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Yoo Hae Jin 유해진


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  • Name Yu Hae-Jin
  • Hangul: 유해진
  • Birthdate: January 4, 1969
  • Birthplace: Cheongju, South Korea
  • Height: 174cm

      MOVIES     Human Addiction   (2014)     Pirates (2014)     Minority Opinion (2014)     The Flu (2013)     Public Enemy 2012 (2012)     The Spies (2012)     Miss Conspirator (2012)     Mama (2011)     In Love And In War (2011)     The Unjust (2010)     Enemy at the Dead End (2010)     Moss (2010)     A Little Pond (2010)     Woochi (2009)     Truck (2008)     Public Enemy Returns (2008)     Mission Impossible: Kidnapping Granny K (2007)     My Son  (2007)     Small Town Rivals (2007)     Once in a Summer (2006)     Tazza: The High Rollers (2006)     South Of The Border (2006)     The King and the Clown (2005)     Never to Lose (2005)     Short Time (2005)     Blood Rain (2005)     Mapado: Island of Fotunes (2005)     Another Public Enemy (2004)     Hi! Dharma 2 (2004)     Dance with the Wind (2004)     Ice Rain (2004)     Please Teach Me English (2003)     Mr. Butterfly (2003)     The Coast Guard (2002)     Jail Breakers (2002)     Break Out (2002)     Public Enemy (2002)     Musa the Worrior (2001)     Kick the Moon (2001)     Attack the Gas Station! (1999)     The Spy (1999)     Black Jack (1997)
    TELEVISION    1 Night 2 Days (2013)      March (2013)      The Land (2004)       AWARDS      8th Korean Film Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Moss) (2010)      31st Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Moss) (2010)      43rd Grand Bell Awards: Best Supporting Actor (The King and the Clown) (2006)
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Guest adikkeluangman

Taking a break during filming for movie Minority Opinion for a court scene. There's Yoon Kye Sang and Yoo Hae Jin.

2주만에 다시 찾은 <소수의견> 촬영장... 이번엔 고등법원 장면인데요. 일기예보대로 비가 내리고 추워져서 난로 앞에 앉은 두 배우와 PD 그리고 감독. pic.twitter.com/J77EjBVlUx

— Youchang Yang (@rayspace7) 

April 6, 2013
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January 13, 2015
‘Three Meals a Day’ spawns spinoffReality show ‘Fishing Village’ has new cast and more rural setting.

Capitalizing on the popularity that celebrity reality TV show “Three Meals a Day” enjoyed last year, the producers of the show are aiming high for its spinoff “Fishing Village” to reach success.
Fueled by a brand-new cast, location and more intensive physical labor, the show will feature actors Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin. Yoo will replace Lee Seo-jin, who was at the helm of the show, while Hallyu star Jang Geun-seok will replace Ok Taec-yeon as the young blood in the cast who has to take care of trivial errands. 
“Three Meals a Day” is a variety show launched last year in which the main cast has to fix up three meals per day with the ingredient they harvest from the fields or the animals they tend to. 
It originally took place in a mountainous village in Jeongseon, Gangwon, but has moved to the seaside, deep inside an island called Manjae, which takes six hours to reach by ship. 
“Every day it was never-ending labor,” said Cha, 44, at a press conference held Friday in southern Seoul. “We woke up at 5:30 a.m. to dig up mussels with the villagers. That was the most memorable moment.”
The producer and other cast members agreed that the environment was harsher compared to the Jeongseon series.
“At least in Jeongseon we could go to a nearby town if we really needed to rest and were frequently visited by guests from Seoul,” said co-producer Na Yeong-seok. “But the island was completely isolated. The only entertainment was going to a market called Manjae, but most of the time it was closed.” 
Jang, who hasn’t participated in a variety show until “Fishing Village,” revealed that having his name called constantly was the “scariest” part.
“I never realized that being called on by my name was such a scary thing,” said Jang, explaining that Cha and Yoo persistently yelled for Jang whenever they needed help cooking or making fire. 
“Also, we become so ugly in the show that I want to tell my fans to avoid watching it,” laughed Jang, who was welcomed by dozens of domestic and international admirers at the press event.
“Fishing Village” will deliver better-looking cuisine, according to Na.
“In the spinoff, I wanted to present cooked food in a nicer way compared to the original version,” he explained. 
This is one of the reasons he cast Cha, Na said, who he knew has profound knowledge of food. 
“Viewers will be very surprised if they see the show,” Yoo said. 
“Geun-seok cooks well, too, but Seung-won’s cooking is up to the point where it is amazing.”
Jang, whose father and grandfather run their own fish farms, came in handy gutting fish. 
“I am more of an expert at freshwater fish, but fish from the sea are more difficult,” said Jang, who is often dubbed the “prince of Asia. “However, we ate some dishes like sashimi and maeuntang [fish stew], too.” 
“Three Meals a Day - Fishing Village” will air its first episode on cable channel tvN Friday at 9:45 p.m.

