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Kim So Eun and Kang Ha Neul enter first filming for their upcoming horror film 'The Girl's Grave'

March 6, 2014 


Kim So Eun and Kang Ha Neul showed their chemistry both on and offscreen for their upcoming horror film 'The Girl's Grave'.

Kim So Eun and Kang Ha Neul returned to donning school uniforms for the teen horror movie during their first filming on February 27. Even when the cameras weren't rolling the onscreen couple warmed up to each other.

Kang Ha Neul shared, "Although it is nerve-racking to take on my first lead role and horror film, I will work hard and show a good image." Kim So Eun also said, "It was really exciting to arrive on set. Even though it was our first filming, the actors, director, and staff all had good teamwork."

'The Girl's Grave' is directed by Oh In Chun and portrays the story of In Soo (Kang Ha Neul) who has the sixth sense of seeing ghosts and meets a mysterious female ghost (Kim So Eun) at his new school when his classmates start disappearing one by one.

Article by: allkpop

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Kang Haneul and Kim SoEun's pictures on the set of The Girl's Grave:

Source:  Kim So Eun Official Facebook Page

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Video Kang Ha Neul with Kim So Eun on the set of The girl's grave:


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There's also a video in the link below. Enjoy!holic88 said:

[ News ] 140 408 Kang Ha Neul :"Kim So Eun Truly a Beauty"

On 8 April 2014 – at  the Rachel Carson Hall, Jung-gu, Seoul, was held the press – conference for GFFIS. Kim So Eun and Kang Ha Neul who have been appointed as Eco Friends of the 11th Green Film Festival in Seoul were also made the attendance.

Kang Ha Neul: "From filming movie and back working together as Eco Friends, I found us to have a good partnership. Unlike filming (since GFFIS is an event not a movie), also it becomes something that is more be easily and happily to share. (working together)"

Kim So Eun said, "Paired with Ha Neul was a good thing – more  fun and easy to get along while filming Girl's Grave." Ha Neul jokingly replied, "It never occurred to me that she’s so beautiful even when outside. (when not shooting) "

Kang Haneul: "I lived on the 4th floor – now to reduce the usage of the elevator I use the stairs, I think it’s a good practice especially for the environment."

Kim So Eun: "The cup/disposable cups we found in the basket (garbage – outside). It’s difficult to recycle thus I'm keen to recycle it at home." she said, laughing.

On the other hand, Kim So Eun and Kang Ha Neul has completed filming Girl's Grave and will be released in June.


Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LPOD&mid=tvh&oid=427&aid=0000008039&type=2

Credit Trans: KimSoEunINA

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hi gayu312! couldn't agree more! he's awesome in Angel Eyes. i wish he had more exposure. 2 episodes are so not enough...but i think there will be some flashback scenes in the coming episodes so i'm happy :)

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Kang Ha Neul is confirmed to join the movie "C'est si bon" source

  • Kang Ha Neul is confirmed to join the movie "C'est si bon" (for a winter 2014 release) joining Kim Yun-Seok (The Thieves, Hwayi) , Jung Woo (Reply 1994), Kim Hee-Ae (A Secret Love Affair, A Wife's Credentials) and Han Hyo-Joo (Dong Yi, Cold Eyes). 
  • He just finished filming "A Girl's Grave" in early April with Kim So Eun.
  • He is currently filming "The Age of Innocence" with Shin Ha Kyung (All About My Romance, Brain) and Jang Hyuk (Iris 2, The Tree with Deep Roots). 
Kang Ha Neul, fighting!! :)
Join the discussions about C'est si bon here.

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