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[Drama 2014] KBS - Jeong Do Jeon 정도전


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Title: Jeong Do Jeon - 정도전

Genre: Daeha drama, Historical, Political, Action, Thriller.

Producer: Kim Hyung Il

Director: Kang Byung Taek, Lee Jae Hoon

Screenwriter: Jeong Hyun Min

Network: KBS

Runtime: Saturday, Sunday (21:40 PM)

Broadcasting Period: Jan 4th 2014 - Jun 29th 2014

Episode: 50



Jo Jae Hyun - Jeong Do Jeon

Lee Ah Hyun - Jeong Do Jeon's wife

Yoo Dong Geun - Lee Seong Gye (King Taejo of Joseon)

Lee Il Hwa - Queen Shindeok

Ahn Jae Mo - Lee Bang Won (King Taejong of Joseon)

Im Ho - Jeong Mong Ju

Seo In Seok - Choi Yeong

Park Young Gyu - Lee In Yim

Synopsis: The new era of Joseon has started! The late 14th century, Koryo. Abuse of power and corruption made people to leave the government offices and only the corrupted people are left in the high offices. When there seem to be no hope, there are a group of young people who values the meaning of scholar heavily. They are the Sungkyunkwan scholars who have dreams to bring peace to the world and they were the hope of Koryo. Sambong Jeong Do Jeon is one of them. He believed that the old corrupted government should be destroyed and the destiny of scholars is to build an idealistic country. This isn't an ordinary revolution. Jeong Do Jeon's meticulous plans for a new future will create a whole new civilization. A politician who will wipe away our tears, the story of his life and destiny unfolds. (KBS World)



50th Baeksang Art Awards: 

- Best Actor (TV) - Jo Jae Hyun

41st Korea Broadcasting Awards:

- Daesang: Jeong Do Jeon

- Best Director: Kang Byung Taek

- Best Screenwriter: Jeong Hyun Min

7th Korea Drama Awards:

- Best Screenplay: Jeong Hyun Min

KBS Drama Awards:

- Grand Prize Daesang: Yoo Dong Geun

- High Excellence Award in Acting: Jo Jae Hyun

- PD Awards: Jo Jae Hyun

- Excellence Award in Acting: Park Young Gyu

- Best Screenwriter: Jeong Hyun Min

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Jo Jae Hyun in "Jeong Do Jeon"
Jo Jae Hyun has been cast for the KBS historical drama "Jeong Do-jeon".
He said, "I was enthused by the new approach to the character that arouses curiosity unlike the typical historic dramas and the intentions of this production".
He continued, "The reason I haven't done many dramas until now is because there was nothing that really drew my interest. However, this manuscript of the drama attracted me like no other when I only thought of reading a third of it".
Jo Jae Hyun said, "It's true I feel pressured by the viewers who are more used to fusion historical dramas. I plan on throwing the ball towards history although not like a major leaguer, but with sincerity and hope that there are people out there who want to watch a drama like this".
Meanwhile, Jo Jae Hyun debuted in 1989 through KBS and starred in the 2001 drama "The Date Love Tree". This is his first drama come back in 12 years and first historical in 20 years.
Source: hancinema.

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Once I started a discussion topic, I have to keep it alive. As you can see, this project of KBS really looks promising since it assembles lots of "sunbae" actors, they will put lots of weight and prove the quality of this drama. This casting is quite good so the script must be good too and this one is going to be very serious historical like previous God of War/Soldier of MBC's.
*Jo Jae Hyun ( king Uija in Gyebaek) as Jeong Do Jeon (detail about this character here)http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/program/program_koreanstory_detail.htm?lang=e&No=19746&current_page=15
*Yoo Dong Geun (king Taejong whose name is Yi Bang Won in Tears of the Dragon is son of King Taejo.) as King Taejo Yi Seong Gye. He is one of greatest actors to be casted in historical dramas.
*Jeon Noh Min (Strongest Chilwoo, Kang Dojun in Horse Doctor, General Seolwon in Queen Seondeok...) as Jeong Mong Ju (detail about this character here)http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/program/program_koreanstory_detail.htm??lang=e&current_page=12&No=26820
*Im Dong Jin (Yang Manchun in Dae Jo Young) as Choi Young (detail about this character here.)http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/program/program_koreanstory_detail.htm??lang=e&current_page=14&No=23640
*Park Young Gyu (Emperor of the Sea) Lee In Yim - Shindon's friend willing to enthrone king Woo after death of king Gongmin but he was killed by Choi Young.

