok Taecyeon has enough qualities as a 'Grandpas over flowers' porter"
Source: Ten Asia via NAVER

Lee Seojin revealed that he wanted to go with Ok Taecyeon for 'Grandpas over flowers'.

On the third, Lee Seojin expressed his affection towards tvN 'Grandpas over flowers' at a restaurant located in Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gu Yeouido for MBC 'Marriage Contact' interview by stating, "If the 'Grandpas over flowers' teachers attend, I think I must go as well."

He revealed a conversation with Producer Na Youngseok, "If the 'Grandpas over flowers' members change, then I will not go.... I must have someone with me. Then Producer Na replied, 'You have to suffer.' I kept recommending Ok Taecyeon. He liked to travel, drinks well, strong, and claimed all qualities to be a porter."

At the question, would Ok Taecyeon want to go to 'Grandpas over flowers', Lee Seojin responded while laughing, "His intentions are not important. He's going with us if we invite him."

[+28 -0] I want to watch Lee Seojin and Ok Taecyeon go to 'Grandpas over flowers' together.

[+25 -0] Ok Taecyeon must a be really an all right fellow considering how Lee Seojin is recommending him~~!!

[+17 -0] I think Lee Seojin's variety shows are higher class and funnier compared to comedians' loudness and overreactions in body gag to force laughter.

[+16 -0] I also want to recommend Ok Idiot (Bingu) as a porterㅋㅋ

[+8 -0] I hope that it really happens~~~ I want to see both porters~

source : 2PMedia_

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1 hour ago, duldulok said:


The moment I saw the notice there's a new post on this thread I jumped and thought 'yay! there's a new trip in the offing!'Not quite but now that I read @duldulok's post I hope NaPD listens to Seojinnie this time and lets Taecyeon tag along! It's so Seojin to say this: "His intentions are not important. He's going with us if we invite him." Goes to show how close they've really become. NaPD make it happen before he goes off to military service!

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On 5/9/2016 at 9:41 PM, calypso73 said:


The moment I saw the notice there's a new post on this thread I jumped and thought 'yay! there's a new trip in the offing!'Not quite but now that I read @duldulok's post I hope NaPD listens to Seojinnie this time and lets Taecyeon tag along! It's so Seojin to say this: "His intentions are not important. He's going with us if we invite him." Goes to show how close they've really become. NaPD make it happen before he goes off to military service!

Sorry >.< It's not what you expected hehe.. I hope so! Na PD, please make it happen :bawling:

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June 7, 2016

Korean formats seek success abroad
Broadcasters should look abroad, but not only to China, experts advise

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


Four celebrities and a comedian host will be starring in “Better Late than Never,” the U.S. version of the Korean reality program “Grandpas Over Flowers” (inset). The show will begin airing on NBC on Aug. 23. [NBC, tvN]

“The Great British Bake Off” is currently one of the hottest TV programs in the United Kingdom.

The show is a baking competition involving ordinary citizens. The last episode of its sixth season was watched by more than 13 million people, recording the highest viewership record in the U.K. since the final match of the 2014 World Cup. 

Rights to remake the popular cooking show have been sold in more than 20 countries, including Australia, Germany, Brazil and the United States. The remake is according to each country’s style, with different hosts and participants.

Similarly, the format of another British reality show, “The Great Sewing Bee,” a competition for amateur sewers, has been sold to six European countries.

Gary Carter, the former co-CEO of international operations at Endemol Shine Group, recently visited Seoul and gave advice on marketing TV formats abroad.

“Following cooking, making crafts such as sewing, baking and pottery have become the center of the global format industry,” said the global format specialist, who last month attended the “2016 Global Format Development Workshop” hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Kocca). 

Other TV format experts also attended the event to make suggestions. Michel Rodrigue, CEO and partner at The Format People Group, advised “not to solely focus on the Chinese market.”

The Chinese version of the hit Korean variety show “Running Man” (inset) is jointly produced by Korean broadcaster SBS and Chinese broadcaster Zhejiang TV. Now in its fourth season, the program started airing in 2014. [SBS, Zhejiang TV]

Within the TV entertainment industry, China is one of the fastest-growing markets, into which Korean formats have already advanced. According to Kocca, Korean formats rank fourth in China in terms of market share with 14.3 percent, after the United States (26.5 percent), the United Kingdom (20.4 percent) and the Netherlands (16.3 percent). 

Despite the market’s attractiveness, Rodrigue noted that “a format that has been made to fit the Chinese market is difficult to be exported elsewhere, and therefore, [Korea] should think about another option in the long run.”

As for the Korean reality program “Grandpas Over Flowers,” the format of which was sold in the United States, where it will start airing in late August under the title “Better Late than Never,” Rodirigue said the U.S. version will be a stepping stone for Korean formats globally. 

“Other countries that bought the rights for the show will also be watching the American version of the format,” he said. “If the American version succeeds, other Korean formats will also receive international attention.”

Justin Scroggie, CEO and partner at The Format People Group, explained how the British format market grew to make up 45 percent of the format industry. 

In Britain, the broadcasting company gets 15 percent of the format’s profits, while the production company receives the remaining 85 percent, he said, adding that this was established as law 20 years ago.

The sale of formats, which allows buyers to localize TV programs, has become an important part of the broadcasting industry since the 1990s. 

“While the entire growth rate of the foreign broadcasting market is around 3 to 5 percent, the growth rate of the format market is approximately 10 percent,” said Lee Jun-geun, the director general of Kocca.

BY LEE HOO-NAM [jin.minji@joongang.co.kr]

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