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♥ MinSul ♥ Official Thread ♥ SHINEE'S MINHO AND F(x) SULLI [PART 2]

Guest parkhyerin

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After a year our first Minsul thread has finally been closed, archived or whatever you call it (I thought after reaching 1,500 pages and we went on, I was thinking we can still continue until 3k or 5k LOL). Anyway, thanks to the initiative of @parkhyerin, we now have a new home. Part 2 of what we have shared for a year and 4 days if I am not mistaken. Although some of our original and former crewmates decided to cease from supporting them as a couple, there are those who remains to be unfazed (despite the storm) and some remains to be strong despite the odds. As months pass we have definitely grown. I used to be so happy seeing 40+ users online in the forum when we are still in the beginning stage and as time passes I am surprised that lurkers and members alike have been increasing to 80+ and even a hundred. WOW! After a year and we get such number of visitors means a lot. Minsul has been noticed and WE as a GROUP have been noticed too.

I am hoping that in this new thread we will still MAINTAIN the respect and love which we all have to our OTP. When we say respect, it’s not just about each other but also of the RULES both from SOOMPI and OUR THREAD RULES as well. Let me refresh your memory of what we should be reminded of:

1. This is a MINSUL thread. So all posts and discussion should ONLY be about MINHO, SULLI and MINSUL no one else.

2. We want to promote POSITIVITY. So anything or any news that will bring worry to our fellow crewmates specifically about our OTP’s status let us RESTRAIN OURSELVES from posting it on the main thread. If you wish to talk to any member about it, you can send it via PM or chat with another via twitter, facebook, LINE or other SNS site but DEFINITELY NOT HERE. It is because one negative post will lead to another negative post then chaos, misunderstandings, fight of opinion will spread. And we ABSOLUTELY do not want that to happen. Minsul is love, so let’s spread love. ;)

3. Let’s practice self-regulation on our own post. REFRAIN from RE-POSTING, MULTI-QUOTING fellow members posts particularly if it has gifs, pics, vids etc. the purpose is not only to avoid spamming or flooding our thread but also to maintain order when we read our forum. However, if there is need to repost or quote another, make sure to EDIT it or HIGHLIGHT the portions which you wish to put emphasis on. You can always use the mention features or @name of member features provided here in soompi to notify the person you wish to mention or acknowledge.

4. Familiarize yourselves with SOOMPI RULES particularly on how to post vids, pics and gifs. We understand if you’re a newbie, but it would be awesome if you read first the essentials if you wish to share something new about our couple.

5. This is a thread/forum NOT a chat room. So if you wish to share personal stuffs about yourselves, you can do it via PM (personal message).


CONGRATULATIONS everyone to our new home and let’s all hope and pray for a more fun-filled and love-filled Minsul year :)


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Guest fangirl15

'Everybody' loves SHINee as their new album shoots to the top of the music charts
[source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/10/everybody-loves-shinee-as-their-new-album-shoots-to-the-top-of-the-music-charts#axzz2hfrqizUA ]

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Guest rahma_bio

YAyyyy......wake up..wake up...everybody!Finally, new home but i gonna miss our thread before. yup i still lurk for the first one.:DI miss you minsul's FANMOM @counsel05, @stekatta, @Timnat2010, @fangirl15, @peach20kr n others.. (sorry i forget who the other :-/ )and for you minsullian whos still single like me... :DLet's Unite, spazz and keep this ship sail on no matter wht happen *HUG*
add: thanks @DolceNera_24, @counsel05 and @parkhyerin to make a beautiful minsul thread for us :x :-bd

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Guest fangirl15

let's re-post this....
[fancam] 131012 Lovcat SULLI's :P
© sulli19940329

When I first saw this fancam...
I said to myself...
Finally! A new fancam of Sulli :D
I downloaded the video first, before watching it ;))
me and YT are not in good terms now, well sometimes... :)) :P
Anyway, those fans are so lucky!!!
They even got a chance to talked to her...
And finally, Sulli's smile...well it's not like this smlie ---> :D
But I can see her sincere smile...I miss her smiling face!
Hope I can see her in person someday and when she smile at me like that...
I'm really going to >:D< her so tight and tell her that I am proud of her!

please forgive this Minsullian mom, I got too emotional when I saw Sulli's smiling face...
her smile has a great impact to us fans...
It's one of her little ways of saying that she is fine :)

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Goshh thank you for creating this 2nd thread @parkhyerin and thanks for informed me. You all minsullians are amazing! I adore you all.

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Guest liyaaaaaang

Despite the pain I'm experiencing right now I feel so happy with this new thread. How I wish I could shout "hurray!" but I can't.. My growing wisdom tooth is aching again.. I just wish the pain to go away right at this very moment to celebrate happily...

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Guest pandora460


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Guest Isha Bua Iglesias

Beautiful peeps...uhhhh my busy day with works, firstly was shock me why Minsul part 1 had to closed and ended? Btw tqvm to the new ship Minsul Part 2 really make me smile and happy to see u alls here again new ship Misullians. Let start a new journey again,for sure im here coz i really love this two Minsul, let pray for the best both of them May God Bless this two always,spread and sharing the love, have a blessed day beautiful Minsullians♥♥♥

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A big "THANK YOU" to the creator/s of 2nd MinSul thread... You all worked hard... Let's keep sailing and expand our minsul family... :) some noonas in the house may not always be here but always remember we are silent lurkers and we are always supporting MinSul no matter what... :)


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Appearance of mobile after the 'incident'
Chingoo, sorry to bring it up again seemingly, I don't mean to make you upset...but all my chingoos at Baidu TTBY Bar agreed that Minho's mobile appeared more frequently after the 'incident' and we could see how sweet he smiled despite the hectic-to-death schedules....even during public rehearsal, right after the music show or in the studio...---> we all believe that it only made them even stronger... 
cr: as tagged

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