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[Variety] The Return of Superman 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 7th anniversary NOV 2020

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Oh sweet Mingukie...  

This scene: I watched the latest ep raw so pretty much everything went over my head, but then someone pointed this out. Minguk knows it's King Sejong's picture on the bill. And I was like, just what

Oh Mingukie.... you and your cute expressions!!! hahaha. 

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Song Il Gook and His Triplets Successfully Finish Paper Boat Race

Song Il Gook and His Triplets Successfully Finish Paper Boat Race

On August 30, KBS 2TV‘s “Superman Returns” aired their “Extravagant Outing” episode.

In this episode, Song Il Gook entered a paper boat race with his triplets,Daehan, Minguk, and Manse. After planning and designing the boat, Song Il Gook was able to complete the paper boat with the help of those around him, despite heavy distraction from the triplets.Daehan Minguk Manse 2

Once the Daehan Minguk Manse Ferry had all of the passengers aboard, the race began. In the end, Song Il Gook and his triplets placed second. Song Il Gook was unable to hide his satisfied grin as he yelled, “We won second place!”

The three triplets were also seen celebrating their win with a hive-five with their father.

Daehan Minguk Manse

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The other contestants were so nice, without their help Song appa would’ve not finished the boat in time or it would’ve sunk. Triplets definitely bring some benefits, even the security workers helped. Manse is such a sociable kid. He had the other children twisted around his finger in no time. My favourite part was the dinner. Seeing how thoughtful triplets are is always heartwarming.

our ladies' man, so cute 


cr: as tagged

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After watching the episode I feel Daehan should sit in the front more he is a quiet child and if left alone he will stay quiet while  Manse is more lively and talks more so he will speak even if he sits in the back 

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Guest bluecarys

Hi everyone! I'm a big fan of TROS, especially the triplets and been a lurker for a while now. I really loved episode 93, the editing was better compared to the last one. So happy for the 2nd place finish of Song appa and triplets, maybe next time when the boys are able to row properly they could win the race :) Can't help but love the new family, Daebak is such a cute baby and the younger twin girls are so mischievous. I also admire the interior of Lee Dong Gook's house, so neat and posh. Btw do they have 2 houses? This is just an observation and not meant to offend or criticize it's just that I can't help but notice that Seol Ah and Soo Ah are just a month younger than Ji On but their speech are way better. As far as I can remember from my pedia lectures, this is the period of child development when children spontaneously imitate speech and are able to string a few words to express themselves before gradually forming into sentences. The twins do so and I notice that Ji On is still limited to a few words and sometimes prefers gestures over speech like when saying yes or no. 

Watching TROS is my happy pill on weekends. I hopethat the kids continue to stay healthy, adorable and loving. Can't wait how the show will celebrate its 2nd anniversary. I miss watching Haru.

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Guest ManseCutie

Thanks a lot kjmcth for posting the latest episode. Manse is such a charmer and quickly makes friends with other kids. His laugh when he saw the girl in the giraffe costume was so cute and also when Daehan ran with a sword to "fight" the giraffe.

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I haven't seen the whole show yet, just the Triplets part so far.

Nice to see active and hyper Daehan. He's really more active when their activity is outdoors. It's like he and Minguk changed personalities on this episode. :D You can tell Minguk's not in his best mood here. At one point, he had to be carried by SIK and point things to him to make him interested. He had his Minguk Ajussi moment at the car, though. My hero on this episode is Manse the Pirate, especially his last comment on their segment. 


It seems that Minguk asked what Superman looks like (on his Minguk Ajussi mode - squishy little fellow), Daehan gave his innocent answers, but Manse the great answered, "You can see superman ajussi at the supermarket." :lol::lol:
Best answer! He is so witty!



After watching the episode I feel Daehan should sit in the front more he is a quiet child and if left alone he will stay quiet while  Manse is more lively and talks more so he will speak even if he sits in the back 

I think you're referring to their seats inside the car, right? I am with you on Daehan sitting in the front because, yeah, Manse is still as talkative even when he's at the back. I think this may be a rotational thing, though, to be fair.



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Guest ManseCutie

leix -thanks for the translation of that scene. I was hoping someone would post one especially of that cute dinner scene - I wondered what Daehan had said that got a kiss from Dad and what Manse said after that that made Dad laugh.  that cute giggle of his  ("heh heh") that he made when he gave  the bowl of salad greens to the man   - Manse never fails to make me smile and feel happy when I watch him.  I liked this episode a lot -much more than the hip hop singer one where Daehan almost disappeared. You can see in this last episode how talkative he can be and just as charismatic as his brothers.

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I watched ep 93 and I dont feel like the triplet's part was complete they were ended abruptly. I feel like the twins' mom and zions' and shiho mom appear too often. I'm not against them or anything but if they should cut air time they should cut the mothers' part and put more of the children parts while the triplets' mom never appeared and they rarely have guests its not fair that their parts are incomplete than before due to the 5 family organization.  The reason is I feel this way is because its 48 hrs without the moms and we saw their mom in almost every ep (i dont mind before or after they came back) but it seems like the original format is not their anymore. if I offense any fans out  I apologize.

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13.1% (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)


last week

12.4% (2015.08.23  닐슨코리아 제공) - no.2 


 14.3% (2015.08.16  닐슨코리아 제공)

14.0% (2015.08.09  닐슨코리아 제공)

14.0%(2015.08.02  닐슨코리아 제공)

16.0% (2015.07.25 닐슨코리아 제공)

14.5% (2015.07.19 닐슨코리아 제공)




1)  MBC SUNDAY NIGHT (MASK KING & REAL MEN ( 3rd female mission)  

15.1% (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공


last week

12.7%(2015.08.23  닐슨코리아 제공) - no.1 

13.0%(2015.08.16  닐슨코리아 제공)

11.0% (2015.08.09  닐슨코리아 제공)

11.9% (2015.08.02  닐슨코리아 제공)

12.7%(2015.07.25 닐슨코리아 제공)

12.5% (2015.07.19 닐슨코리아 제공)





 6.5%(2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)



6.4%(2015.08.23  닐슨코리아 제공)



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14.4% (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)




2) 13.6% (2015.08.23  닐슨코리아 제공) 

14.4% (2015.08.16  닐슨코리아 제공)

14.4%(2015.08.09  닐슨코리아 제공)

15.3%(2015.08.02  닐슨코리아 제공)

15.5% (2015.07.25 닐슨코리아제공)

14.3 % (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)


13.8%(2015.08.23  닐슨코리아 제공)

14.5 % (2015.08.16  닐슨코리아 제공)

 13.9%(2015.08.09  닐슨코리아 제공)

13.7%(2015.08.02  닐슨코리아 제공)

14.6%(2015.07.25  닐슨코리아제공) 



4.6% (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)



4.9%(2015.08.23  닐슨코리아 제공)

5.2 % (2015.08.16  닐슨코리아 제공)

5.5%(2015.08.09  닐슨코리아 제공)

3.8% (2015.08.02  닐슨코리아 제공)

5.6%(2015.07.25  닐슨코리아제공)




1)MBC REAL MEN 2ND EPI FEMALE EDITION 3rd SEASON  -17.1 % (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)

2)  KBS THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN EPISODE 93   - 14.4% (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)

3) MBC MASK KING 14.3 % (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)

4) KBS 1N2D S3 EPISODE 87 -  13.0% (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)

5) SBS RM                               -   8.9% (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)

6) SBS TAKE CARE OF DAD - 4.6% (2015.08.30  닐슨코리아 제공)

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