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[Drama 2014] Tears Of Heaven 천국의 눈물


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Title: Tears of Heavens (Cheongoogui Noonmoo)EpisodesBroadcast Company: TVNCast:

Hong Ah-Reum - Yoon Cha-YoungSeo Jun-Young - Lee Ki-HyunIn Gyo-Jin - Jin Hyun-WoongYoon Seo - Jin Je-InPark Ji-Young - Yoo Sun-Kyung

Airing Date & Time:  Oct 11  

Production Credits

  • Director: Yoo Je Won (유제원)
  • Screenwriter: Kim Yun Shin (김연신), Heo In Moo (허인무)
    Cha-Young (Hong Ah-Reum) learns that she was abandoned by her own mother two separate times. Cha-Young's mother, who abandoned her daughter twice out of her own greed, decides to fight against her daughter for herself (Asianwiki)

    The story of a cold-hearted mother who abandoned her daughter countless times, in order to climb her own ladder of success and the daughter who’d once believed that a mother’s love was like heaven, who now seeks out her mother while harboring plans of revenge. (drama-addicts)

    Thanks all the people Thanks you @ ggry for this information 
     Hong Ah-reum Yun Cha Yeong (abandoned biological daughter of Yun Seon Gyeong)  The Jin Family 1st generation - Grandpa and Grandma  Park Keun Hyeong Jin Man Bong (Father of Jin Hyeon Tae, president of a department store) Park Jeong Su Madam Jo (Stepmother of Jin Hyeon Tae, mother of Jin Hyeon Ung) 
     2nd generation - Father, Mother and Uncle  Yoon Da Hun Jin Hyeon Tae (Son of Jin Man Bong)  Park Ji-young Yun Seon Gyeong (Wife of Jin Hyeon Tae, birth mother of Yun Cha Yeong)  In Gyo-jin Jin Hyeon Ung (Son of Jin Man Bong, half-brother of Jin Hyeon Tae) 
     3rd generation - Granddaughter  Yun Seo Jin Je In (Non-biological daughter of Jin Hyeon Tae, Yun Cha Yeong's high schoolmate, as well as villainous love rival for Lee Gi Hyeon) 
     The Lee family  1st generation - Grandpa Yoon Joo Sung Chairman Lee (Father of Lee Do Yeob, chairman of the family chaebol in banking)  2nd generation - Father, Mother (adoptive) Lee Jong Won  Lee Do Yeob (Son of Chairman Lee, adoptive father of Lee Gi Hyeon) Kim Yeo Jin Ban Hye Jeong (Wife of Lee Do Yeob)  3rd generation - Grandson Seo Joon-young  Lee Gi Hyeon (Adopted son of Lee Do Yeob and Ban Hye Jeong, Yun Cha Yeong's first love) 

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Hello! I've taken the liberty to edit this topic's title in accordance to the rules at the K-Dramas & Movies sub-forum. Please edit the first post accordingly with the following criteria, for example, once additional news on Tears of Heaven become available. :)

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"Tears of Heaven" confirms Hong Ah-reum and Seo Joon-yeong

Source | 2013/08/12 | 888 views | Permalink | 4 Comments

"Tears of Heaven" has confirmed its leading characters.

tvN announced on the 13th that Hong Ah-reumSeo Joon-yeongIn Gyo-jin and Yoon Seo have are the leading members of the upcoming drama "Tears of Heaven".

"Tears of Heaven" is about a daughter who realizes that she'd been abandoned by her mother twice and seeks revenge and a mother who knows she's her daughter but chooses to fight with her for her own greed.

Hong Ah-reum takes on the role of Yoon Cha-yeong, a bold and strong character who develops her own life along the way despite the fact that she knows she'd been abandoned by her own mother twice.

Seo Joon-yeong and In Gyo-jin are the two men that surround her in her life.

Lee Ki-hyeon grew up in the orphanage with Yoon Cha-yeong like brothers and sisters but gets adopted to a rich family and becomes an elite youth.

Jin Hyeon-woong played by In Gyo-jin is a rough and rebellious character resulting from a pitiful family history but a deep thinker who has feelings for Yoon Cha-yeong.

Yoon Seo takes on the role of Yoon Cha-yeong's friend from high school and a rich family's daughter Jin Jane, who creates tension with Yoon around Lee Ki-hyeon.

"Tears of Heaven" producer Bae Jong-byeong claims, "Tears of Heaven" is about a mother and daughter born with horrible fates and the relationships around them. The four main characters are not only unique in their own way but they are all good looking as well".

"Tears of Heaven" is broadcasted for the first time on the 23rd of September.

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is this drama still confirmed ? I believe this is suppose to be after Crazy Love but Crazy Love ended weeks ago and yet there's no news on this ? It's rare to see the other drama taking over not shown yet . Even the earlier news mentioned this drama should have started on 23rd sept .

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