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Thank you so much for starting this thread, @mannschaft....  and thank you for all the information....

I was excited about this drama ever since I read about Jo Jae-Hyeon being cast in it, and also what he said about it....

Also, the script-writer - Jeong Hyun-Min penned one of my favorite drama, President...

Viki is already building a page for it...


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@irilight: Thank you for the new information, I'm glad Viki has built a place for this. I hope there'll be English subtitles for this drama (KBS World is my only hope since Viki doesn't available in my region, it's a pity then.)
There are some casting updates here.
The role of Jeong Mong Ju has been changed to Im Ho (Crown prince Sado in The Great King's Road, King Jung-jong in Dae Jang Geum, Yeon Nam Saeng in Dae Jo Young - I really like him throughout these dramas)http://asianwiki.com/Lim_Ho
Kim Myung Soo (Geom Mojam in Dae Jo Young) - is cast as King Gongmin, who fights for Koryo's independence from being a colony of Mongols.http://asianwiki.com/Kim_Myeong-Su
Seon Dong Hyuk (Yoo In Won in The King's Dream) is cast as Lee Jiran - A Jurchen warrior who later becomes Lee Seong Gye brother-in-arms.http://asianwiki.com/Sun_Dong-Hyuk
Kwon Tae Won (Choi Man Ri in Deep Rooted Tree) is cast as Ahn Sagi - a friend of Lee In Yim.http://asianwiki.com/Kwon_Tae-Won

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This news is... disappointed, at least to me.The role of General Choi Young was changed from Im Dong Jin to Seo In Seok (Kyun Hwon in Emperor Wang Geon, Sook Heoljong in The King's Dream) -- I don't mean to dislike the new actor nor do I have inclined toward someone, but the main reason I'm looking forward this drama is the presence of Im Dong Jin as Choi Young, greatest general of Koryo regarding his talents and loyalty. Moreover, in the past few years he did make a great general image in "Dae Jo Young" by the role of Yang Manchun -- A Great general of Pyongyang castle contributed to defend Koguryo territory(today North Korea) during Koguryo - Tang War.

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Casting Update: Jeong Ho Geun (Sa Bugu in Dae Jo Young, Park Shi On's father in Good Doctor) is cast as Im Kyun Mi (another Lee In Yim's buddy, who was killed by Choi Young.)
The reason why historical veteran actor Im Dong Jin, who was retired and remain unactive right after Dae Jo Young, was pulled off because he felt he is physically unfit for the harsh filming conditions as riding horses or engaging in battles. But his replacement, Seo In Seok isn't - he's still active and experiencing the aforementioned filming conditions. In addition, Im Dong Jin first accepted the proposal to play Choi Young after getting excited and impressed by the scripts -- which is indeed a very persuasive point for this drama.

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Casting Update: Ahn Jae Mo (Im Yeon in God of War) is cast as Yi Bang Won(king Taejong, 3rd king of Joseon dynasty).Interesting thing here, the two actors had once co-operated in Tears of Dragon (1996-1997). While Yoo Dong Geun played King Taejong, Ahn Jae Mo played his son, king Sejong. 
This drama is going to be a promising one, isn't it?

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@mannschaft, yes.. very promising....

I am reading more about the time period and the characters....

I am still so intrigued by both Jo Jae-Hyun's and Im Dong Jin's comments about the script.

Thank you also for all the links.... to the historical figures and actors....

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First teaser released!!!

