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♥ MinSul ♥ Official Thread ♥ SHINEE'S MINHO AND F(x) SULLI [PART 2]

Guest parkhyerin

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Guest nilmemories

Wow, wow, wow... Sulli's killing smiley face ^^ I'm just so happy to see her happy like this again. She'll come back on stage really soon with F(x), I believe so.
Fighting Sulli and be strong!!! :x :x :x

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Guest mnear93

Hello? Anybody here? Huhu...:tears: what is happening to the thread already? I really miss spazzing here.tumblr_m9x11tYfI51qbgtddo6_r1_250.gif

At lease we can still ship them in a friendship way or the cutest Choi siblings right?! Huhu missing you all and esp uri minsul T_T


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hello everyone , its been a long time since i spazz to this forum , i really miss the time when this forum is so crowded, and flood with minsul moment. i remember some people like itsmahogany who always write a nice fanfic about minsul, i hope she still does till now ^^. counsel05, zee, peach20kr i am missing this people too and especially deci she is also minsul shipper from philippines, and i miss all of you guys. thanks for still keep in faith in minsul ^^

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