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[Variety] Grandpas over Flowers 꽃보다 할배

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Where i've been from all this time.....

I dont know there is Grandpas Over Flower thread....hahahha....

I fully watched the first series on Mnet...and now they aired about episode2 in 2nd season along with Choi Ji Woo....last episode i watched was when they went to Dubai at Burj Khalifa....

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April 24, 2015
‘Grandpas over Flower’, do not envy other ground wave programs… Top on viewers’ rating for 5 weeks  Source: Innolife.com14177_1.jpg
‘Grandpas over Flower’ left 5 weeks straight high top on viewer’s rating.
tvN ‘Grandpas over Flower’ broadcasted on April 24th ranked top on viewer’s rating that average 8.6% and top 10.1% (Nielson Korea) for 5 weeks straight.
With the various charms of 4 flower grandpas like Lee Soon-Jae, Shin Goo, Park Geun-Hyeong and Baek Il-Seop added to the sweet charms of Choi Ji-Woo and Lee Seo-Jin, they made viewers fall into the fun of ‘Grandpas over Flower’. 
The story of flower grandpas visiting Meteora to Korinthos shows the fruitful charm of Greece. Especially Baek Il-Seop’s frank heart to Park Geun-Hyeong leaving early due to his personal schedule and Park Geun-Hyeong leaving for Korea with heart left behind in Greece.
In Greece Choi Ji-Woo’s frank attraction was vitamin of the trip. She took care of the grandpas like a granddaughter. Lee Soon Jae said, “She is so like a daughter. It will be great to have such daughter.” Choi Ji-Woo even guided the Corinth trip without the original porter Lee Seo-Jin.
Meantime, the next episode of ‘Grandpas over Flowers in Greece’ will show another trip to Santorini. [Photo=tvN]

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April 26, 2015
Lee Seo Jin Loses His Temper with Choi Ji Woo on “Grandpas Over Flowers”
kiddy_days Soompi
Lee Seo Jin lost his temper on “Grandpas Over Flowers,” surprising viewers as well as fellow cast member Choi Ji Woo.

On the April 24 episode of tvN’s “Grandpas Over Flowers,” the “grandpas” as well as the porters Lee Seo Jin and Choi Ji Woo continue to enjoy their time in Greece.
They enjoy a lunch of lamb ribs and Greek salad, but when it comes time for them to pay for their meal, Choi Ji Woo looks nervous, looking for Lee Seo Jin.
Lee Seo Jin returns from the bathroom a little bit later, and Choi Ji Woo sends signals for him to give her the money, saying, “It didn’t cost as much as I thought.” However, Lee Seo Jin replies coldly, “So pay!”
Choi Ji Woo responds, “You pay! I don’t have any money.” At that, Lee Seo Jin seems to finally lose his temper, saying angrily, “What did you do with all the money?”
Choi Ji Woo is taken aback and feeling betrayed and disappointed, says, “Did we travel separately? We went around together and had coffee together and he got angry at me.”
Meanwhile, Lee Seo Jin immediately regrets that he got angry at Choi Ji Woo and says, “Okay, okay,” and finally hands over the money. Choi Ji Woo is quick to set aside her feelings of disappointment and reaches for the money, inciting laughter.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Grandpas Over Flowers” airs every Friday at 9:45 p.m. KST.
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April 25, 2015
by breathlesssurvival
I know Lee Seo Jin has his detractors but he’s totally wicked in Grandpas Over Flowers all the time. And I mean wicked in every sense. He was sooooo happy when the staff lost their way even though they tried trailing him from behind. And of course, Choi Ji Woo has her usual money wars with him.
Haha. CJW may be afraid of heights but she does love taking photos. She gets into fashion shoot mode, with Take My Breath Away playin’ in the background. TOP GUN. Loved that movie. It will always be my favourite Tom Cruise movie. Gotta say I love Na PD and his humorous but fitting choices for background music.  Anyway, Na PD just had to remind viewers how smug CJW was of her stamina before the trip – and we cut to her panting like a tired puppy as she climbs up the stairs. Thing is , the halbaes have already scaled the stairs. Damn. They are in the pink of health. They laugh indulgently as they wait for CJW to join them for a photo – so sweet.
Read the rest of the recap at breathlesssurvival, of courseimage

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Maybe many have not heard about this.. do read beforehand to avoid any panic-attacks later.

Post dated April 24, 2015
Soompi Forums is moving!! (on Tuesday, April 28)


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Guest prism2103

just watched e5. the lunch quarrelling was nothing. but seo jin was really cute to ask ji woo to go out after they settled on the gramps to their sleeping arrangements. he may be gruff but seems very much like a sweet oppa to jiwoo :x then jiwoo asks seojin shall we buy roasted chestnut? she adds the gramps will like it and he obviously says no. but when jiwoo frowns seojin smiles d'awww. & the elevator. hahaha seojin's all shy being so close to jiwoo. u guys.ive only begun to watch grandpa over flowers recently. LOVE the halbaes! they are all so fun & sweet. especially il-sub halbae  he looks like the grumpy teddy bear. but they are all so sweet & seo jin is hilarious w his money ways. only choi ji woo can beat him. 
for more wonderful recaps do check out dramabeans (love their humour & clear ways of recaping)http://www.dramabeans.com/tag/grandpas-over-flowers/ the most recent recap they have is E4 greece02-00327a.jpg

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The Four ‘Flower Grandapas’ Reveal Their Love Stories

[by Sora Ghim] The four ‘flower grandpas’ Lee Soon Jae, Shin Goo, Park Geun Hyung, and Baek Il Seob appeared on TV Chosun’s ‘Daechan Life’ and revealed their special romance.

The eldest of the group, Lee Soon Jae is a graduate of Seoul National University and boasts chiseled features. Doing his friend a favor, Lee Soon Jae took over Myeongsung Girls High School’s drama club where he first met his wife. His wife was the older sister of a member of the club who stood out amongst the others. With his in-law’s active support, he married his wife in 1966. A dance major at Ewha Women's University, Lee Soon Jae’s wife was a talented dancer who gave it up to support her husband. She sold her son’s first birthday ring and opened up a restaurant, becoming the queen of housewives.

Shin Goo was the protagonist of a romance that preceded his generation. Dating for 6 years, Shin Goo had no choice but to break up because his wife left for America. However, Shin Goo worked hard to change her heart. Due to his financial state, he had no choice but to push back the wedding and was finally able to become a married couple when he was 39 years old. In addition, he had a shotgun wedding, something that was very rare in those days and got his first child two months after marriage.

The third grandpa of the team, Park Geun Hyung met his wife through a friend. She rejected his proposal twice before he succeeded in marriage. In 2008, his wife had stomach cancer and was in danger, however Park Geun Kyung held onto his wife’s hand and said, “If you die, I’m going to follow you and die,” showing his romanticism as tears fell. Fortunately, his wife recovered and the two did a remind wedding pictorial. Park Geun Hyung calls his wife 20 times a day and holds the title of ‘Wife Fool’ (literal translation of Korean slang meant for people who adore their wives and will do anything for them).

The youngest of the group, Baek Il Seob’s method of loving is very different. His wife boasts good looks enough to be selected as the university’s May Queen but Baek Il Seob is a brusque husband. However, Baek Il Seob stated, “When I close my eyes last, I will tell my wife that I love her” and added, “What if my wife dies first?” revealing his affection for his wife.

Meanwhile, this episode of ‘Daechan Life’ will go through the acting history of these four veteran actors and will air on April 28 at 11 PM KST. (photo by TV Chosun ‘Daechan Life’)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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