Jo Jae Hyeon first still image in "Jeong Do Jeon"

Jo Jae-hyeon dressed up as Jeong Do Jeon in the still cut from the KBS 1TV drama "Jeong Do Jeon".
Jeong Do Jeon is a great politician and revolutionist who listened to the cries of the people and dreamt of building a new kingdom and an ideal state at the end of the Goryeo times.
Born to a poor countryside family, he was restricted from stepping into the mainstream because of his mother's blood of the lowest class. He was always isolated since his bureaucrat days and was always defeated when it came to facing powerful families. However, he met with the people who didn't have the opportunity or wealth to educate themselves more and listened to their voices. He found his historical summons and suppressed the anarchy.
Jeong Do Jeon is a highly morale character who wiped the tears of the people and this drama will restore the faith of those politicians. This drama re-highlights the political leadership like Jeong Do Jeon who read the minds of the people and swiftly responded to them.
Jo Jae-hyeon in the role of Jeong Do-jeong decided to take on this role right away without hesitation and said, "I want to approach this drama not as a hero but as a person who wants to share the people's voices".
Credit: Hancinema, Newsen.
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Guest Gongju968

I'm really excited for the drama, Jeong Dojeon great personality, struggle and perseverance proverbial .. Blessed us with this drama

Advertising was wonderful, my expectations for great drama

Question: Who will translate the drama?

mannschaft said: @irilight: Thank you for the new information, I'm glad Viki has built a place for this. I hope there'll be English subtitles for this drama (KBS World is my only hope since Viki doesn't available in my region, it's a pity then.)

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I also have high expectation for it, especially by the great castings and the scholarly screenplay.Supposely, women might not play important roles here -- anyhow, there is no place for relationship or couples-shipping here. You know, I really hate intense romance or love stories existing in a serious historical drama like this.
@akira968 : I'm currently learning Korean, but my skills are far not enough to directly understand the drama. In my opinion, KBS World will probably translate this and the version with subtitles is going to originally aired in KBS World channel at the same time slots around 3 weeks after premier of the first episode on the root station, KBS. Few months later they will have been uploaded to some online drama sites. The problem is, we have to be patience. Viki, withs2 will do the subs too, assumably -- I can't be sure about it. Besides, Viki has to get the license from KBS in order to do the subs, yet that procedure isn't easy.

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@irilight , @akira968 : Thank you for following this thread and having interested in this historical drama. :x
Casting update: 
Kim Jin Tae (Yeon Gaesomun in KBS Dae Jo Young -- his role here was more like a "patriot" than being a "ferocious dictator" in historical records) is cast as Kyung Bok Heung, another warrior dictator in Koryo dynasty, a descendant of Kyung Dae Seung, also a warrior dictator. (The information about these characters will be unveiled in the drama since there is no clue about them for now.)
Bang Hyung Joo (A Jurchen warrior named Tung So in Dae Jo Young, and a general named "Dong Bo Jyang" in The King's Dream) is cast as Ji Yoon, another friend of Lee In Yim -- he was killed because his plan to assassinate Lee In Yim had been detected.
The director recasts most of actors from Dae Jo Young, a previous KBS real epic historical drama in 2006-2007 with 134 episodes -- depicted the life of King Go the first king of Balhae, whose birth name was Dae Jo Young, and his comrades who fought for independent from Tang (China) invasion, thus established a new state after the fell of Koguryo, and it was named Balhae.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balhae

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Happy New Year everyone, I have good news for you guys here, the second teaser released with more sceneries and people. (1 min)

It's only 6 days left to the first episode premier date. I can't wish for more than high ratings and good luck will come to this great historical drama.
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Guest Gongju968

@mannschaft , @irilight Thank you , i wish I could spend quality time with this drama  :x


Official posters for the drama JEONG DO JEON


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I'm really looking forward to this one.  Interesting about all the cast from Dae Jo Young, it was a good series but it was awhile ago and the actors are good bit older now.

And just an off topic note that I have to say at least once, 'casted' is not a word!  The past tense of 'cast' is 'cast' - there got that off my chest, lol

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