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[Drama 2013/2014] A Well Grown Daughter/ One Well-Raised Daughter/ 잘 키운 딸 하나


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recap:Little family history - the Jang family has been making soy sauce for 400 years and its secret formula has been passed down from one generation to the next. The two grannies are discussing how the 400 year tradition would be broken because of no male heir. The 3 daughters are dressed up because the Jang soy  sauce company has broken into top 100 company in the world and the reporters will be showing up.  The mother went to visit her dad and she has to cover her face because it is tradition that females can't enter the facility unless they wear a face cover. JPR(aka grandpa GP) is angry that  the reporters are writing about how the 400 year tradition would be lost because of no male heir so he decided to burn all the magazines. 
At home JRG blames himself for not being able to inherit the recipe but his wife, JYS comforts him saying that it is not his fault that he doesn't have a sense of taste. JYS says she had a dream of a child again, the doctor confirms at the visit and says this time the child can wear something "blue". The parents are stunned and they celebrate. They are so happy about the pregnancy and JYS is wondering whether they should tell GP but JRG says their doctor is a blabber mouth and undoubtedly everyone will know soon enough. 
At the factory the supervisor gets into an argument with BJS because she is not lifting the bag thus some dusts were gathering when she dragged the bag across. Apparently BJS's daughter is a good friend of JYS. The news got spread throughout the factory but GP acts like nothing happened (or maybe he doesnt know yet). BJS goes to visit JYS to congratulate her.  BJS's daughter is still studying abroad at Paris. BJS received a package of beef and comes out while swearing how JYS got lucky with her mother. She also spoke out loud how her daughter didn't even go to Paris but is a single unwed mother. ICR just quit her job because of the baby. BJS nagging on ICR on how she can't even find the father of her child but she says he will get back with them soon enough.  ICR received a call from her child's father. BJS decides to quit and tells JYS about it, JYS wants to meet ICR since they haven't seen eachother for 2 years but BJS says shes too busy with going back abroad with the family. JYS strained herself a bit while trying to grab some soybeans for  BJS. JYS faints later and the child miscarried. The doctor told JRG that she has CAPC meaning she can no longer become pregnant. JRG tells her they will hide the secret for now and tell GP later about it. 
BJS is packing her clothing because ICR's child's father is coming to pick them up. They find an unconscious body in the trunk instead. Apparently the guy in the trunk and ICR's boyfriend are swindlers and have swindled about 1.1B Won  from 32 people. The detective suspects that she is an accomplice as well because she quit her job recently. The police will start investigating her accounts because her boyfriend used her accounts for the transactions and she might have to take the fall instead. ICR asks BJS if they can see JYS about the trouble but BJS said they "went to paris" already but in the end BJS decides to see JYS. BJS sees JYS come back and crying. She asks JYS what's wrong and JYS told her about her miscarriage and not being able to give birth anymore.  She tells BJS that if she can't give birth then someone else will.
Preview:GP tells JRG bluntly to get a divorce and find someone else to marry to have a child. BJS tells ICR that her fate might change after all and has her go seduce JRG....

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Episode 2 Cuts :


Episode 3 preview:

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Recap:At home ICR is worried about whether JYS will help. BJS comes back and tells her she has a good feeling about something - she will tell her later. At the ceremony  smoke appeared, apparently due to change of season and that is an indication of good soysauce. JRG wants to hide the truth from GP but JYS tells him they shouldn't do that. GP comes back home and tells them about the success of the ceremony but notices something wrong with JYS. JRG tells GP about the miscarriage. JRG about to leave but GP notices something else is amiss and further asks what is wrong with JYS. GP is angry that JYS can't get pregnant anymore, JRG begs him to be considerate of JYS since she wants a child more than anyone but GP just tells him to get out. 
GP sees the doctor and the doctor with a certainty says it is no longer possible to be pregnant anymore, not even 1% or .1% or miracle.  ICR goes to see JYS and tells her the truth about her situation and asks for money - JYS tells her she only has 10 M won. JYS wants to help but she says she cant since the male in the house manages money and she is in a bad situation right now herself. At home ICR complains to BJS about the situation and BJS gave her the "good news" that JYS can't be pregnant anymore so ICR should target JYS's husband. 
GP calls JRG in and asks what he is thinking right now. GP can't wait anymore and tells him there are 2 ways to go about. One is divorce and remarry - seeing how they probably won't want to do that the second option is somehow for JRG to "get a son".
ICR goes to see JRG at his office but her plan got foiled and ended up getting her wisdom tooth pulled out. BJS scolds her but ICR says there will be other chances. JRG says GP's second option is have a surrogate mother but they wouldn't know who that person will be. ICR sees JRG again and chats about old times, she asks him maybe they should get a drink but he smelled something's up and tells her that she should talk to his wife about her matters and it is not appropriate for them to drink together at night. ICR doesn't give up and she is going to a dentist conference to meet JRG. GP is angry that JRG hasn't followed up with his plan yet and tells the assistant to grab him from his conference. JRG gets drunk and ICR gets a chance to take him back to his hotel.He wakes up with ICR in his bed. Back at home ICR signals that she's succeeded (not sure if they really had done it or what..)
JRG back at home tells JYS about his incident with ICR. The next day the police came and arrested her, they dont believe that she's innocent and even her lawyer told her to confess. ICR tells BJS to get money from JRG and hands her her pregnancy test. BJS tells her to stay in jail until she is about to give birth then they can tell JRG about it. ICR worries about another girl but BJS says it will still be better JYS who can't even have another daughter anymore. 
A year passed... GP hasn't spoken to JRG nor JYS. JRG and JYS was planning on adopting and surprise GP but GP went ahead and cancelled their appointment and made sure the other places will reject him. He says it has to be by blood. JRG gets package from ICR of pics of the baby and birth certificate and she shows up at the office... those two ingrates -_-.
preview:GP doesn't care who gave birth as long as it's JRG's son. JRG tells JYS they should move out but apparently he dies in an accident. JYS is pregnant again even though she was told she couldn't be.

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Episode 3 :


Episode 4 Preview:

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@shaselai " Thanks for the Recaps..

@uglypearl" Thanks for the video links as well..

I know its a long drama but I'm liking it so far and watching the preview for the next episode, Now will get the chance to see Ha Na turns herself into a boy, Oh I can't wait to see that one ;))

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