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[Variety] The Return of Superman 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 7th anniversary NOV 2020

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Loved SIG's giggles when he was watching Mingukie do those tumbling attempts. Love it when he's genuinely entertained by his boys' antics.

I wanted to make a compilation of it - with Minguk first since I remember more of it with him - but still haven't got the time.
The one on top of my head right now aside from the previous episode was during the ice cream episode. It was the first time I saw SIK act like that. He was hysterical. Also,  when Mingukie called him out for eating the pizza they made.


I have a thing for their hysterical crying faces :D


Actually, all of these kids crying faces are adorable. :P

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@AppleSidr , I have only managed to watch the first 24 minutes of ep 97 and I cried so many times!  Could see the emotions of CSH's dad... and how hard he tried not to cry.  You are right.  This show helps to bridge the gap for the stars and their own dads too.  Another big reason why I love this show! 

Most dad are more strict towards their son because they want to educate their son to be an independent and reliable man in the future. the intention is good, but sometimes, unknowingly it distanced them to their son and make their son scare with him.

When i watch Appa Oediga, i was teary when SDI realised what he had done that made Sung joon distanced him to his dad, and thank God he realised before it's too late. I noticed after the show SDI getting closer with both Sungjoon and Sungbin. Joon even called him first before his mother after getting back from school.

SIK is smart that he made his sons obedient to him without distancing himself from them. and i dont blame LHJ to following his way to educate them the way SIK educating the triplet. by using outdoor experience that the children like, they would make the bound closer rather than stay at home. and the good thing is that the dad can see how the kids reaction from tv so they can learn how the children personality.


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Guest mingukiefan

the pic sik posted is so adorable you can see the triplets personality reflected in the pics

daehan the shy quiet handsome triplet

minguk the wacky cutie sweet triplet

manse the mischievous actorly model triplet

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Song Triplets Salute the Armed Forces in Adorable Tiny Uniforms


October 1 is Armed Forces Day in South Korea, and the Song triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse are honoring members of the military in their own adorable way!

Their father Song Il Kook posted a photo of the trio to his Twitter on October 1, which also happens to be his birthday. He writes as the caption, “Marking dad’s birthday, an Armed Forces Day performance~^^ Daehan, Minguk, Manse!!!”

In the photo, the triplets are each saluting while dressed up in uniforms from the three branches of the Korean armed forces. Daehan is dressed as a soldier in the army, Minguk is a tiny sailor in the navy, and Manse is ready to fly as a member of the air force.

You can catch more of Song Il Kook and his unbelievably cute triplets every Sunday on KBS‘s “Superman Returns.”




Another version:

The triplets dress up as soldiers for Song Il Kook's birthday & Korea's Armed Forces Day!

If you thought the triplets couldn't get any cuter, guess again! These little boys just melt our hearts, especially when they're dressed up in cute costumes, or in this case, uniforms!

October 1 marks Song Il Kook's birthday and also Korea's Armed Forces Day, so the triplets dressed up in uniform as soldiers in the army, the navy, and the air force, and topped it off with salutes.
Like the proud father he is, the actor shared the photo to commemorate the occasion on Twitter. Happy birthday to Song Il Kook!


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Guest MauiKawaii

I'm sensing that the next episode will be Manse-heavy...check out the teaser!! 

So cute, manse! Finally, getting to do something he looks to enjoy ad not water related stuff.

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i  just  finished  watching 'return  of superman' ep96 and  i  am  so  happy  that  finally  i  heard  ji  ohn  speak  words  other  than oma, apa, de, and  anyo.  well  done  ji  ohn  and  congratulations  to  her  parents  because  surely  they  really  made  an  effort  to  improve  her  language  and  sociability skills.  she  even  surprised  us  with a  clear  sentence  asking  her  dad  to  eat  more.  now  that  she  can  utter  words  clearly  ,  it  is  now  time  for  her  to sing a song(she's  the  only  one  i  haven't  heard  sing). she  can  really  dance,  getting  it  from  her  mom  and  aunt.

i am so  surprised  with  daehan,  he  reacted  his  fear  of the  village  teacher  by  tucking  away  the paper bill  with image  reminding  of  the  village  teacher.  they  should  be  care ful  with  introducing people  who  might  give  trauma  to  these  children,  after  all  they're  just  kids.

the  other  twin  girls  are  so  impishly  cute  and  they  really  make  me  roll  in  laughter  with  their  antics.  wow,  daebak  even  said 'DAEBAK'  and  he's  only  8  months  old.  well,  he  has  4  sisters  who  constantly  chat  with   him.

Yeah, I'm with you re: Ji On. I have a daughter that very same age and I noticed that my daughter and her friends are way beyond where Ji On is at. I'm glad they addressed it. That said, there is an enormous range for normal development in children. 

This episode's stern teacher reminded me of the one where they went to the buddhist monastery and got a similar lesson. The nuns were also threatening them with capital punishment, which also made me go WTF. I was watching this guy and thinking, "So....your job is to act like a richard simmons to children. Nice."

What kind of name is Daebak? 

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