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[Variety] The Return of Superman 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 7th anniversary NOV 2020

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class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 26px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"New “Superman Returns” Family as Actor Kim Jung Tae Joins Cast

KBS‘ popular variety show,”Superman Returns” had provided viewers with cute family moments between celebrities and their children, as well as a rise to stardom for some of the child casts. From Chu Sarang to Haru, the children have taken the spotlight from their celebrity parents through their innocent and lovable actions. 

Well, it seems like we will be introduced to yet another celebrity family, as actor Kim Jung Tae has been officially recognized as a new cast member of the show. According to “Superman Returns,” the actor had recently started filming for the show, moving back and forth between his Busan and Seoul home. 

superman returns

Last month, Kim Jung Tae and his two sons had momentarily featured on an episode of the show as guests of Jang Hyun Sung, who currently stars in “Superman Returns” with his two sons. The last time Kim Jung Tae and his son were on the show, the actor’s oldest son,Ji Hoo, showed his cute looks and dance moves, making the family memorable guests.

superman returns

The new family addition will be the first change for the show since its premiere five months ago. As “Superman Returns” currently stars Chu Sung Hoon and Chu Sarang, Jang Hyun Sung and his two sons Joon Woo and Joon SuhTablo and Haru, and Lee Hwi Jae and his twin sons Suh Un and Suh Joon, the addition of Kim Jung Tae and his two sons will make “Superman Returns” have five official families.

“Superman Returns” follows celebrity fathers who have the task to watch over and care for their children for a few days while their wives are away. 

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Oh sweet Mingukie...  

This scene: I watched the latest ep raw so pretty much everything went over my head, but then someone pointed this out. Minguk knows it's King Sejong's picture on the bill. And I was like, just what

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Tablo, Kang Hyejung and Haru should have their own reality TV show. They are such an adorable family. You can really see how their hardships have made them close and how grateful they are for each other. I've always liked Kang Hyejung's tough personality so it's cute to see her as a mother and wife. Also, it's amazing how Haru often speaks in formal speech with her parents.

I'm bummed that Haru's parts will now lessen because of the addition of another family. TBH, I often skip the other families, especially Lee Hwi Je's and Chu's families. Sarang is incredibly popular in Korea, but she's too spoiled for my taste.

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