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[Variety] The Return of Superman 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 7th anniversary NOV 2020

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Oh sweet Mingukie...  

This scene: I watched the latest ep raw so pretty much everything went over my head, but then someone pointed this out. Minguk knows it's King Sejong's picture on the bill. And I was like, just what

Oh Mingukie.... you and your cute expressions!!! hahaha. 

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i just want to ask if where can i watch the raw episode of this variety show,, i want to watch it so badly..but i can<t find any link..maybe there's anyone here who can help me..thanks in advance :)

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TABLO told that he just intentionally lets Kang Hye Jung to win over him.

During November 24th broadcast of KBS 2TV 'Super Man Is Back', TABLO told that he just intentionally lets Kang Hye Jung to win over him.

During the last breakfast before Kang Hye Jung's departure, TABLO looked a bit overpowered by his wife.

The production team mentioned it during his interview, and TABLO said, "What are you talking about? I'm not weaker than my wife."

He went on, "To be honest, I just let her to win over me," and "My life is exhaustive enough, and I don't need another thing to struggle against."
/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo jp@starnnews.com

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class="titleNews"Tukutz’s Son and Tablo’s Daughter Play on ′Superman is Back′37117563.jpg

While the proud father has shown off his son several times on SNS, Epik High’s Tukutz unveiled his son for the first time on television.

In the upcoming episode of KBS’ Superman is Back, Tablo invited Tukutz over to his house to play with Haru.

When he heard that Tukutz was baby-sitting, Tablo told Tukutz to bring his son, Yoon Woo along.

When Tukutz and Yoon Woo arrived, Tablo’s daughter, Haru began to act the older sister, bringing Yoon Woo all of her toys and showering him with all of her attention.
Meanwhile, the episode will show Tukutz invested in his father role, changing diapers and making food for the children.

The episode will air on December 1.

Photo Credit: KBS


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i  also wait this show at kbsworld.. already 5 epi but kbsworld still not changed their schedule with mamma mia & superman is back at happy sunday slot....

here torrent 131201 @semi_fly


link dailymotion
part 1  http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x17uvlq_%E3%85%85%E3%85%8D%E3%85%815-1_lifestyle

part 2    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x17uvt8_%E3%85%85%E3%85%8D%E3%85%815-2_lifestyle

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Guest ikahishak

same here..i'm so frustrated seriously..arghh if they didn't change the schedule then i dont think we will ever watch the eng sub..i heard mamma mia change it slot to Wednesday right?..

omg i cant stop smiling watching Haru and Tukutz son seriously..she's so cute when she said "dongseng" "agga"...i wish mithra and tukutz will appear more often in this show hehe...

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rating back increase this week

superman is back epi 05 131201

7.4% (2013.12.01 닐슨코리아 제공)

last week

6.8% (2013.11.24 닐슨코리아 제공)

Happy Sunday (superman is back + 1n2d)

11.0% (2013.12.01 닐슨코리아 제공)

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After watching 5 episodes,
I've noticed that Sarang

1. has great physical strength like her dad
2. loves to dig her nose hahaha
3. has her dad's small mouth and her mum's eyes & nose
4. is very smart (she could read 'Happy Birthday' even though the letters were scrambled!), she learns things really quickly as well
5. has a huge appetite or rather, she eats really fast (the grapes + yogurt)
6. knows how to pout and make silly and adorable faces
7. loves Mickey & Minnie Mouse
8. goes "Haaaaaiiii!" whenever her dad calls her name

I could only understand Sarang's parts because they are pretty self explanatory while Jang Hyunsung, Tablo and Lee Hwijae's parts consists mostly of talking. KBS World, please sub this show!!!!!! :(

Btw, I found out that Cho Sunghoon did a commercial with his pretty Sarangie!

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Guest ilove2days1night

Haloo everyone =) I found a soft spot for this show heheheso i shall be waiting till the day this show has english subtitle (ehem ehem KBSWORLD pls sub this show and upload it on youtube) HAHAHAHA 

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anyone can help put video entertainment weekly on kbsworld last friday have interview /clip abt superman is back...  have happy news for everyone abt superman is back on kbsworld but his schedule seem crazy to cover all epi .. kbs2tv already 6 epi .. they(kbsworld ) seem like dont want lost their trendmark 2-3 epi behind from korea.. i will put their schedule

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next week at kbsworld .. schedule superman is back (source website kbsworld)

15 december 2013 ---sunday  9:20 am (kst  time) superman episode 01 & 02   -- and also at happy sunday slot 17:00 pm -episode 01
and their re run late night for  episode 02


another week they continue also early morning 9:20am kst time with epi 03 & 04 ..  at happy sunday slot 17:00 pm they will airing episode 03 and their re run late night / episode 04


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Torrent episode 06 131208 by semi_fly





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RATING Superman is Back this week increase 0.1 %
7.5% (2013.12.08 닐슨코리아 제공)

last weeek
7.4% (2013.12.01 닐슨코리아 제공)

but still can't beat kpopstar3(sbs ..
10.7% (2013.12.08 닐슨코리아 제공)

Happy sunday (superman is back + 1n2d)

12.0% (2013.12.08 닐슨코리아 제공)

(2013.12.08 닐슨코리아 제공)

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  • kjmcth changed the title to [Variety] The Return of Superman 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 7th anniversary NOV 2020

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