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January 23, 2015
'Three Meals a Day - Fishing Village' Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin say "Let's have two meals only"
Source: OSEN via Hancinema,net
Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin wished that 'Three Meals a Day' had been 'Two Meals a Day'.
On the January 23rd show of tvN 'Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village', Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin were exhausted after they had to prepare meals and clean up after meals continuously in the isolated island, Manjaei-do.
The two complained about their difficulties on the island while they were sharing beer and some eatables that producer Na brought for them.
The two actors discussed why it had been so difficult for them. The two became very happy with their own brilliant conclusion that they were going to have two meals only not three meals from now on.
Cha Seung-won said, "I originally have two meals only", and Yoo Hae-jin said, "You really don't have to comply with the title of this show". That said, the production team added humorous caption saying, "Then it's 'Two Meals a Day', not 'Three Meals a Day'".

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January 29, 2015
Joo Won and Yoo Hae Jin to star in thriller "It's Him"
Source: OSEN via Hancinema.net
Actors Joo Won and Yoo Hae-jin have been cast for thriller "It's Him".
Sim Entertainment revealed that the two have confirmed to star in "It's Him".
"It's Him" is about a man who chases down the killer of his brother directed by Yoon Joon-hyeong. The female cast is still in process.
The movie cranks in after the major casting of the movie in March.

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January 31, 2015

“Three Meals a Day” Fishing Village Special Scores Highest Ratings among All of PD Nah Young Suk’s tvN Programs
Source: soompi.com
The latest episode of “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village Special” has scored the highest ratings out of all of Producer Nah‘s variety programs on tvN.
The second episode of the special, which stars actors Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin, and Son Ho Joon, had an average rating of 10.8%, with the highest rating peaking at 14.8%. It was the most watched show during its time slot on January 30. It also had the highest ratings compared to all of Producer Nah’s previous programs, including the original “Three Meals a Day,” and his popular “Flowers” series, “Gramps Over Flowers,” “Noonas Over Flowers,” and “Youth Over Flowers“.
Before its premiere, the show struggled as one of its cast members Jang Geun Suk stepped down from the program. However, Son Ho Joon later joined the show as a fixed member of the special.

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January 31, 2015
Cha Seung Won reveals a photo that he took with 'Three Meals Everyday' members Source: STARN News
Cha Seung Won revealed a photo that he took with 'Three Meals Everyday' members.
On January 27th, actor Cha Seung Won uploaded the photo on his Instagram and wrote, "Three Meals Everyday. A shot together."
The photo shows Yoo Hae Jin, Son Ho Jun, and Chu Sung Hoon posing for a photo with Cha Seung Won.
Chu Sung Hoon is showing a cool look, wearing sunglasses, but Yoo Hae Jin, Son Ho Jun, and Cha Seung Won are looking like fisherman who live at Manje Island.
Meanwhile, 'Three Meals Everyday' airs on every Friday at 9:45 PM.
/Reporting by Kim Hye-in en@starnnews.com

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February 6, 2015
‘Three Meals A Day – Fishing Village’ Releases Poster With Son Ho Jun
Source: BNTNews
[by Sora Ghim] With the addition of Son Ho Jun to the show, tvN life program ‘Three Meals A Day – Fishing Village’ released its new official poster. 
In the image, Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin have exhausted expressions on their face while new member Son Ho Jun smiles brightly. The three men are preparing to cook in order to eat one meal. With a tired face, Cha Seung Won wears his trademark red rubber gloves and holds a ladle in one hand while looking at Yoo Hae Jin. Yoo Hae Jin also looks up at Cha Seung Won and automatically is fanning the fire. The two have great chemistry as they bicker throughout the day. In the midst of this, Son Ho Jun sits next to Yoo Hae Jin and seems to be listening to their conversation, with a hollow smile on his face.
So Ho Jun appeared on the latter half of the second episode as a guest. As soon as he arrived, he burst out laughing thanks to Yoo Hae Jin. In addition, his chemistry with the mascot, San Chae, brought a lot of attention to these two.
‘Three Meals A Day – Fishing Village’ is a spin-off of the original ‘Three Meals A Day’ where stars have to cook their own meals as they live in a remote area. Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin, and Son Ho Jun are the members for this edition as they live in a fishing village and try to cook their own food.
Meanwhile, this show airs every Friday night. (photo by CJ E&M)

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February 3, 2015

Cha Seung Won, “Yoo Hae Jin is just so different from me”

Source: Innolife

Actor Cha Seung-Won talked about how he really feels toward his fellow actor Yoo Hae-Jin, who he has known for 16 years.

At the interview with magazine ‘High Cut’, Cha Seung-Won mentioned of Yoo Hae-Jin, who is appearing on ‘3 Meals’, “We’ve known for 16 years from 1998. He is just so different from me. I think we being different made us go long. Yoo Hae-Jin is an attractive actor who has clear color and works his best. I want to work in comedy movie with him.”

About tvN ‘3 Meals’ he is appearing on, he said, “One meal can be a special memory for someone. What would fun to eat one meal? Human is in the center of it.”

