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***  I heard that KHN was involved in a car accident last March 26. The military musical was on their way to a performance when they suffered a minor car crash. The cast members were taken to the hospital for a check-up, and the performance was cancelled. The actors' injuries are minor.  Kang Ha Neul was not seriously injured. :o

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18 K-Drama Actors With The Most Adorable Eye Smiles


Is there anything cuter than a dazzling eye smile? You know, the ones that make a person’s eyes crinkle up like glowy little crescent moons?


In our totally unbiased opinion *cough*, some of the world’s best eye smiles belong to K-drama actors. After all, in Dramaland, eye-smiling is a resume-worthy skill. What better way to melt your true love’s heart than with a grin that’s guaranteed to bring instant squee? Here for your viewing pleasure are 18 of our faves — take a deep, steadying breath and dive right in!




4. Kang Ha Neul



The smile of a tease who keeps torturing us by doing movies instead of dramas.


Check out the first episode of Kang Ha Neul’s drama “Missing Noir M”:





Watch Now




(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news








***  Musical Shinheung Military Academy will finally resume performances starting TODAY, March 28th. Due to the traffic accident in the afternoon of March 26th, the evening performance was cancelled to enable the passengers to undergo medical checkups they needed. KHN's agency said that he was fine. The cast's car collided with another car. - :o

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