Cha Seung-Won’s interview and the pictorial taken with the concept of fisherman will be released on February 5 in ‘High Cut’. [Photo=High Cut]

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February 9, 2015
‘3 Meals’ spinoff hits a record
BY SUNG SO-YOUNG  Korea JoongAng Daily

A spinoff of popular TV show “Three Meals a Day” earned 11.3 percent of the overall viewership rating with its Friday episode, according to Nielsen Korea - the series’ highest score yet. 
Even TV shows and dramas that air on major broadcasters like KBS, MBC and SBS find it hard to earn more than 10 percent of the viewership rating these days because people have more platforms to watch shows other than sitting down in front of their TV sets. 
The very first season of “Three Meals a Day,” featuring actor Lee Seo-jin and singer Ock Taec-yeon of boy group 2PM, hit screens between last October and December. 
The show earned immense popularity for its format in which its hosts feed themselves in a small farming village by raising animals and growing vegetables. 
Based on the success of the first season, which was set in a typical farming community in Gangwon, the second season, dubbed “Fishing Village,” is based in a small, remote fishing village six hours away from the mainland by ferry. 
Unlike the first season, which featured two city guys who struggled to feed themselves, actors Cha Seung-won and his long-time friend Yoo Hae-jin made everything they need from their surroundings, including furniture and spicy Chinese noodles.
Despite the sudden departure of actor Jang Keun-suk, who was cast as one of the three main participants along with Cha and Yoo, the show has been setting records in terms of viewership every Friday night since first airing on Jan. 23. 
Its next episodes will feature actors Jung Woo of the film “C’est Si Bon” and Chu Sung-hun of the reality show “Superman is Back.”
The spinoff version of “Three Meals a Day” airs on Friday at 9:45 p.m. on tvN. 

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February 15, 2015

‘Three Meals a Day’ rewrote the history of viewer ratings… the highest ratings ever
Source: Innolife
‘Three Meals a Day’ rewrote the history of cable TV. On 14th according to the viewer rating research company Neilsen Korea, 
tvN ‘Three Meals a Day’ aired on 13th recorded the average viewer ratings 12.8%, and the highest viewer ratings 14.7%. This is 0.9% more than 11.9%, the average viewer ratings of ‘Reply 1994’ . ‘Three Meals a Dy’ recorded higher ratings than ‘Reply 1994’ syndrome. 
This day at the broadcast, Cha Seung-Won, Yoo Hae-Jin, and Son Ho-Joon made home-made fish cake and ketchup. Yoo Hae-Joon fished against bad weather, but they could not get anything, and decided to cook fishes and mussel that got already. Regardless of little ingredient, Cha Seung-Won cooked the fish cake and fish cake bar, making Na Young-Seok PD surprised. 
Meanwhile this day at the broadcast Son Ho-Joon came back to Manjae Island as the regular member. Also new friend of Sanchae, the cat Bul-Yi made war of nerves with Sanchae, for Son Ho-Joon.

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February 26, 2015
'Three Meals a Day' the 9th episode of fishing village "No additional shooting"
Source: Innolife

'Three Meals a Day - Fishing Village' will be finished for the 9th episode on 20th next month.
The production crew of tvN 'Three Meals a Day - Fishing Village' noticed on 26th, "There is no additional shooting in Majae Island. It will be finished for nine episode including the special broadcast." Until the fifth episode of 'Three Meals a Day - Fishing Village' recorded 13.34% of viewer ratings(Neilsen Korea, cable), beating even regular programs. The combination of Cha Seung-Won and Yoo Hae-Jin, and the dog San-Chae made popularity, and it breaks record every episodes.
The following work will be 'Grandpas Over Flowers' by Na Young-Seok PD. Na Young-Seok PD arrived Korea after ten days of shooting in Greece with Lee Seo-Jin and Choi Ji-Woon on 25th. 
Meanwhile, at the official facebook of 'Three Meals a Day' on 26th, there is a picture with the mention, "Nitpicking countdown, 3,2,1. Jung-Woo!!!!" In the picture Cha Seung-Won seems to be unhappy and Jung-Woo is flustered. The second broadcast of 'Three Meals a Day' will be aired on 9:45, on 27th. [Photo='Three Meals a Day' official facebook]

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February 28, 2015
No new season for spinoff
By Sung So-young INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

Famed producer Na Young-seok said he has no plans to make a second season of the spinoff of the show “Three Meals a Day,” currently one of the hottest reality TV programs. 
The original version of the show was set in a farming village located in Jeongseon, Gangown Province, where actor Lee Seo-jin and singer Ok Taec-yeon of 2PM had to find whatever food they could to make themselves three meals a day. 
Na later produced a spinoff of the show featuring actors Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin against the backdrop of a small fishing village, where they caught fish to eat.
Even though the show airs on cable channel tvN, it has continued to receive the highest ratings among the shows in its time slot. 
“I will focus on the Jeongseon version of show this year,” Na said. 

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